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Started by #513889 [Ignore] 03,Dec,16 01:21
Has anyone tried their own cum. I've played with my small cock for years and have cummed on my face before but never had the nerve to taste it. What are your thoughts

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By smokieb69 [Ignore] 30,Apr,19 07:09 other posts 
Yes, I do it pretty often
I love my precum and always try taste that
Sometimes swallow my cum too

By #584954 28,Apr,19 11:20
Yep, while blowing myself.

By #555896 28,Apr,19 10:38
i have been drinking my own cum for about three years now.i wank off every day and swallow every drop.

By #585568 26,Apr,19 21:25
I really can't understand it whenever I hear someone admit to 'never having the nerve to taste it'. Why not? If you cut your finger don't you immediately stick it in your mouth as sucking the cut seems to numb the pain but most have no issue tasting their own blood so what's the difference. I just don't get it?

I began swallowing it when my ma made some sarcastic remark about my sheets when I was 12 or 13.If I came on myself then scooped and swallowed there'd be less likelyhood of leaving telltale stains everywhere. To be truthful I'm not that keen on the taste, it isn't disgusting or foul just not one that appeals to me. Precome, addicted to it. Semen, can take it or leave it.

After discovering a curiosity for cock around 30 or 31 then getting my first taste at 32 it seems it's not just mine I'm not crazy for but if tasting a guys hot spunk is the price for having him blow in my mouth then so be it. I mean after going to the trouble of bringing him off I damn well want that seed I've earnt in my mouth

By #552950 25,Apr,19 15:22
I really enjoy eating my own cum, every time i masturbate I will eat it

By #586129 24,Apr,19 08:33
Love eating my cum and playing with it. Used to be able to get the tip in my mouth as a teenager but would end up in traction if I tried now. Occasionally will try a self-facial.

By Username22 [Ignore] 22,Apr,19 14:16 other posts 
If I'm edging I'll eat whatever comes out but I've never been able to get myself to do it post orgasm

By #584942 10,Apr,19 16:17
When I was a teenager in the late 70's/early 80's I used to get a glass out of the kitchen cupboard and shoot my cum into it and then drink it. Today my girlfriend will sometimes pump me off into a glass and order me to drink it.
By brian2 [Ignore] 11,Apr,19 16:04 other posts 
I do that now. It is delicious.

By Lookingtosee [Ignore] 09,Apr,19 02:32 other posts 
Once in awile I'll swallow my own load,when I'm really horny usually I'm laying down with my legs up over my head fucking my ass with my dildo until I'm ready to shoot my hot loud in my mouth

By #516354 07,Apr,19 01:19
My ex wife,who was also my Mistress,used to make me cum on my food or in my drinks and make me eat or drink it.Later when She invited a Master we met online(She did this several times with different guys)I would have to watch them having sex whilst they humiliated me.When He had cum in Her I would have to lick Her pussy clean.Then I would have to masturbate for them and cum on a saucer and lick it all up.

By #583549 06,Apr,19 16:49
If you cut out junk food and eat healthier your cum should taste nice and sweet.At least mine does!

By #568188 06,Apr,19 15:15
I tasted mine really bitter because I est in healthy but sometimes I like cumming in chocolate milk.amd drinking it.

By #584365 02,Apr,19 04:03
Of course

Just try it, you won't be disappointed.
And well... that's a little off topic, but I want to point out that you should taste every body fluid your body produces. It won't hurt and maybe you might find new ways to satisfy yourself

By #584448 02,Apr,19 01:02
I eat mine everytime!! Taste amazing and makes jacking off more satisfying after you taste and eat your own gratitude.

By #582977 31,Mar,19 16:32
I drink mine anytime I can.
[deleted image]

By #583549 31,Mar,19 09:27
Just try it! It's good!

By #584214 31,Mar,19 08:39
This place of worship helped me g4t past my hesitation to swallow cum.
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By #522126 31,Mar,19 03:02
I just ate my own cum out of my wifes pussy,delicious!

By #583549 25,Mar,19 18:47
I eat my own cum too! tastes great!!1

By #137050 08,Dec,16 03:14
I am like Hotcock1, really want to whilst I am horny but the moment I cum (and the 2 seconds it takes to get my hand from the end of my dick to my month) and the desire is gone.

Got up my 'courage' to try this one time. Didn't really notice it - there was enough other stuff to hide the texture and flavour.

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By #505462 08,Dec,16 14:24
I love *love* LOVE cumming on my food!!! So much fun and so delicious!
By kebmo [Ignore] 15,Feb,17 03:39 other posts 
I'm a chef but I'm pretty sure adding cum to my recipes wouldn't go over well with my customers.
By #505462 21,Apr,17 14:54
It would for some! I would love a professionally prepared meal that featured cum.
By kebmo [Ignore] 22,Apr,17 17:39 other posts 
That's a great idea! Thinking "outside of the box".
I make a meal and deliver it to your table and you just stand up in the dining room and jerk off on it while other diners and I watch!! I LOVE it!!!!!
By #551147 18,Oct,18 13:54
Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

By allin4cum [Ignore] 18,Oct,18 13:47 other posts 
1st - my answer is YES, I do eat my cum when I masturbate. I love it and I feel like my bate is incomplete until I eat my cum.
The reason I started this was because back when I was 12, I would masturbate and felt the need to hide this fact from my family. So eating was a way to clean up the evidence. The first time seemed "weird" but with each successive time, my cum became much more enjoyable.

