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Started by #15105 [Ignore] 30,Oct,09 17:38
I'm jerking since I was eleven or so. But I have to confess I don't remember when I had my real first orgasm or when I had sperm, nor how it felt. And I wonder if other men do.

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By #691730 05,May,23 09:59
I was 11/12 when I experienced my first orgasm ... I was lying on my bed and playing with my bald boner one summer afternoon ... It was a completely dry one no pre, no sperm, as I hadnít hit puberty yet. I was probably around 13 when I started to need kleenex or a sock to hide the evidence!

By Ablaze [Ignore] 04,May,23 14:10 other posts 
I think I was about 10 years old, but I was attracted to cocks and had cum in my mouth before that.

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 03,May,23 05:15 other posts 
My first wet orgasm was a complete surprise and done by my best friend . I was 14 and late starter . Was always better erections but had no idea what to do . I was on a sleep over with my friend when he took out his cock which was rock hard from looking at porn and started rubbing it up and down while groaning. Then he let out a moan and shot this white stuff all over his tummy and said they was great. He knew I had never done it before and told me to do the same . My penis was rock hard so I took it out and wasnít very good so he said he would help me . He grabbed my member and slowly rubbed the foreskin back and forth giving me incredible sensations . I got this urge to pee , told him but he went faster till I got this incredible pleasure rush pushing my self forward to match his his stroke when I shot stream after stream of sperm till I had to push his hand away as was too sensitive ,
By #662360 03,May,23 16:31
A boyís first solo jerk off using just his own hand on his cock is exquisite, but the first time you have someone elseís hand teasing your balls and round your cock jerking you is truly wonderful!

By #681164 03,May,23 14:35
Pa-Freddy, you are still a pile of shit even if you changed your name to Pitbull
[deleted image]

By #610414 03,May,23 15:09

By #662360 02,May,23 17:28
I spurted semen on my very first orgasm. I was aged 13. I was laying naked in my bed one summer night. I had a rock hard erection. Iíd discovered fingering my erect cock felt good but Iíd never cum. That night I was tugging my foreskin up and down. It felt real good. After a few minutes my cock suddenly went even stiffer, incredible pleasure welled up and I shot about 5ml of creamy white semen up my belly. After that Iíve shot cum every time Iíve masturbated or fucked.

By #692343 02,May,23 13:02
The first dry orgasms at 7/8 years old and they were so intense and I could continue immediately and have other orgasms, then at 13 I had my first sperm and being a bit ignorant I thought I had broken something LOL

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 03,Oct,21 08:54 other posts 
I remember when I was 12 or 13 humping my pillow at night. I tried several times and this one night it happened I was humping my pillow for quite awhile and then all of a sudden this feeling came over me my body shook all over and I came all over my pillow and sheets. It was the best feeling. I had to get up extra early in the morning to make sure I washed my sheets as they were sticky from my first real orgasm.
By #539214 02,Nov,21 20:20
I used to hump pillows but the first time I had an orgasm I remember seeing my cousins morning wood, he had gone to bed with a shirt but no pants and he had this raging boner I started humping the pillow right as the head of his foreskin gave way to the swelling head. Seeing the head pop right out made me totally climax

By #463848 26,Oct,21 08:26
My first dry orgasm was at age 11. My first spunking was a wet dream when I was 12-1/2. First and last - I thought it was better that I decided when and where.

By #64328 12,Oct,21 16:16
I remember my first dry orgasm and was immediately hooked. Did it several times a day for the next 5 years until I finally shot cum. I remember both like it was yesterday.

By #606526 11,Oct,21 20:01
was a late starter although i was getting erections no idea what to do about them but that all changed at 15, with the help of an older guy around asked 19 me to touch his cock after we met up in a park which i did , he said rub it and guess he knew i was inexperienced , so he asked me to take my penis out when he grabbed it making it hard . it was an nice felling when he pulled the uncut fore skin back and forth , i got this strange feeling that i was going to pee , warned him but he just went faster till i got this incredible rush of pleasure , i kind off forced myself forward knees went weak when this white liquid shot out of my penis in spurts, it was the start of a new pastime that i still enjoy doing today but will always remember that first cum

By cumaddik [Ignore] 10,Oct,21 11:56 other posts 
Masturbating at the very least once a day since i was 7.
Of course, at that age, i was having dry orgasms. I stated to ejaculate sperm at 15. Love masturbating so much!

By mrseveninches [Ignore] 09,Oct,21 19:11 other posts 
First dry orgasm at age 5. Shot first load a few days after my 13th birthday

By #642636 08,Oct,21 10:28
I was 7 and felt my first orgazum . then started to dribble around 10-11 my brother who is older was squirting little streams before me , so it was a game to catch up as little brothers do . we shared many squirts since then

By BigDaddy132 [Ignore] 02,Oct,21 15:41 other posts 
I had been jacking off since 10 and getting orgasm feeling but nothing came out. Went to a friendís house when I was 13 or so and a bunch of us watched our first porno. My cock was rock hard the whole walk home. Couldnít wait to jack off. Got naked the second I got to my room and started jacking. Was so horny I came in a few strokes and was amazed when actual cum squirted all over my belly. Getting hard thinking about it now.

