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tecsan, the little naziboy is obsessed with my cock 14,Dec,21 11:41
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Who has gone the longest 01,Aug,12 19:55
Which WOMAN has the best bush on-site? 29,May,11 11:09
Cock rings? 08,Apr,11 17:44
What happened to "Naty" 19,Feb,11 15:57
"BigO"rgasm 22,Dec,10 19:22
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By Gntlmn 01,Feb,23 21:31
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By Gntlmn 05,Jan,23 16:50
Well said

By Gntlmn 03,Jan,23 20:24
Maybe Gym will buttfuck Santos on C-span

By Gntlmn 19,Dec,22 23:46
Micro-dicked little nazi hermaphrodite coprophagia addict -drink more diarrhea.

By Gntlmn 18,Dec,22 02:13
Just die, little turd.

By Gntlmn 13,Dec,22 23:09
It's become the Nazi party 2.0.
The buttfuckers of school shootings corpses

By Gntlmn 12,Dec,22 23:51
"tecsan" is a genuine shit-sucker.
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By Gntlmn 09,Dec,22 08:29
I wish.

By Gntlmn 09,Dec,22 08:22
Yes. It appears he might be "above the law"

By Gntlmn 27,Nov,22 18:54
I gotta' agree with you on this one, dgraff

By Gntlmn 18,Nov,22 21:19
I'm sure looking forward to two years of investigating Hillary's emails, and Hunter's laptop... while Gymbo snorts shit from locker room toilets, and buttfucks buckeye wrestler boys in the showers.

By Gntlmn 17,Nov,22 19:53

By Gntlmn 14,Nov,22 19:35
Little naziboy traitor needs to swing

By Gntlmn 11,Nov,22 05:24

By Gntlmn 08,Nov,22 18:31
Yo, Nicole...Palm Beach ✓. Drown that Putin's diarrhea-drinking, orange vomit stain!

By Gntlmn 08,Nov,22 18:25

By Gntlmn 07,Nov,22 02:59
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By Gntlmn 07,Nov,22 02:53

By Gntlmn 03,Nov,22 11:06
"newsmax" What a pile of naziboy feces.

By Gntlmn 30,Oct,22 11:05
Yes. The watchers wear red hats😆

By Gntlmn 30,Oct,22 01:17
'Sorry, but the only "reasoning" a murderous burglar understands is a .45 through the forehead.

By Gntlmn 30,Oct,22 01:10

By Gntlmn 29,Oct,22 09:17
Poll workers need to be armed. These toilet scum republiKKK'n "watchers" should be shot if they violate setback laws.

By Gntlmn 25,Oct,22 18:32

By Gntlmn 24,Oct,22 12:07
What universe do you inhabit? That son of a buttfucker may be a lot of things, but dead ain't one of 'em

By Gntlmn 21,Oct,22 21:31
He's just another naziboy coprophagia addict on the grift.

By Gntlmn 19,Oct,22 05:14
To never give sex another thought.

By Gntlmn 13,Oct,22 00:00

By Gntlmn 11,Oct,22 22:30
C'mon... have you forgotten about those trump tariffs?

By Gntlmn 09,Oct,22 15:34
I used to think you had some semblance of a sense of humor

By Gntlmn 08,Oct,22 10:26
Thanks. She was. She taught high school English, and ingrained in me the value of critical thinking. I knew trump was a grade B con-man back in the 70's, from reading magazine articles, and hearing what my friends from New York had to say about him.

By Gntlmn 08,Oct,22 00:35
South Carolina -yeah, they'd be better than the fat shit little naziboy's who drive around with Chinese-made flags of snakes and Putin's orange diarrhea drinker's loser. MAGA...Meth Addict Gagging Assholes

By Gntlmn 06,Oct,22 22:47

By Gntlmn 05,Oct,22 21:32
Since I almost never get coitus,(M on W) I'll have a wank to be able to sleep.

By Gntlmn 04,Oct,22 21:58
How about your governor, who drinks trump's diarrhea every chance he gets...'failed to issue an evacuation order for over 24 hours AFTER all the models were in agreement...over 100 dead by drowning so far

By Gntlmn 01,Oct,22 16:31
In perspective, Biden is about 20 right of Dick Nixon. Sanders would've been better, but ignored by congress. If the orange naziboy had been reelected, the USA would just be another Russian annexation. Joe at least sets a better example of legislative priorities. The orange naziboy coprophagia addict never even made a televised speech -he never read intelligence service's briefing documents. He's nothing more than uncle Bladder'$ diarrhea drinker.

By Gntlmn 28,Sep,22 23:41
Cunt, at age 18. The taste of cunt rules the core of my being.

By Gntlmn 28,Sep,22 08:31

By Gntlmn 25,Sep,22 21:10
Paladin: Have gun, Will travel
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By Gntlmn 20,Sep,22 06:02
Fuck off and die, little naziboy coprophagia addicts. Trump will trade diarrhea for your money.

By Gntlmn 05,Sep,22 23:34
Yes! Super nice man!

By Gntlmn 05,Sep,22 21:34
Oh, YES!
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My first fuck was a 5'2" ash blonde beauty from Laconia, NH. She had gloriously wide hips, big tittie's, and a gorgeous face. I never felt my cock "bottom out" as I plowed her sweet plump body from one end of a queen size mattress to the other on the floor of my Boston apartment. We'd never fall asleep for more than twenty or thirty minutes as I gave her a dozen orgasms a night.
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Her deep pussy was "easy entry", but pleasantly tight. Hot in temperature, too -I've found older pussies just don't have that sexy "heat". God, I'd cum way up inside her every fifteen minutes!

By Gntlmn 20,Aug,22 14:36
I wish "Wheelie" was still on the site. He wrote articulate blogs about cocksucking. Receiving oral worship from a quadriplegic would be SO hot.

By Gntlmn 19,Aug,22 18:08
No argument from me-

By Gntlmn 15,Aug,22 12:45
My 3 year's younger red haired gf. We'd taken a picnic/blanket setup into the woods. She didn't swallow that first time, but did everytime thereafter. She always sucked me off on every date -and that lasted over 2 years.

By Gntlmn 10,Aug,22 23:34

By Gntlmn 10,Aug,22 16:32
If all I did was eat pussy, and never have an orgasm myself - I'd be happy.

By Gntlmn 05,Aug,22 14:00
To be awakened every pre-dawn by a hairy-bushed woman riding my face... even better if she's just pissed.

By Gntlmn 02,Aug,22 19:31
I bet you swallow Putin's diarrhea as Gym Jordan fucks your asshole.