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Have you ever tried to suck your own dick?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by mtingi [Ignore] 11,Nov,19 16:26  other posts
also, if a straight sucks his own dick does it make him bi/gay?

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By PGoodG [Ignore] 21,Jul,21 22:11 other posts 
Yes, but i got muscle cramps and it got painful fast.

Bi/gay nope.

By ShyAlex [Ignore] 21,Jul,21 18:58 other posts 
I have

By EGre_72 [Ignore] 19,Jul,21 09:25 other posts 
I could suck my own cock some 20 years ago, but sadly my body shape prevents it now.

By smokieb69 [Ignore] 19,Jul,21 05:49 other posts 
Yes, I do it quite a lot actually and no it doesnít necessarily make you gay or bi - more like advanced masturbation
By tb1 [Ignore] 19,Jul,21 07:45 other posts 
lucky you

By liketoedge [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 19:40 other posts 
I remember the guilty feeling afterwards but it didnt stop me from doing it again a d again. I think we all lose interest after cumming doing anything wierd but it never lasts a d soon will do it again

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 16:06 other posts 
I could do it until about 20 years ago. There are two stories in my blog about it.
I don't think anything can make you gay or bi, because those or terms for attraction
to the same sex. You either are attracted to the same sex or you are not.

By Ozmen666 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 15:57 other posts 
I've gotten my head in my mouth, came but couldn't swallow

By tb1 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 14:11 other posts 
of course, who hasnít?

By #646957 18,Jul,21 14:01
Yes, and sadly, Unsuccessfully, but I have managed to cum in my mouth on many occasions

By davesdick [Ignore] 04,Jul,20 07:02 other posts 
I tried in my early teens just out of reach but was so turned on started to cum some went in my mouth it didnt taste bad but afterwords felt guilty thought about it and got hard again after a bit.. No I do not think it makes you gay
By Rabbit420 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 13:54 other posts 
I too felt guilty and dirty the first time that I sucked my own cock and shot my cum in my mouth, but being the fact that nobody knew and it felt so good, I kept doing it until I lost that youthful flexibilty.

By Rabbit420 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 13:50 other posts 
When I was in my early teens I was quite limber and flexible. I could manage to get about half my cock in my mouth by lying on my back with a pillow under my neck, throwing my legs over my head and then pushing on my ass cheeks.This wasn't comfortable enough to do every time that I masturbated, but I came in my mouth quite often and enjoyed it. Alas, those days are gone. And no, sucking your own cock does not make you gay, it makes you one very lucky guy!!!

By #621421 10,Jul,20 09:07
I tried that a lot of times.Best I could do was getting my lips around the cockhead.I kept doing that until my dick blew hot big load on my face and lips.I dont think it made me gay just I become more loving of myself .

By Username22 [Ignore] 10,Jul,20 01:43 other posts 
I can, but it's not as good as it sounds imo. The curled up posture takes away a lot of the pleasure and it feels more like sticking a dick rather than getting your dick sucked

By #612966 09,Jul,20 07:30
I could in the past, when i was still a teen. nowadays sadly no.

By everett [Ignore] 09,Jul,20 02:17 other posts 
i just sucked my head when teen now toung juust touch th the tip

By liketoedge [Ignore] 08,Jul,20 14:04 other posts 
I would assume many of us could and and most of us tried. I could until I was around 18 and lost the flexibility.

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 07,Jul,20 20:44 other posts 
When I was younger and more limber. I use to be able to a least get the head in my mouth

By #620582 07,Jul,20 03:16
Yes, I started at the age of 19. At first I only reached the top of the cockhead with my tongue, later the whole cockhead with my lips. It felt very good!! Unfortunately, around the age of 50 I was no longer enough thin and flexible, so I had to give up.
Self-sucking is a way of masturbating, and it is a very enjoyable method. I donít think it matters at all whether we pleasure ourselves with our hands, feet, vibrator, or tongue and lips. Because someone uses his tongue, he wonít be either bi or gay. I was always straight, I never had an affair with another man, but I really enjoyed self sucking.

By nekekal [Ignore] 05,Jul,20 17:24 other posts 
I can suck it. But I have to curl over. The effort to stay that way while my cock head is in my mouth kept me from orgasming. So, while enjoyable, it was not really worth the effort and I quit.

I was never very flexible, just have enough cock.

By doedeldi [Ignore] 04,Jul,20 08:55 other posts 
Yes, but can reach my dick only with my tongue.

By everett [Ignore] 04,Jul,20 06:53 other posts 
its all good

By everett [Ignore] 04,Jul,20 06:52 other posts 
all guy like to touch his tonge on his cock

By just37 [Ignore] 13,Nov,19 05:22 other posts 
Would say of course...

By Bojan [Ignore] 13,Nov,19 01:48 other posts 
I can but only the head and 0.5in of shaft and its lots of work if i dont stretch proporly.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 12:15 other posts 
What man hasn't?

And no, it doesn't make a straight man gay if he does. For that matter it doesn't necessarily make him gay if he sucks another man's dick. There are a lot of straight cocksuckers out there.

By liketoedge [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 12:10 other posts 
I used to be able to suck my own. I did it countless time between the ages of 9 and 17 when I lost the flexibility. I'm Jr high I even let a friend watch me do it because he didnt believe in could. But he did admit he had tried many times and would swing his legs over his face and shoot in his mouth

By knewbi [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 10:35 other posts 
Oh hell yes!! I envy those guys that can... If I could I would be sucking it every time I jerk off, which is at least 5 times a week... Might even get me to do it more often.

By big_veiny_cock [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 09:41 other posts 
Yes, but I cant...

By wycowboy [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 09:36 other posts 
I've tried more than once, not flexible enough and not enough cock to accomplish it though. I have blown a load or ten in my own mouth trying though. If that makes me bi, so be it.

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 08:23 other posts 
Yes it is to small and I'm not very flexible

By #483979 12,Nov,19 08:09
I remember, as a youngster, managing to reach my foreskin with my tongue. But try as I might, I couldn't get my dick any closer. It didn't stop me trying though. I clearly remember drinking load after load of my cum, which helped satisfy me! 😁👍

By mtingi [Ignore] 11,Nov,19 18:12 other posts 
I used to be able to, well at least the head, started by licking the head and then managed to get the head in, havenít been able to fior ages though, miss it.
On the subject of bi, well str8 guys hold cock so there is no difference between hold and sucking your own lol.
I also assume we gave all tasted cum and blown in our own mouth.

By #551147 11,Nov,19 18:02
Of course! I SERIOUSLY doubt that many men hasn't ever tried at least once. I got close back in my youth about 3 to 4 inches away. Just wasn't flexible enough OR not enough wiener.

My opinion... If you suck ANY human dick you're at least Bi.

That being said, there are those (quite a few actually) that will disagree with that notion to protect their "straighthood" status, but trust me, it's only for and in THEIR minds. 😉 Just check the forum, that debate will rage on forever, I suspect. As admitting you're Bi-Sexual and or even Gay is just too much for some mens ego and their manhood. One of my favorites posted frequently around here... 😄😆🤣😂😄😆🤣😂 "I love sucking Dick just not the guy it's attached to" so I am "STRAIGHT". Yeah ok Cletus!

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