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Black lives matter or do All lives matter...༼☯﹏☯༽

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Started by tecsan [Ignore] 09,Oct,20 04:17  other posts
Just looking for opinions...Please no fights...༼☯﹏☯༽

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By phart [Ignore] 21,Sep,22 17:42 other posts 
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The unidentified suspect, who remains on the loose, is described as a Black man wearing a white T-shirt, black shorts and a black Oakland Raiders cap.

and people complain about the ratios of blacks vs whites in jail is to high.Well maby it is time to face the facts.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 08:29 other posts 
You are making assumptions that don't go together. I can say, "President Trump, a Republican, is a crook, a racist, etc, therefore most Republicans must be the same.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:12 other posts 
The facts about blacks and jail are easy to find.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:20 other posts 
And most facts show they are more likely to be incarcerated than a white person for the same offence.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:27 other posts 
research the number of repeat offenders
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:33 other posts 
That is not the subject, but, if you want to discuss that, then, let's discuss where the worst poverty and education and family structure exists in this country.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:50 other posts 
the same place the crime comes from of course.And why is that?
Because they don't learn from their mistakes.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 12:06 other posts 
Neither do white racist people

By phart [Ignore] 10,Sep,22 13:56 other posts 
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good question? where is blm?
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 10,Sep,22 18:22 other posts 
BLM is protesting POLICE killing unarmed black people.
They demand checks and balance on the police.
That doesn't apply to mass shooters.

What you are doing is similar to whining why a climate change action group
is not reacting to a case of animal cruelty. It's not their purpose.
Instead of just meandering about the name Black Lives Matters all the time,
you might try to actually understand the problem they are trying to address.

BLM is not an anti-gun protest group. But maybe they should expand their goals to include banning all guns, because the right to bear arms is not benefiting black people, but is causing the police to assume they are armed and kill them, instead of taking any risk.
By phart [Ignore] 10,Sep,22 18:41 other posts 
You mean you agree with the story that the only time a black life matters is if a white cop takes it?
Are you saying to hell with the blacks as long as they kill each other? that is what blm's actions amount to.
By tecsan [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 00:02 other posts 
The instigators of it are probably living off of illegally obtained money. This was propaganda from the get go to raise money.
By phart [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 22:11 other posts 
Most of those blm'ers are frauds and domestic terrorist and should be treated as such .Profiting off the loss of life ,how much lower can they sink? Maby I should not ask that,they may take it as a challenge?.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 08:46 other posts 
Just like many organizations that collect donations for the wounded vets use only pennies on the dollar to help them while pocketing the rest?
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 08:48 other posts 
Most are terrorists, Phart? Prove it.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:18 other posts 
This damn thing is cutting words off again,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_arson_damage_during_the_George_Floyd_protests_in_Minneapolis%E2%80%93Saint_Paul

What else can you call it,but terrorism?

This is 3rd world country shit,nothing that we should see in the US.

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

Would this not make you afraid if that were your bussiness, you living, that was burning?

Copy and paste of the definition of terrorism.

Read it

noun: terrorism

the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

Now, who's buildings, cars, homes were destroyed? Mostly CIVILIANS property. Was the arson legal that destroyed those buildings? NO. so what other damn word can be used to describe the loss other than terrorism??
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:27 other posts 
Like this?

The Rosewood massacre was a racially motivated massacre of black people and the destruction of a black town that took place during the first week of January 1923 in rural Levy County, Florida, United States. At least six black people and two white people were killed, though eyewitness accounts suggested a higher death toll of 27 to 150. The town of Rosewood was destroyed in what contemporary news reports characterized as a race riot. Florida had an especially high number of lynchings of black men in the years before the massacre,[2] including a well-publicized incident in December 1922.[citation needed]

By phart [Ignore] 06,Sep,22 11:00 other posts 
We are told black lives matter.
Apparently to this black man, white lives don't matter.
Why the hypocrisy?
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By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 10,Sep,22 18:36 other posts 
Instead of just meandering about the name Black Lives Matters all the time,
you might try to actually understand the problem they are trying to address.
By phart [Ignore] 10,Sep,22 18:39 other posts 
it is obvious they are not doing a good job.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 06:37 other posts 
I must agree there, they have achieved almost nothing.

