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penis addiction

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #292429 [Ignore] 24,May,15 10:31
I know I'm a cock/cum junkie! I can't stop thinking about them! Anybody else feel the same?

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By #671055 11,May,22 01:43
I never really wanted to see penises, but I came here, and so many, so nice, and so many making me hard, and I don't know why!! LOL!
By #64328 11,May,22 09:44
I think secretly most guys like looking at other cocks. I know I always have
By #671055 12,May,22 23:54
I have a lot of female friends, and they often tell me WAYYYYY too much about their personal things, but sometimes about being with best friends, and trying on clothes, and things, and it seems these don't mind being casual, and maybe naked together, like it's no big deal.
As guy, that seems strange to me, but on here, it seems that sending penis pics, and talking about personal sexual things, is just fine. I kind of like that, but it takes some getting used to.

By #463848 01,May,22 04:08
Love to have one in my hand ... quite regularly.. in fact every day!!

By yellowman [Ignore] 30,Apr,22 05:36 other posts 
Yes, I am addicted to penis, I am a total masturbator, penis is god....

By APBay [Ignore] 29,Mar,22 14:54 other posts 
same here i love dicks

By knewbi [Ignore] 19,Apr,22 13:21 other posts 
Damn!! I could easily becum addicted to that!!

By tinyboy [Ignore] 18,Apr,22 15:27 other posts 
I worship cocks. I would like one in my mouth 24/7.

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 17,Apr,22 17:35 other posts 
Hubby here. Happily married, and love my wife's pussy, but for some reason I literally CRAVE cock 🙈. I love sucking a nice hard cock and swallowing cum. Unfortunately, it is SO very difficult to find a willing recipient around here 😭. Luckily wifey doesn't mind and is happy to join in, just wish there were more available?

By lashouse [Ignore] 17,Apr,22 14:09 other posts 
want a big cock to explode in my mouth

By Ablaze [Ignore] 17,Apr,22 13:41 other posts 
When I see nice cock I get totally horny and want to put it inside my mouth and ass and make it cum.

By #555896 17,Apr,22 12:17
i think cocks are gorgeous

By #663065 16,Apr,22 21:28
I am addicted to men's dick's I love dick down my throat and up my ass

By #664918 01,Apr,22 23:48
I think about dicks all the time, I really need some bad

By #625826 29,Mar,22 18:51
Here , looking at all the eye candy , Mmmmmmm

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 13,Mar,22 11:14 other posts 
tecsan post your blog here for all to see about your very own cock/cum addiction...
By tecsan [Ignore] 14,Mar,22 01:15 other posts 
The only reason I posted here is to point out that you did bitch.......

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 12,Mar,22 16:47 other posts 
I love that there are guys out there like you. Especially the one's who need to suck. This straight guy's received some amazing blowjobs from these cum-addicts.

By #662147 12,Mar,22 15:13
Me! I can't stop thinking of cock and cocksucking.

By knewbi [Ignore] 26,Dec,18 15:45 other posts 
Another cock junkie here too. I cum here every day and get in the mood for stiff cocks then head over to Chaturbate and find a guy to chat with while watching him stroke his and I stroke mine until it spits!!

By #573046 26,Dec,18 15:31
Same here.Can't stop dreaming about sucking hard one and receiving it's load.

By #463848 26,Dec,18 03:59
I am on the internet every day; mainly looking for penis activity. Love them soft; getting worked up; penetration and creampies.

By #573687 25,Dec,18 21:25
Tell me Your fantasies on this Daddy*s cock!
[deleted image]

By stroker11 [Ignore] 21,Dec,18 06:18 other posts 
Do many hours of edging every day count as an adicktion?

By routemaster [Ignore] 09,Aug,15 11:32 other posts 
I never stop thinking about men's cocks too - nor men's bums neither!!!
By #485312 10,Aug,15 02:48
ahh a fellow arse lover, yes its the perving centre of the universe to me...love it RM *lix*
By routemaster [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 04:31 other posts 
Me too, lix, love looking at men's bums when I'm out and about, in nice tight shorts and guys' bums in suits with hands in pockets so the centre vent of the jacket splays drives me wild. And I still have memories of all those lovely masculine BARE asses from my nudist club days not to mention all those lovely dicks and balls too. I'm a total addict of the male body, dressed or otherwise
By #485312 15,Aug,15 10:56
yes sometimes a well dressed man has some certain way of saying he's hot...l love when they sit with their legs spread wide, taking up all the chair and positioning their cock so you can see the outline of it...adjusting it occasionally when they notice youre watching *lix*

By #494590 09,Aug,15 11:06
I am a cock addict - cant resist a cock and cant stop hinking of cocks

By #211891 09,Aug,15 09:36
Cocks were made for sucking and I love sucking cock!

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 24,May,15 10:33 other posts 
I think most of us here are addicted to cock
By #485312 08,Aug,15 22:31
theres nothing wrong with a healthy addiction, its not like its going to hurt us and an overdose will kill us *lix*

By #436014 24,May,15 14:01
cock is addictive
By bella! [Ignore] 24,May,15 15:24 other posts 
Really? What symptoms do you suffer from that's associated with withdrawl?

Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms;
Poor concentration

Physical Withdrawal Symptom;
Difficulty breathing
Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
By #436014 24,May,15 15:56
i get the shakes

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