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By tecsan 09,Dec,22 01:08
It would be nice if we were to consider someone without a celebrity status.

By tecsan 08,Dec,22 22:20
Just means another battle down the road. No crisis needed though.

By tecsan 08,Dec,22 22:18
Never ever will I be 'woke' to the BS these woke politicians are peddling.

By tecsan 08,Dec,22 22:13
No doubt in most people's mind that Walker would have been the better choice.

By tecsan 08,Dec,22 22:11
There are too many variables for me to comment on here. Thanks, I will stick with my GMC.

By tecsan 08,Dec,22 01:14
Stop it, bologna is nasty.

By tecsan 07,Dec,22 03:45
Let us say it is a problem for argument sake. You cannot change a lifestyle overnight. Lets go brandon.

By tecsan 07,Dec,22 03:40
ALZEHEIMERS or dementia. Trust me Mr Magoo has it.

By tecsan 07,Dec,22 03:30
Wait a minute here, do you actually eat bologna? I know a few family members that do. Got your point though.

By tecsan 07,Dec,22 03:26
I would love to meet the knot heads that voted for Warnock. Really, does anyone think the way these ignorant knot heads think.

By tecsan 06,Dec,22 02:23
You have to admit that it is always fun to see the left wiggle and try to dodge they're own crap.

By tecsan 05,Dec,22 00:09
I do not think that North Korea will start anything. But, we should watch out for China invading Taiwan. Remember, would it be an attack on the US if an ally was attacked?

By tecsan 04,Dec,22 00:28
I think someone saw this coming. All can go back and look.

By tecsan 02,Dec,22 02:30

By tecsan 01,Dec,22 01:56
But my dear 'lollipop', I do believe that the buck stops at the white house, check history regarding democraps.

By tecsan 30,Nov,22 01:28
Not to focus on one person, so does anyone think we are being laughed at now?

By tecsan 30,Nov,22 00:24

By tecsan 29,Nov,22 01:29
No chance of a lucid mind, unless you count a few minutes out of the whole day. Is there anyone else here that believes old brandon is vibrant? Sorry, that was just funny.

By tecsan 29,Nov,22 01:25
Were we to quick to jump to Ukraine's defense?

By tecsan 29,Nov,22 00:53
Yes I know many bullies feel insulted when they get stood up to. Most are wimps like you know who.

By tecsan 29,Nov,22 00:49
Fetterbum just proved that hoodie wearing bullies do win sometimes.

By tecsan 28,Nov,22 02:00
In answer to to your first question, you tell me why...think. The one you previously gave does not hold with libturd beliefs. They always slip when they think they are winning. Since when did the democraps let money get in the way of anything?

By tecsan 26,Nov,22 23:51
Are you sure??? only registered users can see external links

By tecsan 23,Nov,22 02:32
Takes me 5-10 mins to vote.

By tecsan 23,Nov,22 01:02
You may not like his rhetoric and neither do I, but it keeps people interested. His policies beat the hell out of the puppet we have now.

By tecsan 21,Nov,22 00:48
Sad to say, but I think you may be right.

By tecsan 20,Nov,22 03:53
Any choice as long as it is not a socialist democrap, would be a 100% improvement right now.

By tecsan 20,Nov,22 03:51
Cody, I really do not like the way little old brandon acts. The difference being that brandon's policies suck and Trump's made the US a better place. Under Trump we led, with brandon we are being laughed at.

By tecsan 18,Nov,22 22:29
Have to agree here.

By tecsan 08,Nov,22 02:36
More education, if it is free then why not?
Critical reasoning, that is BS. I guess if you call woke crap critical reasoning.
Liberals interested in science is also BS. They are interested in fiction.
Some have...really. Now that was laughable. Dementia and a cackler. Trained brain is something the libturds do not have, guess we have mega trained brains or ultra trained brains. So you as a socialist do not have a brain to train.

By tecsan 08,Nov,22 02:26
I think you made yet another concession here ananas2xLekker.

By tecsan 08,Nov,22 02:17
Are you kidding again. It is easy to admit defeat when you know what will happen. DEMOCRACY on the ballot What the hell do you call letting the people decide who is in power. Keep lying, I am sure there are a few idiots that will listen to you.

By tecsan 07,Nov,22 03:16
You know I do not mind you're heckles.

By tecsan 06,Nov,22 03:01
Pro LIFE here. I think all deserve a chance.

By tecsan 06,Nov,22 02:58
Let us hope fetterbum or wardunce never get the chance to realize they're socialist dreams.

By tecsan 05,Nov,22 02:19
I wonder if this cannot be renamed Trump/? or biden/harris?

By tecsan 03,Nov,22 01:45
I have to call you out on the lidocaine issue. Ultracaine is just Lidocaine hydrochloride with epinephrine. You know Lido with epi. Hope you never recommend it to someone for a finger laceration.

By tecsan 03,Nov,22 01:31
I joined again because of him. So, I bet your idea of public ownership is socialism. Just more control for libs like you.

By tecsan 03,Nov,22 00:17
The woman can choose to abstain, carry condoms with her or omg even take a pill, damn that was weak. Like you said, once she is preggo then all decisions are up to her.

By tecsan 03,Nov,22 00:12
Could be the conductor right?

By tecsan 03,Nov,22 00:10
Just to keep you from replying to yourself, do the fucking libturds have any 'common sense'???

By tecsan 02,Nov,22 22:17
Sorry dude. Mental incompetence has to be addressed. Should have with mr magoo too.

By tecsan 02,Nov,22 02:07
Democraps say have cva then apply. How stupid.

By tecsan 02,Nov,22 01:56
Elon Musk is great is he not?

By tecsan 02,Nov,22 01:35
Dorito is an ass, I thought everyone knew.

By tecsan 02,Nov,22 01:29
I always have the problem with my nuts sticking to my leg when sweaty. I prefer briefs.

By tecsan 01,Nov,22 22:30
Illegal immigrant, how damn funny. I wonder do you even think before you spout off crap.

By tecsan 01,Nov,22 22:21
I have never seen sympathy run a state before.

By tecsan 01,Nov,22 22:20
Sure you did not mean he/she or they?

By tecsan 01,Nov,22 03:32
Think we all realize that little russia has shit for an army.