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Best orgasm: fucking, BJ, or JO?

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Started by #82241 [Ignore] 30,Jul,11 06:45
Year in and year out, which have you found to produce the most satisfying orgasm - fucking, getting a blow-job, or masturbation? (And I guess I could divide masturbation into "self" and "by another person".)

Fucking and getting blown are great, but I'd have to go with the orgasm from self-masturbation after a long session of edging.

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By #692862 27,Apr,23 10:50
BJ all the way

By PITBULL [Ignore] 26,Apr,23 12:58 other posts 
fucking is the best

By #275407 25,Apr,23 00:24
Fucking by far

By Rachel_G [Ignore] 24,Apr,23 21:56 other posts 
I agree. I love self-masturbation with fingers.

By willy11 [Ignore] 24,Apr,23 20:56 other posts 
Think about something, If a man could Fart,Cum and Sneeze at the same time he could not take it and he would die

By #662360 24,Apr,23 14:10
Solo masturbation. I can take my time, tease my cock to the peak of erection stiffness and pleasure sensitivity. I can fantasise, I can ogle incredibly erotic porn, I can play with sexy underwear. I can control the pace and pressure to perfection and I can hold back on the exquisite agonising brink before I take myself through.

But as someone else has written, nothing equals the full body orgasm experience of a good hard fuck with an excited naked woman wrapped round me!

By nekekal [Ignore] 20,Apr,23 00:51 other posts 
Probably fucking. By the time you really get your cock into her and get some serious stroking going, you have been messing around sexually for a while. She plays with your cock and balls, you play with her tits. You kiss and suck each other all over. Foreplay winds you both up, and then you slide your cock into this tight wet hot hole and fuck. When you finally get to shoot hot cum deep into her cunt it is a fantastic orgasm.

Getting a good blow job is great, but if she is any good at sucking cock, it doesn't last very long before you orgasm. Better than a hand job, but not as good as fucking a cunt.

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 11:50 other posts 
No contest -blowjob, from my sweet Valdosta gal. She'd keep swirling her tongue around my coronal ridge as I shot off. It was a boner-fied male multiple orgasm!
--------------------------------------- added after 121 hours

It was especially erotic feeling my cum spurt UNDER her tongue 👅

By #573046 25,Dec,18 08:22
Nothing beats my orgasm after a long hours of edging sessions.I can literally feel 5 second before orgasm, that it is coming. As I keep stroking I feel wave of orgasm slowly growing inside me until it reaches it's strongest and takes me over. I start to shake from so much pleasure and my cock ejaculates sperm with so much speed and power. I usually shoot at least ten big ropes of cum and few smaller one's. As my cock shoots my load, my body shakes and feels every ejaculation of sperm. My orgasm is almost half a minute. So it is long and strong wave of pleasure. After finishing ejaculating I just lie down covered in my huge load and try taking my breath back.
By bil47 [Ignore] 25,Dec,18 16:42 other posts 
By leopoldij [Ignore] 25,Dec,18 20:01 other posts 
Wouldn't it be nice if we were able to shoot for 10 minutes continuously rather than a few seconds?

By #545468 07,Nov,18 22:30
I will cheat and say that my most intense orgasm came when I was being spit roasted. Sucking my boyfriend's cock while being fucked by a gorgeous friend of ours

By earthy [Ignore] 03,Nov,18 16:20 other posts 
Definitely a BJ

By #571058 03,Nov,18 15:42
Fucking with her jamming a big dildo up my ass while I was pounding her pussy.

By #568737 19,Oct,18 11:52
Depends what’s meant by “satisfying”. For orgasm sensation I find self masturbation gives the best orgasm. I can control pressure, stroke length and speed, and can edge till my cock feels ready to snap. But for emotional satisfaction and whole body orgasm pleasure nothing beats romping with my woman, feeling her naked body under me, her legs around me and her smooth warm vagina working my cock.

By #536316 19,Oct,18 11:00
BJ hands down.

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 04,Oct,18 09:51 other posts 
Fucking a mans ass watching my balls slap against his brought me to my hardest orgasm ever!