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 02,Oct,21 15:34 other posts 
I think I was about 11. I had just gone to bed after watching Charlie's Angels and I was imagining what it would be like to kiss Jaclyn Smith with her red thing you know I had a handful of sperm.

By harrymark123 [Ignore] 30,Sep,21 07:23 other posts 
my 1st wank was 8 dry cum until i was 13 wet cum
By german_guy [Ignore] 02,Oct,21 15:13 other posts 
same here

By abagurio [Ignore] 01,Oct,21 09:58 other posts 
I was about 13 yo and still remember the feeling. It was as if a volcano was erupting from my pelvis in a stream of pleasure

By bil47 [Ignore] 01,Oct,21 09:38 other posts 
13 for "wet".
Never had a dry orgasm.

By #645870 10,Jul,21 13:42
I've told the full story on different threads on this site, but here's the abbreviated version.

I started masturbating about 6 and had very enjoyable,dry orgasms until about 11. At 11 I started getting dribbles of precum on the head and later some fairly big drops until I was
13. The first time I came at 13 I was lying on my bed completely naked stroking away. When I finally reached my peak, I huge stream of cum shot out of the end of my cock and hit me in the face.

By galaxy123 [Ignore] 01,Dec,20 07:09 other posts 
I remember having dry orgasms from about 8 but as a late developer it wasn't until I was 15.5 that I was able to cum.

By #628350 27,Nov,20 15:48
I started getting dry orgasms from about 10 onwards then later I started to get precum and a feeling of something about to come out so I used to squeeze my dick to stop it happening, I don't know why, then suddenly one day the whole world seemed to explode with cum and I was up and running. I had girl friends and have been married for 57 years and I'm still wanking and cumming in between.

By #516354 27,Nov,20 03:21
I was 14 and used to do a paper round.One day my next door neighbour asked if she could come with me(she was also 14).On the round there was a playground with a big play house,she asked if I fancied a cigarette so we went into the play house and started smoking.As we sat there and smoked I kept glancing over at her and could see her panties, which were on view, and started to get a hard on.I had had them before but did not know what to do.She noticed my hard on and asked if she could see 'it' so embarrassingly I stood up an pulled my jeans and pants down.She took hold of cock and started to rub it up and down,she did this for a few minuets and it felt really good.Then told me to do it myself and as I was masturbating she lifted up her skirt and took off panties and started to play with herself.I soon had my first orgasm, shooting my cum all over the floor and stood there red faced and embarrassed not understanding what had happened.She giggled and said it was ok and that she had spied on her older stepbrother a few times and was supposed to happen.We repeated this on several occasions and after a few months we even both got naked and she let me touch her small breasts and her pussy whilst masturbating.

By nekekal [Ignore] 25,Nov,20 16:57 other posts 
I admit that I don't really know. I had been playing with my penis for as long as I can remember. It just felt too good to not do it. Mostly just rubbing the head against something. It would feel awesome, then sort of a dry orgasm, but only shivering, not body shaking.

Then one day or night before I was 11, we moved that year so I know where I was, I was playing with my penis and suddenly there was a body shaking feeling with liquid coming out.

Now I really could not leave it alone. I didn't cum much, but often, it felt so good. I am surprised that I didn't wear it out.

By #621517 25,Nov,20 12:11
I had my first real orgasm at 13. I was getting good rock hard erections and Iíd discovered fingering my sex kit felt good. Then one summer night at age 13 I was in bed playing with my hard cock. Somehow by accident I got the stroking / tugging action just right. I remember thinking this feels real good. Then suddenly incredible pleasure swelled up in my cock and I spurted about a spoonful of semen up my chest and belly. It felt fantastic both physically and emotionally and Iíve been masturbating ever since.

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 25,Nov,20 11:03 other posts 
I do. It was after school and I was alone watching TV. I was 12. I was watching different music video channels.. I guess they were MTV, BET, and that one called Box maybe that was all phone order public selection.

Some sexy videos were playing...I remember Adina Freak Like Me and I just naturally began touching myself.

A random rap video came on produced in down South maybe. It was just T an A and T and A.. considering this was pre-internetporn era this was significant. I felt an accumulating rush build. The last image to put me over the top was a black woman dancing with bikini top and enormous breasts bouncing. Suddenly I blew. After looking at the fluid I was confused.. but that sensation I knew was amazing.

By #543717 13,Apr,18 10:05
I had my first dry orgasm at age 11, as my 18yo assistant riding teacher "seduced" me. I loved it, as I had a crush on him, anyway.
At 13 1/2 my dickhead started getting moist, and at about 14 I had real cum.

By #553294 28,Mar,18 19:19
I experienced my first dry orgasm the first time I masturbated, just after my 5th birthday. First ejaculation happened when I was 12.

By #64328 26,Mar,18 17:24
First dry orgasm i was 8...First time i shot cum i was 13 and a half

By #499016 26,Mar,18 17:21
I think it was when I was in the second grade and I love to climb the poles of the swing sit. I was climbing one day and I thought that I had pee my underwear and pants but it was dry. Then when I was 13 I was naked in my bedroom and cum for the first time!!!!