Black people voted for Biden a lot. They could have known he wouldn't do much.
He has been a 'tough on crime' Democrat his whole political career.
They should have voted for Bernie in the primaries.
By tecsan [Ignore] 13,Sep,22 01:50 other posts 
Bernie, really. A socialist would only say this.
By phart [Ignore] 13,Sep,22 10:22 other posts 
Even blacks were smart enough not to vote for burnie.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 08:42 other posts 
"Bernie" is the best hope for the middle class of every color or income. You people are obsessed with "socialism, socialists, and Communism". You are ignorant of the meaning of socialism. You don't even recognize or realize that it's all around you here, in the United States. You are more interested in the southern border, gay marriage, transgenders, and women's right to choose an abortion than the fact that middle class people of all colors and income suffer inequalities because no one in our government cares.

By phart [Ignore] 15,Sep,22 20:41 other posts 
Black lives matter my ass,
this fucker stabs his girlfriend and leaves the baby laying beside her in it's mothers blood.
Sick fucker, feed his ass to the damn alligators.
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By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 08:32 other posts 
Jeffrey Donner

By tecsan [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 04:59 other posts 
Hey what about that thug in PA. The hoodie wearing fetterbum.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 08:31 other posts 
You mean that guy that Pensylvanians love so much?

John Karl Fetterman is an American politician who has served as the 34th lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania since 2019. A member of the Democratic Party, he previously served as mayor of Braddock from 2006 to 2019. Fetterman is the Democratic nominee for the 2022 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania.

By Sissyfagsub [Ignore] 15,Jul,22 17:05 other posts 
All Lives Matter
By phart [Ignore] 15,Jul,22 17:26 other posts 

Until that message is read and understood by all, will we see any positive change in the world.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Jul,22 06:20 other posts 
No, until that message actually results in ANY POSITIVE ACTION,
will we see any positive change in the world.
By phart [Ignore] 21,Jul,22 07:17 other posts 
the constitution already gives the rights,the schools are in place,everything is in place. So no more action needs to be taken
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Jul,22 06:00 other posts 
And because of that positive change will happen by itself?
Why did you say MAGA then? MAKE America Great Again.
What is the MAKE part all about?

'MAKE' sounds like POSITIVE ACTION. We just differ on our opinion of positive.

Rights are being banned and schools are getting destroyed.
In my opinion, those are negative actions.

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
By phart [Ignore] 22,Jul,22 11:11 other posts 
Yea, Chinese 3rd graders are learning algebra, our 3rd graders are being taught men can give birth.
So yea,we agree on our schools being ruined.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Jul,22 11:46 other posts 
I would agree with not teaching them any woke stuff, if religion goes out the window and teachers can teach logical reasoning and science. They don't have to say anything about climate change. The kids can figure that out for themselves.
It's their future.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Jul,22 13:30 other posts 
We could meet in the middle on things like the schools. We both agree that the wrong thing is taught or not enough of the right things.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Jul,22 14:27 other posts 
It is a bigger problem that the funding of schools is cut to crap. One teacher for 50 kids doesn't work. Teaching them sciences requires equipment. Teaching them programming requires computers and not one from 1990 for 20 kids.
Republicans want to destroy public schools and replace them all with private schools. OK for children with parents that can afford it, but the rest get screwed.
It's an effort to keep the poor poor, make the rich richer and stay in control.
They are killing 'The American dream'. Maybe that speaks to you.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Jul,22 15:41 other posts 
Private schooling is possible for everyone.
Simply stop taking taxes away from people that don't have kids . And instead of the taxes paid by parents going to a government coffer to be blown on worthless shit, let it pay tuition for a private school. Private schools are expensive in part because of the small classrooms you agree need to be had and also because of small school size . If school went totally private it would "create" jobs in new construction or private schools could buy and renovate the old public schools.
Teachers could make more money because they would not be dependent on tax payer dollars for salary. You can't get richer working for the folks paying your salary than they are..
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Jul,22 17:50 other posts 
Private schools make profit, therefore it's more expensive than public schools.
Any sector with profit motives is minimizing the pay of the employees.
The government could just pay teachers better, because they value education.

