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Car masturbation 16,Mar,18 10:39


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My vote is for smooth

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I do it mostly in the toilets,and yes it is a turn on to maybe get caught

By Username22 10,Jul,20 01:43
I can, but it's not as good as it sounds imo. The curled up posture takes away a lot of the pleasure and it feels more like sticking a dick rather than getting your dick sucked

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I love doing it! I'll go for maybe an hour, take a break, go for another hour, repeat all day

By Username22 28,May,20 10:33
Definitely not offended here, I love all compliments about my cock no matter who they are from!

By Username22 16,Sep,19 11:27
I know of a few places that are pretty quiet at my work and I jerk off in them on a pretty regular basis

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Thank you

By Username22 22,Apr,19 14:16
If I'm edging I'll eat whatever comes out but I've never been able to get myself to do it post orgasm

By Username22 19,Apr,19 17:45
I've been caught by friends and family on lots of occasions. The last time I was caught was by my wife, who took matters into her own hands/ mouth!

By Username22 08,Oct,18 14:01
Fairfield here

By Username22 05,Oct,18 12:54
It's usually over 50 but can be up to 75 or more

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Edge, lots of edging. When you get to the point that everything is hyper sensitive there is no way you're going soft before you take a picture

By Username22 09,Apr,18 10:48
If I'm on here I'm at least rubbing it if not full on masturbating

By Username22 09,Apr,18 10:46
I've been shaving mine for almost 10 years now. The bald skin just feels so much better against my wife's shaved pussy

By Username22 05,Apr,18 14:15
This one

By Username22 05,Apr,18 11:53
Took this one at work a few minutes ago

By Username22 05,Apr,18 11:51
Not at all! I love compliments no matter who they're from

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That is a very nice looking one

By Username22 02,Apr,18 13:40
I think mine is pretty nice and people here seem to agree with me

By Username22 02,Apr,18 10:56
I mostly edge at work, but I usually do down a good amount of time with my dick in my hand. If I'm particularly horny I'll find a toilet and unload but I like to tease myself and stay on the brink most of the day,that way,when I get home I cum buckets and have very intense orgasms

By Username22 22,Mar,18 15:48
I did on my morning drive, and I've been stroking it here and there all day at work so far. When I get home in about three hours or so I'll spend some time edging and I plan to have a very explosive orgasm!

By Username22 22,Mar,18 15:45
I've been told mine is nice

By Username22 22,Mar,18 15:29
I envy you

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I was doing it again this morning. I need to put a sock in my car so I can cum

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That best ones for me have always been inside a pussy

By Username22 10,Mar,18 10:28
I get like that almost every time I jerk off, I'm usually too far gone to take any pictures of at that point though

By Username22 10,Mar,18 08:44
I've only done it a couple of times but I enjoyed the hell out of it

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I would love to do it and I love jerking to videos of it