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Silent banning from the chat room

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #44693 [Ignore] 28,Feb,11 04:59
There needs to be something done about the silent banning and the silent voting against anyones pics. This is the cowards way at least have the bottle to say your banning or at the very least ,grow a fucking backbone ; JELLYFISH

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By #7976 28,Feb,11 17:22
I'm not a user of the public chat room so I don't know anything about the silent banning issue. As for voting, it should be abolished entirely. What a person puts online should be their prerogative just as it's our prerogative not to look. Just move on to something you like and don't go back to the bad ones.

By #59855 28,Feb,11 14:35
From Matt's Wife: I agree, especially about the silent voting on pics, this should be out in the open. there is no reason but bad ones to hide this

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