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What kind of toys do you have and where do you hide them?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Small4inch [Ignore] 28,Dec,23 09:14  other posts
I only have one 4 inch dildo that I hide on top of the ducts in the basement.

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By beachbummed [Ignore] 17,Jan,24 02:39 other posts 
I live alone so dont have to hide them

I have a thrusting dildo, a realistic 7" dildo with lovely balls, auto cock pump, auto masterbator, thrusting butt plug. I had a very good sex doll but unfortunately she isnt in good condition now

By buttboy69 [Ignore] 17,Jan,24 00:37 other posts 
I live alone and i have many toys.Next to my bed i have a large nitdstand with cabinet which is perfect to hold everything.Various size dildos from 8-12",inflatable buttplugs,vibrators,stiff rubber foream with hand for fisting,different rubber pussies and asses for fucking and in my closet a motorized fuck machine

By Lookingtosee [Ignore] 06,Jan,24 13:29 other posts 
I have 6"7"8" inch dildo's vibrators,anal beads,cock rings and fleshlight..I keep the flashlight in my nightstand,usually keep the 6" dildo under mattress everything else is in a box in my closet

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 28,Dec,23 11:39 other posts 
I have two sleeve masturbators. In my home office, I have a closet full of tools, books, electronics and many boxes with computer parts. The toys are in one of the boxes,
behind another box with an old power supply. No one but me ever opens those boxes,
so it's the perfect hiding spot.
By Small4inch [Ignore] 28,Dec,23 13:52 other posts 
Perfect for when you're "working in the office".

By wycowboy [Ignore] 28,Dec,23 09:58 other posts 
I have three butt plugs, a 6 inch dildo, some sounding rods, a penis pump, a masturbation cup and an estim machine.

None of this stuff is hidden, it resides in my bedside table. I decided a while ago I did not care if my wife knows about it. If she doesn't want to have sex anymore she will just have to deal with these things being there.

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