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How big is too big?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #255858 [Ignore] 20,May,12 10:28
How much cock can you handle?

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By #463848 10,Mar,20 04:28
As I am not into anal or oral; I will wank off any length.

By hogweed [Ignore] 20,May,12 11:04 other posts 
I once had a boy friend who was just over 10" long and very thick (his cock I mean, not his mental ability ) Now that was too big, MUCH too big!! It hurt like hell when it was finally inside me, but it wouldn't all fit because there was nowhere for it to go! but that didn't stop him from trying. I much prefer cocks around 6"-7" long. They stay harder than the bigger ones and give me much more pleasure. Maybe some other women disagree so I would be interested in hearing their opinions and experiences.
By overeight [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 15:45 other posts 
Yeah hun I'm 8 3/8 and I have had women see it and decide they didn't want it. The last one was this beautiful little young girl who rented a too from me and she came home one night teasing me and showing me pictures of her naked and I told her you need to be careful there hun you dint know what your doing here. She asked what you dint like seein my pictures. I said oh I love seeing them but if I see those I'm going to have to have it and I'm not sure if your ready for me. She said what do you mean"ready for you" soni pulled my pants down and her jaw dropped and it started getting hard and she said oh my god I think I better go to bed. The next day she told me I'm sorry I I got you all excited last night but I'm glad your a gentleman. She said I've been with a guy before about your size and I had bunches of orgasms but to be honest it was no question if I was ever going to have one and it just took the fun out of I for me just plain knowing I was going to cum everytime just on sheer size. Thanks for being nice and not taking advantage of me,thats super nice of you.

By Lookingtosee [Ignore] 18,Feb,20 04:26 other posts 
I prefer 6 to 7 inches,a guy I was dating had a 8 "cock took me awhile to get my ass use to it,sucking it was good he came a lot and hard

By leopoldij [Ignore] 16,Feb,20 11:33 other posts 
None. I'm not interested

By #264539 25,May,12 10:18
i am 8and a hlf inches with a huge cockhead. my wife is a little thick and i hit bottom with fucking her vaginally. she does like for me to slam my cock in her pussy. but she is sore for two days. so i think is depends on the girl. now if you are going anally i thnk you have a much longer lovecanal

By #231940 22,May,12 10:22
It seems the general consensus is body to body contact is important and a dick that is really big prevents that...I'm sure its hot to have a big dick inside you for other reasons and would be a massive turn on for a lot of girls...and guys...but when you are talking regular sex...it seems that a average to medium dick seems to be what girls want...and the body contact is very important!
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 22,May,12 23:55 other posts 

By #233076 22,May,12 08:17
It should be able to fully fit inside of me. I want to feel his body touch mine when we fuck, and when his dick is too big that's impossible. So I'd say 6 to 8 inches is perfectly fine
By #231940 22,May,12 10:18
Good call honey! I think the body to body touch is so important and I am glad I fit within the 6-8" mark...also when a cock is around that size the grinding of each others bodies works treats on a sensitive clit. More than anything when you fuck someone...well at least from my point of view...it is a special thing and feeling each others bodies against one another is what it is all about. With my girl I much rather cum when I'm on top so I can see her and our bodies are together. xx
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 22,May,12 20:27 other posts 
this body to body touch is very important and the best part of the fucking process for my wife and me too guys with 10 and more inches don't want to tell the big true "They are not happy with their monsters" and fast never can go really all the way. It's not necessarily to ask them, it's enough to see some monster in Porn movie, NEVER USED IT ALL THE Way!!! fast half is out!!!

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