Just like private healthcare is more expensive than publicly funded healthcare.
But everyone needs healthcare so with insurance at least everyone pays in.
Private education is more expensive for the users, because only they pay for it.

Public education is payed by everyone. We all benefit from it when children
get a quality education, because then they function better in society.
Research shows that for every dollar invested in high-quality early childhood education, society gains up to $7.30 in economic returns over the long term.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 11:38 other posts 
By tecsan [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 03:58 other posts 
Get it right Ultra MAGA.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 11:57 other posts 
Sure, if that makes you happy. I haven't seen red hats with it yet.
Care to explain the difference between Ultra MAGA and fascism?
By tecsan [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 01:46 other posts 
Ananas, care to explain why socialism is the best thing since well let me say sliced bread as a cliche.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 06:46 other posts 
Only for people who like human dignity, equality, solidarity and freedom.
Socialism sucks if you want the wealthy 1% to exploit the rest of the people.

By tecsan [Ignore] 13,Aug,22 01:51 other posts 
BLM is crap and a scam. All lives matter period.
By CAT [Ignore] 14,Aug,22 09:31 other posts 
Sounds like you are saying all lives matter except black ones
By phart [Ignore] 14,Aug,22 09:56 other posts 
No ,sounds like you won't let racism die because it is profitable and divisive.
To mention race as far as 1 life or another is racism.
IF all lives mattered, race would not be brought up by the black people.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 11:41 other posts 
Racist, Phart, is a person who, instead of working for peace between the races, criticized those that bring the subject of inequality up
By twisted1975 [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 19:39 other posts 
No, a racist is someone having, reflecting, or fostering the belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. If you look at people as individuals rather than one or more physical characteristics to be used to define, differentiate, or separate people, it will be obvious that all lives matter because we are all human beings. Those who use any trait to set themselves or others apart from the rest are the true problem.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 19:55 other posts 
I canít argue with that, but you canít argue with my post. Iím just describing what a racist will use as an excuse to not admit he/she is a racist. Whatís more, race as defined by the most obvious trait is a fundamental trait. IE, the color of the skin. There are other traits that point to areas of the world where a personís ancestors are from. IE. Mediterranean, Russian Stepes, Asia. People should be judged for the content of their heart and goodness of their mind. Unfortunately, itís not like that.
By twisted1975 [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 20:17 other posts 
I can argue your post on this point. You stated, "Racist, Phart, is a person who, instead of working for peace between the races, criticized those that bring the subject of inequality up." First, you mis-defined what a racist is. I believe that this practice is leading to much of the animosity in the country, example: pronouns. You can't redefine something because it's inconvenient or currently popular/unpopular. Second, there are a measurable number of people who use a trait, not limited to race, to gain position socially and/or bully others with a different point of view. The cancel culture should never have evolved. The genetic traits you mention, along with other differences such as LGBT, religion, etc. should be things that start conversation and understanding rather than shutting them down. I do agree with you that, "Unfortunately, itís not like that.", but I believe supporting organizations like Black Lives Matter or any other that would divide people or draw undue attention to a topic is the wrong thing to do. I miss being able to have conversations with anyone about nearly any topic, and am tired of being afraid that someone will be offended and that it can destroy my ability to live freely or earn a living.
By phart [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 20:33 other posts 
Never Ever let yourself get to a point you are afraid to speak your mind as long as you live in the USA.
You have freedom of speech. enjoy it.
Besides,if that high track Cat in your pics is how you earn your living,you don't anything to worry about.
plenty of people hiring and paying good money.
1 of my friends has been "working" for himself for over 20 years. made some good money but blew it all.
Hit bottom last winter, his truck broke down,his mother died,and etc.
He woke up 1 day,decided to clean his self up, and went and applied for a job as a track hoe operater.
within 7 days, he went from a unemployed ,down and out fellow to making 24 dollars a hour starting.And was willing to do over time,which is even MORE money, 3 months into that job and he is Loving it.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 21:17 other posts 
First letís get this out of the way
A racist is a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