By knewbi [Ignore] 03,Oct,18 11:55 other posts 
If the other person is doing the work I truly enjoy a good blow job over jacking off or fucking. But only if that person is gifted at sucking cock. As to jacking off myself versus someone giving a blow job or fucking... well I always prefer sex with others but for my strongest orgasms I would have to say that me jacking my cock all greased up and fantasizing within my own mind gives me the strongest orgasms.

By #463848 01,Oct,18 03:55
Sometimes a long edging session will produce a great orgasm and it also has the benefit of producing so many build-ups that give a wonderful feeling in the glans but with care can delay the orgasm. Sometimes it is good to just let a bit of spunk out but without triggering an orgasm.

But, that said, there is really nothing to beat a long fuck and spunking whilst still inside.

By zzick [Ignore] 30,Sep,18 21:27 other posts 
Although it's been years, the best is when fucking a girl that I've just metfor the very first time.
So exciting!

By bil47 [Ignore] 30,Sep,18 16:56 other posts 
Self-masturbation is best for edging and really powerful orgasms. Smoking some weed doubles the fun!

By #543717 15,Apr,18 01:59
Best were: a tight young boy´s ass, and blow jobs.

By Username22 [Ignore] 10,Mar,18 10:29 other posts 
That best ones for me have always been inside a pussy

By #463848 10,Mar,18 10:09
No doubt about it for me; fucking in the missionary position and not too far behind, fucking doggy style

By #546418 10,Dec,17 22:03
The most intense orgasm I've ever had was after giving myself a vibe job for about three and a half hours. This video was after a two hour or so long vibe job, it wasn't nearly as good and it was still fucking amazing.

The most enjoyable orgasm I've ever had was the day after I turned 18 and could buy porn. Me and my boyfriend at the time spent about 12 hours watching porn and sucking each other off almost to the point of cumming then we would switch. It wasn't nearly as intense but I'd call it better in every other way.

Another amazing orgasm I had was where I was only gently rubbing the spot right under my head on the ferenulum using only one finger. Similar to how I give myself a vib job actually, but it feels entirely different. It's not as intense, but it's a nice warm orgasm with a slow buildup. After a few hours my dick started throbbing and was probably as hard as it ever could get. It was probably overall the most pleasurable orgasm I've ever had.

Prostate orgasms can be amazing too, but that is an entirely different animal all together.

I find when I cum while getting a blow job, or fucking ass or pussy, it's always better than if I was doing any type of masturbation with or without partners or toys. I just find it hard to last long when fucking.

The most important thing is how long you can stay aroused and how much stimulation you can take before you orgasm. It takes some discipline to not cum. It's also harder to last this long with a partner even if you have good communication, especially if you are fucking and not just casually sucking each other off.

The type of stimulation is important too. Vibrators give more intense orgasms, fucking I find I feel it more in my entire dick instead of only one spot, and blow jobs less in the shaft and more in the head. Vibe jobs tend to start in the sweet spot under my head and go to the rest of my dick from there but are most intense in the sweet spot.

By #546517 10,Dec,17 14:58
Love cumming in her pussy, but was with a women for a long term relationship unloaded in her butt. That was the best!

By Edmonton [Ignore] 30,Jun,17 11:28 other posts 
My best have been from either getting a awesome blow job or when I've been getting ridden.

By #536316 30,Jun,17 09:00
my best orgasms are when I receive a BJ, hands down, pun intended.

By #455846 13,Jun,17 14:38
fucking and cumming inside her

By #500053 04,Dec,16 19:37
its hard to beat cumming inside a girl or a man...
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 12,Jun,17 21:42 other posts 

By #515078 08,Jun,17 14:09
the best orgasms I have are getting fucked in my ass
By bil47 [Ignore] 08,Jun,17 14:14 other posts 
Have only done it a few times, but it's awesome to jack off while being anally fucked in the missionary position.
By #531414 10,Jun,17 14:54
You need to experience a blowjob while getting ass fucked.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 12,Jun,17 20:00 other posts 
So true. And it's absolutely heaven to be the cocksucker in this situation. When a guy really likes taking it in the ass, the dual stimulation of a dick in his ass and a mouth on his dick really makes him explode. A cocksucker's delight.

