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Silent Orgasms

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #463848 [Ignore] 22,Sep,18 07:17
I know that many people, both male and female make sounds when they orgasm. I am not sure if that is automatic or done for show.

As a boy, I never made any sounds when wanking; possibly because I didn't want anyone to know I was doing it.

As an adult I haven't normally made any sounds when doing solo wanking; I just take pleasure from the feeling of getting there and feeling the joy of that last thirty seconds. Even when fucking, I don't remember making a verbal occasion of my orgasm; although most of the females I have been with have done so. Do females have a stronger sensation at orgasm? With one particular female I used to wonder if she would bring the paint off the ceiling!

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By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 25,Apr,23 23:37 other posts 
Hubby here. I've always been rather quiet when I cum. Wifey on the other hand likes to inform everyone in our street that she's having a good time 🤣🤣. It's easy to tell the intensity of her orgasm simply by the noise she makes.

By #662360 24,Apr,23 15:00
When I first started masturbating in my teens my bed rattled and squeaked noisily as I pumped my cock. I was worried my parents would hear and guess what I was doing. One day I overheard my mother say to my father he did something in bed last night and I knew Id been heard. I soon learned how to suppress my creaking bed! When I left home for university I knew everyone around me in my boys hall of residence was wanking so I just let rip with my orgasm grunts.

By #568737 03,Oct,18 18:00
I usually grunt involuntarily when I cum, whether Im masturbating or fucking my woman. On occasions when Im fucking I cry out her name.

By biggripper1 [Ignore] 24,Sep,18 19:23 other posts 
I am usually quiet when I jack myself off. If someone else does it for me I shake and am fairly noisy as orgasm can be intense. Totally prefer being jacked.

By #542930 22,Sep,18 07:41
Yes I usually did not have a choice when I had an orgasm as it was so powerful I did make a noise even when I just wanked myself .Making some noise (even suppressing it as much as I could) was part of the enjoyment of sex & still like the feeling.

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