By #539358 26,Mar,18 09:40
11 here too. I'd been talking to mates at school and was told if you rub it white stuff comes out. I was at home in my bedroom and started to tug my uncut cock and found it felt really nice. As my skin wouldn't yet retract I simply pulled up and down on the shaft. After a very short while it felt so nice I began to shudder and then panicked as my body began to shake. Next thing this load of thick cream oozed out of my head and I felt really good. I soon got the hang of it and to this day love masturbating my erect cock.

By #550241 25,Mar,18 22:23
I was 8, it was dry but felt great seemed like forever

By #546134 25,Mar,18 14:36
I was 12..... ore internet. Porn was Dadís ď****Ē mag stash. I knew the photos made me hard but that was it. Then I read a Penthouse Forum letter where a guy described living up and stroking his cock until he came really hard.....?????? ....... I went right to the bathroom and shoved my hard dick right into a big jar of Vaseline.... laid in the floor and a few minutes later I was astonished by the incredible feeling and the fact that this white liquid had shot out of my dick.....

By #64328 25,Mar,18 10:16
I remember the first time i ejaculated like it was yesterday. I masturbated for 5 years and had dry orgasms before that day. The boy that taught me how to masturbate had cum already explained that when i got older i would shoot cum too. I could wait for that day. I was in the bathroom looking at a playboy magazine at my uncles house masturbating while sitting on the toilet. That was a proud day.

By jeeno [Ignore] 25,Mar,18 07:51 other posts 
i was around 11 when an older boy once put his hand in my shorts and was edging my small cock while it was hard...i fely something good and kept doing the same thing when i was alone at home,,,and then when i was 13 i let it go on till i shot white stuff that jerked my whole body...

By #551669 05,Mar,18 13:20
Was 10 and was at a football camp. Older boys were making us do crazy initiation stuff till bed time. Mostly dares like run out the rooms naked and stuff. I went to bed and woke up with one of the older boys in my bed. He got under the covers with me and put an arm around my waist. Pulled down my pants and underwear and started to play with me. Never really played with it at this age and didn't realize it would get that hard. Didn't know what to do so kept quiet. He kept wanking me till it felt like I was going to piss. I tried to tell him to stop but he just shushed me held me tighter and wanked harder. I exploded what I thought was buckets of piss as she kept stroking. I squirmed because he kept going and it got very sensitive. He stopped for up and left without saying anything. Thought I had wet my sheets bad and sat still in bed all night worrying about the guys finding out and seeing my wet sheets in the morn. Sun came up and saw no wet spot just a tiny white crusty spot in my blue sheets. Was embarrassed and couldn't look the older boy in the face for the rest of camp but it did feel great though. He came back to my room each night and snuck into my bed for the rest of the week. I just let him.
By #281008 08,Mar,18 15:11
""I exploded what I thought was buckets of piss as she kept stroking//I squirmed because he kept going"" have a guy come into your bed but then it is a she kept stroking ???
By #551669 15,Mar,18 08:02
Typo, should be he. Sorry written on phone.
By jeeno [Ignore] 25,Mar,18 07:48 other posts 
wow that reminds of me and my cousin

By #550094 25,Mar,18 02:55
Too young to remember, and technically I cannot mention
THAT particularly young age here nor in any grownup site.

By Toasty [Ignore] 23,Mar,18 09:36 other posts 
I was 13. I was just touching myself because I liked to do that, just playing randomly with penis I can't recall what I did exactly, but then I suddenly felt like I peed a little, I got up and rushed into toilet and then I check myself and see that it was something clear, it was not pee and there was only a little of it.
I remember searching something on google and then I figured out it was sperm and I had an orgasm.

By #552722 22,Mar,18 16:56
first time had an orgasm was 12 while i was being fucked by men i shoot my first load

By #552250 15,Mar,18 14:05
I wa about 13 I thought about a girl at school called Marie, I was playing with my cock and suddenly I came!

By DeepThroatThis [Ignore] 09,Mar,18 14:53 other posts 
You'd have to ask my Grade 1 teacher

By #64328 09,Mar,18 10:31
masturbating daily since 8 but first time with cum was 13 and a half

By #1102 09,Mar,18 02:54
I was in 4th grade luved playing with my self when I was 6 but me an causin played with each other sucked try to fuck but tht was all we did in bath tub I learned how to make me orgasm palms together like I was was trying to start a fire with a stick I had it orgasm felt good but when I went to school I felt guity but did it all the time

By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 08,Mar,18 13:10 other posts 
My first orgasm was around 8 years old.. I remember I would get erections and discovered it felt really good to rub myself against my blankets and pillows.. I remember having pretty intense orgasms but they were dry until I was about 11 or so.. I remember the first time I came and actually ejaculated it scared me.. I wasn't used to seeing a big wet spot on my pillow afterwards

By #463848 05,Mar,18 03:47
I had my first dry orgasm at 11 and the first time I produced spunk was in a wet dream when I was about 12 going on 13. I never had another wet dream after that - I made quite sure of it!

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