I belong to a group that believes African Americans are treated like inferior people. That makes me a champion for equality of this ethnic group. For that I get marginalized by people that resent me for bringing up the subject of inequality. There are people who argue, treat me poorly, or even hate me. Those are racists. I didnít re-define this group. I just pointed out that thereís more than one way to see racism at work. Far be it for me to shut down conversations about any subject, but, in particular, the love of my fellow man.
You are entitled to your views. If you believe supporting organizations like BLM does more harm than good, so be it. I find that that view is too narrow. Many people and a good amount of members, have taken umbrage on the fact that this is a group for African Americans. This is true, but, do you think, maybe, they should have start a group called ďCaucasians for Negros? Bottom line, Twisted1975, you seem to be smart and educated, so, I donít believe you donít know what I was trying to convey to Phart, but, it sure stuck to your craw what I said to him. BTW, if someone gets offended by your beliefs, perhaps, then, you shouldnít socialize with that person. Itís ok to disagree, itís quite another to be offended by other peopleís views.
By tecsan [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 23:23 other posts 
Excellent explanation.
By phart [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 20:39 other posts 
May I ask a question? Well, I just did but may I ask another 1?
why is that folks don't want race to be a part of anything or miss use it?
hear me out. Blacks have had a rough row to hoe literally since they were brought here. BUT the past few decades things have really moved them up in the world.
So why can't the blacks be proud of their accomplishments' like a good education or a good job without taking anything away from others?
Why can't whites do the same, and other races of people?
We should not have to be sorry we are white, they should be sorry they are black, why can't we just all work towards something better? Instead of letting the media and politicians keep digging up the 60's?
The black people I know, are good folks ,hard working, educated. and proud of it. And you know ,they don't blame anyone else if a business venture fails, they regroup and start over. 3 black fellows I went to school with are business partners with 2 other black fellows and they live well. each 1 has a "department' they look over ,like transportation or warehousing materials ,buying land. They buy a plot of land, grade it ,and build houses and sell them, turn key,all in house. no outsiders.They grew up poor like I did, but didn't blame anyone,they just went to work and built this big company.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 21:35 other posts 
Blacks are proud of their accomplishments. I have several black friends too and they are hard working family people who want better for their kids and others. What bothers them is that a black teenager wearing a hoodie canít run through a white neighborhood without getting into trouble. What bothers them is having to tell their children that if confronted by a cop they have to keep their hands visible, not talk back, and ignore any abuse by the cop. What bothers them is knowing that the text books in their childrenís schools are the used ones from other schools. What bothers them is that black history is not being allowed to be taught. What bothers them is all the laws passed or in progress to curtail their voting rights.
Do I have to continue?
By phart [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 06:01 other posts 
How does providing a ID curtail their voting rights?
I have yet to read a answer in the media, or anywhere to that .I just hear and read that providing ID is preventing blacks from voting. We have discussed here before. A ID can be had cheap or free. There are free rides to voting booths on election day and so on. 40 years ago, they might have had a legit gripe, but any legitimacy is faded and gone.
By CAT [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 08:04 other posts 
Phart, we have had this chat several times. For some reason, the reasons donít sink in. Read it here. This is now and it won't change.

only registered users can see external links

Voter ID laws deprive many voters of their right to vote, reduce participation, and stand in direct opposition to our countryís trend of including more Americans in the democratic process. Many Americans do not have one of the forms of identification states acceptable for voting. These voters are disproportionately low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Such voters more frequently have difficulty obtaining ID, because they cannot afford or cannot obtain the underlying documents that are a prerequisite to obtaining government-issued photo ID card.
Millions of Americans Lack ID. 11% of U.S. citizens Ė or more than 21 million Americans Ė do not have government-issued photo identification.1
Obtaining ID Costs Money. Even if ID is offered for free, voters must incur numerous costs (such as paying for birth certificates) to apply for a government-issued ID.
Underlying documents required to obtain ID cost money, a significant expense for lower-income Americans. The combined cost of document fees, travel expenses and waiting time are estimated to range from $75 to $175.2
The travel required is often a major burden on people with disabilities, the elderly, or those in rural areas without access to a car or public transportation. In Texas, some people in rural areas must travel approximately 170 miles to reach the nearest ID office.

