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Double anal 21,Aug,18 09:46
Anal gape 15,Mar,16 17:56
Do you like group sex, orgies etc. ?  30,Dec,12 11:45
How many fingers you can put inside your ass? 09,May,12 13:07
Do you think you are a slut ? 07,Mar,12 18:25


By Ablaze 10,May,24 18:09
Anal, no matter sex, giver or receiver, any pose.

By Ablaze 10,May,24 18:07
I do, very much.

By Ablaze 06,Mar,24 04:40

Watching mine and other open assholes makes me hard

By Ablaze 23,Oct,23 10:40
Swallow ot spit, lick it and swallow again.

By Ablaze 23,Oct,23 10:33

By Ablaze 16,Aug,23 05:14
Thank you, let's see yours.

By Ablaze 10,Aug,23 06:39

By Ablaze 10,Aug,23 06:38

By Ablaze 22,Jul,23 01:58
I fucked with a black guy and loved the experience very much, I was totally in love the way I was kissed, touched and sucked and now I wish to meet another black guy for relationship. I love also other cocks as arabian, latino and Indian, but the most attractive for me are the Black cocks as taste , colour, cum load and size.

By Ablaze 22,Jul,23 00:10
My ass after long hard fucking. I need more.

By Ablaze 14,Jul,23 02:40

By Ablaze 03,Jul,23 06:16

By Ablaze 03,Jul,23 05:35

By Ablaze 22,Jun,23 07:13
I'm loving it very much! The feeling of cock pulsating when it finish inside me.
It is awesome to be fucked again when the ass is filled with cum and have 2-3 cums inside, whipped into foam. The foam is preciously delicious. I love to share it kissing my partner or to spit, massaging it on his body and lick it from there - the taste becomes more salty.

By Ablaze 21,Jun,23 06:50
Yes. I love big loads of cum

By Ablaze 19,Jun,23 06:03
Please, comment if you like it, my hole loves attention.

By Ablaze 22,May,23 10:16

By Ablaze 08,May,23 09:43
Frequently used, my hole became wider.

By Ablaze 04,May,23 14:10
I think I was about 10 years old, but I was attracted to cocks and had cum in my mouth before that.

By Ablaze 01,May,23 07:00
It is easier with a fist of woman.

By Ablaze 01,May,23 04:55
I hope you will like it


By Ablaze 19,Apr,23 08:03
Very thick cock, it makes me become a slut immediately. Wide open anal gape. Dirty speaking. Many cocks at one place. Ass liking.

By Ablaze 21,Feb,23 05:21

By Ablaze 30,Jan,23 05:41
When I start to suck dick I was like that but now I swallow every drop of cum, little by little I started to love the cum taste. The taste of each man's cum is different.

By Ablaze 25,Jan,23 05:49
7-8 years old, touching and playing what the cock of a neighbour boy.

By Ablaze 22,Jan,23 09:50
I love to watching, to play and to fuck with big cocks.

By Ablaze 03,Jan,23 08:44

By Ablaze 03,Jan,23 08:42
Huge. Fucking me long deep and hard. When I see big cock it turns me completely on. I just wanna have it inside.

By Ablaze 07,Nov,22 09:00
Anal sex, group sex.

By Ablaze 19,Oct,22 10:10
I love and prefer sex with more than one partner at general. To fuck and been fucked at same time, to suck 2 cocks, to enjoy DAP, to be fucked and to suck a cock at the same time, to have more cum.

By Ablaze 19,Oct,22 08:29
I feel empty after it

By Ablaze 15,Oct,22 12:27

By Ablaze 10,Sep,22 09:08
I never waste my cum or the cum of my partners I always eat it or use it as a spice.

By Ablaze 09,Sep,22 09:25
Usually I don't clean it, it makes the natural anal lube to disappear.

By Ablaze 17,Jul,22 10:51
A neighbor with very thick cock, I liked very much and I just wanted to be fucked by him. I didn't get disappointed, I loved anal penetration and to feel my ass stretched and filled with cum. I was teenager.

By Ablaze 17,Jul,22 10:00
My well trained asshole for BBC, massive hard cocks and double anal. I love been pumped hard by monster cocks.

By Ablaze 13,Jul,22 06:57
I love watching stroking and cumming cocks.

By Ablaze 02,Jun,22 06:22
I like to hold cock in hand, enjoying watching it cums also to fill it gets harder from the grip of my hand. And to enjoy the moans of the partner.

By Ablaze 05,May,22 05:36
Go it. I like to participate in big orgies, it is awesome to have a long sex covered with cum with many cocks and holes around you.

By Ablaze 20,Apr,22 07:08
Yes, daily, often more than once, penis and anal masturbation with a butt plug, to be ready everytime for fuck.

By Ablaze 19,Apr,22 07:03
My girth length is only 5.1 but I like cocks with big girth very much. I discovered the anal orgasm exactly fucking with such cock. 6-7 inches are OK. But 8-9 inches are really great adventure.

By Ablaze 19,Apr,22 05:49

By Ablaze 18,Apr,22 07:09
May be - often is easy to convince me for sex, showing me a big dick, grabbing my cock or but or speaking me dirty. Some times when I'm very horny I date unknown people only for fuck.

By Ablaze 17,Apr,22 13:59
I think yes. I love to be covered with cum everywhere on my skin, in my mouth and ass. I ask my partners to give me the condom to drink the cum inside if they fuck me with condom. I like to feel my anus full of cum. I like to kiss other people with cum inside their mouth. I tried to cook with cum. I made blowjobs only for I was feeling a need to eat sperm. In fact, I loved the cum taste since a child, even before to have my own cum. I considered the cum as something male and mature and loved to consume it.

By Ablaze 17,Apr,22 13:41
When I see nice cock I get totally horny and want to put it inside my mouth and ass and make it cum.

By Ablaze 14,Apr,22 08:55

Close view on my anal gape.

By Ablaze 14,Apr,22 08:07
I think mine looks like

By Ablaze 14,Apr,22 07:56
Both. Also depends of the cock and of the pussy.

By Ablaze 14,Apr,22 07:40
I did it in a park and in the woods many times. I like the atmosphere.

By Ablaze 28,Mar,22 10:27
If the cum taste is nice, yes, other wise I spit and massage my body with.