By #536316 12,Jun,17 14:35
getting a BJ was without question my most intense orgasm.

By bil47 [Ignore] 08,Jun,17 13:09 other posts 
I was going to post a new thread on this subject, but noticed there was an old thread that I could bump up.

My most powerful orgasms (at least these days) are from solo masturbation with a sex-toy or two, edging for a couple hours.

When I was younger... fucking a pussy.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 29,Nov,16 00:43 other posts 
Mine was probably with a BJ from a straight (!!!) man who took out his upper plate and gave me a gum job the likes of which I hadn't had before or since.
By tb1 [Ignore] 02,Dec,16 21:42 other posts 
I have heard that gum jobs are the best. Sadly I never had one
By spermkiss [Ignore] 04,Dec,16 12:09 other posts 
Alas, you have missed out (at least so far), but there is always hope.

Yes, indeed, gum jobs are the best BJs there are. There's something wonderful about a toothless cocksucker really going to town with wild abandon with his mouth-pussy. And they have told me that the sensation inside their mouths is good, too. One guy said that he had been giving blow jobs for years while he still had teeth, but that they were enormously better without them. But I still have all my natural teeth at 74 and I'm gonna keep them all my life.

The gum job I got from this man was not the only one I've ever gotten, but what made it so pleasurable and exciting was that he claimed to be straight. I had picked him up on the street to give HIM a BJ. (Hey, I'm OK with sucking off a straight man.) He saw some handicraft items I had made around the house and was really admiring them. So I gave him one. He said he was going to give it to his girlfriend. Then he said now I'm going to thank you and that's when he gave me the gum job. I could tell it was NOT the first one he had given. He was way too good at it. I wonder if he told his girlfriend he had given a man a gum job to get her gift.

By #484371 02,Dec,16 20:52
there is nothing like a long slow deep bj

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 30,Nov,16 08:20 other posts 
my best orgasms ever were when my lady fucked me up the ass with a strap on dildo it was amazing i didn't think i would ever stop cumming. And when my older Bro gave me a great blow job oh those were the days

By #519017 26,Nov,16 03:17
As far as just my penis is concerned I get the best orgasms from masturbation because I can control the pressure and rhythm precisely and feedback to my hand. Next is sex with a woman, but the feeling in my penis is more than made up by the feeling and whole body experience of a naked woman against me, wrapped round me and receiving sexual pleasure from me. Least is the HJ though it's still good. The person giving the HJ doesn't have the feedback into their own hand to enable fine control so the penis orgasm isn't as good as a wank, and though there's another body to play with it's not as close as in penetrative sex. But I never say no to any of the three!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 28,Nov,16 03:02 other posts 
So do you masturbate after you fuck a woman in order to orgasm?
By #519017 28,Nov,16 07:08
No! I always fuck a woman till I orgasm and squirt my load into her vagina.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 28,Nov,16 07:49 other posts 
ok, i was wondering because you say you get best orgasms from masturbation...
and, btw, i often masturbate in presence of a woman.
By #519017 28,Nov,16 10:33
I think I get the best penis control, squeezing pressure and stroking rhythm from masturbation, but the pleasure of masturbation is only in my penis. In sex with a woman there's a whole body experience of her naked body to enjoy, her arms and legs wrapped round me, her excitement and cries of pleasure. The latter is by far the best, though my penis sensation might not be as good as in masturbation.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 28,Nov,16 17:46 other posts 
Well said.

By #269759 27,Nov,16 20:51
the most intense orgasms come when being fucked deeply in my ass by a hard cock or dildo while jerking my cock, or having it stroked for me.

By #489480 27,Nov,16 16:53
Wanking is probably the best but a BJ is a close 2nd.

By t-rex [Ignore] 03,Dec,14 21:42 other posts 
I find from time to time, each to be the best, I had such intense orgasms from all of these it makes it hard to choose, but a woman moaning and panting and urging me on is awesome, and when I feel her coming around my dick and I let go, is pretty damn awesome .

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