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multiple orgasms

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #289712 [Ignore] 13,Feb,14 09:38
Although the girls are lucky, and its an everyday Occurrence, what about us guys? Ive had a double shot once, fucking my gf, but can anyone give any tips for us guys to achieve multiple/successive orgasms when masturbating?

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By #136427 13,Feb,14 16:04
I can edge throb and squirt a little about.five times. Bit my.wife has to be on the If she clamps or.bucks at the wrong.time ill dump the whole load and its over. On the otherside of things once.she was jerking me off and dildoing my ass I came so long I mean really long I got a little scared because I could not breathe. Then the sensation subsided and all was good

By oldbugle [Ignore] 13,Feb,14 11:56 other posts 
The American sexologist Dr Barbara keesling has written at least on book on male multi-orgasm with a full technique for training oneself to do so. It is some while since I read it but I did aquire the ability to experience more and longer orgasms using her methods. Essentially, the book teaches the plotting of male arousal and then it's detaching from the ejaculation process,, if you don't shoot you can explore your high arousal and orgasm as separate components to the 'shooting and cuming' tha most men recognise.

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