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By Lookingtosee 12,May,24 13:41
I got embarrassed when I got a raging hard on in gym class.therw was a classmate of mine he had a great body and nice cock,everything I took a shower I had to try and not get one day therw were only about 5 of us in the shower he was next to me I could stop staring got hard,and everyone saw I was the laugh of the scroll for the rest of the year..

By Lookingtosee 06,Jan,24 13:29
I have 6"7"8" inch dildo's vibrators,anal beads,cock rings and fleshlight..I keep the flashlight in my nightstand,usually keep the 6" dildo under mattress everything else is in a box in my closet

By Lookingtosee 15,Dec,23 12:53
This last Wednesday I met a guy on a meet site he only lived about 20 minutes away and I took a chance and invited him over (sometime I don't usually do) .will normally meet at a public place first..he in fact did come over,we had a drink and sat by the pool he started to feel me up and I did the same,didn't take long till my cock was in his mouth.i wanted to suck him too I stopped him and started to lick and suck his nice cock..I knew I wanted him to fuck me..recommend we go to bedroom started to suck him again when I reached for a condom rapped it on his dick then got on top till I felt it go all the way in.i rode him till he came,then I put a condom on and he fucked me till I came.. though we didn't get into to many positions and sex was about only about 30 minutes from start to finish I did have a great time and Orgasm

By Lookingtosee 19,Nov,23 14:21
95 % of the time I swallow,I'll also take a facial

By Lookingtosee 19,Nov,23 14:14
Yes different ex girlfriends I've been with over the years,some of there sister's an ex roommate's I also would often jerk off in them at times

By Lookingtosee 19,Sep,23 02:20
The biggest dick that i have seen was my friend's he was 8 inces and thick too,not only did i see it,but got to suck it and feel it in my ass hurt like hell the first time...we had sex on and off for a few months

By Lookingtosee 23,Jul,23 13:29
My wife found out that I was bi due to the fact he told one of his friends and due to the fact she went to school and knew him with him. We only had sex two times. Everything got brought out in the open She found out our first time we gave each other head and that was it.second time we had sex in the car, the back seat I fucked him missionary and came,then how I got on top of him and rode his cock till he came..She knew everything and every detail...she was willing to get past that ,but our marriage broke down for other reasons....about 15 years after that I had a girlfriend find out but I'll save that one for next time

By Lookingtosee 19,May,23 16:51
Yes if I'm really into a guy I'll swallow,if I'm not into it I'll let him cum on my face,either way it's a hot load for me

By Lookingtosee 18,Nov,22 10:40
In my teens I had a jerk off buddy,after school that's how we started,then it went to sucking,which eventually ended up too trying it all,kussing,rimming and then fucking each other this lasted for about 4 years on and off

By Lookingtosee 14,May,21 15:26
I loved hearing you moan, it got me hard, would live watching you getting fucked

By Lookingtosee 04,May,21 21:13
I hide it,only couple of my ex's know my best friend doesn't even know.the only ones that know are the guys I had sex with.

By Lookingtosee 13,Feb,21 11:26
I really enjoy giving head.i like to take my time,so not really into forced that much unless I'm roleplaying

By Lookingtosee 10,Feb,21 18:33
Hot cock ass and balls.

By Lookingtosee 17,Apr,20 21:36
lately I'm watching bi and gay porn,my straight porn doesn't seem to get me that hard anymore,as soon as I put in my bi porn I'm so hard

By Lookingtosee 09,Apr,20 02:27
Three way,bi two guys an girl ...

By Lookingtosee 09,Apr,20 02:20
I love big cocks,when I get to bring a guy back to my place and see that he has a big cock really gets me horny knowing I'm about to have his cock in my mouth, and in my ass.

By Lookingtosee 03,Apr,20 16:49
Yes a few girlsfriends, ex's,roommate female,also caught her too,friends and once my ex girlfriends sister

By Lookingtosee 27,Mar,20 03:12
I love giving and receiving a really good blowjob. Depending on the mood if I want to give a guy a quicky then 5 minutes, in the bedroom I like the forplay to last about 30 mins of us taking turns sucking each other

By Lookingtosee 19,Mar,20 03:56
I love playing with my ass I have dildos,vibrators but plugs and anal beads.

By Lookingtosee 04,Mar,20 12:05
I was in my 20s a friend of mine was house sitting for his sister for a week. It was a great week ended up staying there all week.on the last day we hung out and went to bed she was to return by noon the next the morning we woke up and knowing we only had a few hours left to ourselves we had sex. After we took a shower together then went downstairs ate and was watching tv about 20 minutes later his sister walked downstairs and told us with a big smile she got home late in the morning. The guest room is right next to her room she heard us having sex

By Lookingtosee 18,Feb,20 04:26
I prefer 6 to 7 inches,a guy I was dating had a 8 "cock took me awhile to get my ass use to it,sucking it was good he came a lot and hard

By Lookingtosee 09,Feb,20 02:52
Yes swallowed planned
Depends I'm single at the moment (last blowjob I gave 2 weeks ago swallowed him 3 times,two at night one in the morning

The most I swallowed in one day was 5 loads
My lifetime,that's tough...definitely over 500

By Lookingtosee 27,Aug,19 02:54
The biggest dick I ever sucked was 8" also it was the biggest cock that fucked my ass

By Lookingtosee 14,Jun,19 02:38
I have been in a threesome,with a guy and a girl but would love three guys,I always fantasize about being in the middle on my knees sucking a cock while I'm fucked from behind

By Lookingtosee 14,Jun,19 02:21
Depends on the guys,some look great hairy,but most times I like trimmed,shaved balls and ass

By Lookingtosee 17,May,19 20:39
Swallow ...anyone close by message me

By Lookingtosee 09,Apr,19 02:32
Once in awile I'll swallow my own load,when I'm really horny usually I'm laying down with my legs up over my head fucking my ass with my dildo until I'm ready to shoot my hot loud in my mouth

By Lookingtosee 26,Feb,19 02:59
Yes I'm on couple times a day,I use it to bring out my wild side,love woman and I'm bi so here I can look for a couple or a guy.

By Lookingtosee 09,Feb,19 03:25
I swallow,most times right away sometimes I'll spit it on his cock and suck it again