By cumaddik [Ignore] 16,Oct,18 20:24 other posts 
Love my own creamy cum so much!

By #561641 16,Oct,18 03:19
I love to edge and eat my precum for a while, before cumming either directly on my face and tongue, or else lick my spunk of my fingers. Wish I could suck my cock but never could!

By #64328 12,Oct,18 13:45
Mine really doesn't have much taste. I used to be able to suck my own and it was easy to eat it as I was cumming. But right after orgasming I dont seem to want to do it.

By #568390 12,Oct,18 13:38
I had swallowed my own loads only a few times.The taste wasn't gross.It was pretty neutral taste and few times my cum was a little sour.I wonder how the other guy's tastes like.

By 1NiceRod [Ignore] 08,Oct,18 01:27 other posts 
I love the taste of my cum and eat as much of it as i can.

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 07,Oct,18 07:20 other posts 
Yes should have tried it sooner

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 28,Sep,18 14:42 other posts 
When I was in my early twenties I could suck my own dick. I discovered it on the internet and tried it myself. After some practice I could get my dick head completely in my mouth. I had seen videos of guys that came in their own mouth and was sure I would never do that. However after a few sessions finishing in a paper towel, one night I was giving myself such pleasure, I just couldn't stop. I decided to just take it like a little bitch. Then I gave myself the most intense orgasm I ever had and I felt my dick spurting cum onto my tongue. Many jets of cum filled my mouth and I was in an orgasmic trance. The taste wasn't bad at all and it made me even more horny than I already was. After the orgasm was over, I didn't swallow, but I just laid back on my bed, breathing heavily through my nose, my heard pounding in my chest, with my mouth filled with cum. I felt horny, a bit scared, and proud and ashamed at the same time. After a while I drooled out the cum in a lot of paper towels. I had never produced such a big load before. At that moment I knew this wouldn't be the last time I would taste cum.
A few days later I had a similar session and then I swallowed all of it. That is also one of my best memories. After that I had a few other great sessions, until I overstretched my neck and was in pain for days. I stopped sucking myself and now cannot even get close.
Now I have edging and cum licking sessions on a regular basis on Friday nights. I licked up almost my complete load, over several minutes, last Friday, looking at bukkake videos and I am getting in the mood to do the same tonight. Because my girlfriend and I have separate bedrooms, this is easy. I just wait until she's asleep. On Fridays she's to tired for sex anyway, so I have fun myself. On occasion I like giving myself a facial as well, but for that I need the house to myself. I sometimes even make a video recording of it. An example is in my profile.
--------------------------------------- added after 12 minutes

By #566434 28,Sep,18 15:14
Thanks for sharing such a hot experience, and your history of self-cum licking. Sorry that you hurt your neck, then couldn't reach your lovely cock anymore. I envy you that you were able to do it at all, all those years ago.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 28,Sep,18 16:11 other posts 
Writing about it gets me in the mood for more. There's two stories in my blog about my first times selfsucking.

By #535695 23,Sep,18 17:02
I started by freezing my cum then sucking on frozen chips the next time I jacked off, then I started eating it fresh which had me we trained for when I actually started sucking cocks. YUM.

By #555896 23,Sep,18 11:28
I ALWAYS swallow every drop.4/5 times every week.

By #532987 17,Apr,17 22:53
If we are Hunan then we have tasted our own sperm. I have been swallowing my own since the age of 15,when I learned to masturbate. Now I not only swallow my own at least once a day I conspire to swallow every males dick sugar who will share with me
By #532438 23,Apr,17 22:20
I would,

By #206678 21,Apr,17 20:00
Actually, pre-cum is better than cum. Very sweet taste!
By #532438 23,Apr,17 22:18
Totally agree, can't get enough of it.

By #532438 23,Apr,17 22:15
They say that sperm is full of proteins is anyone aware how true that is, as when you see girls in porn films they get covered in it and swallow loads, just want to know if there are any health risks involved, HIV is the only danger I can think of.

By #532438 23,Apr,17 22:02
I occasionally cum in the palm of my hand, and slurp it straight into my mouth, and swallow slowly so as to enjoy the experience, cum can taste salty, I preference the clear pre- cum, as that is sweet, I've never tried anyone else's, as not as yet been fortunate enough to have the opportunity, would love some no strings cock action with the Wright guy.

By #532845 23,Apr,17 14:23
I just love to swallow never ever waste a single drop love it

By #467412 22,Apr,17 08:04
I love to...

[deleted image]
By dura2000 [Ignore] 23,Apr,17 09:10 other posts 
I loved that video, I bet it tasted great.

By dura2000 [Ignore] 23,Apr,17 09:02 other posts 
I have wanked until I just cum a bit, then put it in my mouth, then do it a bit more and eat that, I love the taste. But I know that if I just shoot my lot in one hit I loose the desire to eat it.

By iluvcox [Ignore] 21,Apr,17 01:34 other posts 
Sometimes I will edge a half load and swish it around my mouth while climaxing. It seems so slutty when I feel the hot,slimy cum on my tongue ,rolling it around while going over the edge.

By #529544 18,Apr,17 16:18
I have for years enjoyed own is delicious also...

By #532575 06,Apr,17 21:24
put your legs over your head and shoot that load into your mouth its hot
By #482836 18,Apr,17 15:18
My aim isn't good enough

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