This requirement to vote mostly affects the poor, the low income, and the old. You own a vehicle and are able to drive it. There are massive amount of people that donít own a vehicle. They rely on public transportation. You receive some disability income and also work your own business. You have the ability to take a day off and drive to wherever you need to go, These people donít have the luxury of loosing a day of work. Then, the costs (more than one) Here in Florida, like everywhere else, by Federal law, you need these documents to get a drivers license or ID card

only registered users can see external links

And you have to do this in person. Many people in this situation just say itís not worth it and choose not to vote. Okay, one less vote, no sweat, but, think of this. People in this group is traditionally more liberal and leaning to the Democrats. Now, guess who are pushing for Voter ID?
Still, you say, itís a good idea to know who is voting. Okay, then make it easier to get the ID, In Florida, an ID card cost $25. A birth certificate is $15. Eight dollars more if requested by computer but the ID card has to be in person
--------------------------------------- added after 51 seconds

They do have a ďlegit gripeĒ.
By phart [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 13:33 other posts 
OK, with all that in mind,if they are to poor to get a id,how then can they apply for food stamps? Or disability? I know i had to produce id and so forth when i applied.
You have to be able to prove who you are at some point in your life.
Granted, without a serial number on our heels, our "papers" are vulnerable.
By CAT [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 14:17 other posts 
Both food stamps and Social Security disability can be applied for through the internet. Both these entities accept documents that don't nessesarily prove identity but a "witness" can vouch for the person. Most cities have public or private (free of charge) that can help with this. Many times providing services at home.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Now let me ask a question. Isn't it true that a young adult can apply for food stamps to include ALL the people living in their home and only have to prove their identity only? The mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or even a non family dependent would be part of the formula to calculate monthly allotment. None of these people have to have an ID card. They can't vote but, it proves my point
By phart [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 15:31 other posts 
I don't know about that.Never applied for a food stamp.
By CAT [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 18:30 other posts 
It's true
'IF all lives mattered, race would not be brought up by the black people.'
See, you do understand!

Their lives still don't matter to you and many others, including police and politicians,
so therefore black people bring up race.
By phart [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 13:51 other posts 
you 2 are so blinded by the light you can't see
Peace does not make money for the media.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 18,Aug,22 07:50 other posts 
At least we are 'blinded by the light'. You are 'blinded by the dark'.

'Peace does not make money for the media.' True, isn't Fox News not 'the media'?
It is even America's most watched 'news' media network.
And it is stirring up your fear, anger and hate 24/7.
Sean Hannity is paid $ 42 million per year to do nothing else.
Sean Hannity is breeding hatred against the poor and adoration for the rich.
Tucker Carlson, who earns $35 million/year, uses fake populism, to do the same.
And he is creating distrust of science and 'the media', while he is that fake media.
He is also assigned to the job of breeding fear and hate against all non-whites.
He is openly presenting KKK propaganda on live television. It's pure
'White genocide conspiracy theory' on a slightly softer tone.
By phart [Ignore] 19,Aug,22 11:18 other posts 
the good thing is,I don't watch fox news!
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Aug,22 05:12 other posts 
Newsmax is maybe a bit smaller, but worse.
Same propaganda, but just cheaper liars.
By tecsan [Ignore] 14,Aug,22 22:25 other posts 
Remember, can we make it black lives matter also? Stop all the underhanded exchange of money and be more transparent.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 12:07 other posts 
Wow, you guys are on a roll with good ideas:
"Stop all the underhanded exchange of money and be more transparent."
Exactly stop racist right-wingers from paying crazy Republican politicians
and black lives might eventually matter also.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 17:14 other posts 
Ananas, maybe these two are right. Maybe it is the money. How did we ever miss this? It's not about that white dude that wants to kill a nigÄr to see what it feels like. It's not about Bible toting pÄdophilÄs telling women to accept pregnancies in the name of the Lord. It's the MONEY, stupid, it's the MONEY.
By phart [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 17:33 other posts 
There is alot of wrong in the world,but MONEY is the root of alot of it,rather you want to admit it or not.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,Aug,22 19:27 other posts 
Oh, I do admit it, and itís a powerful reason, but, hatred or control of people has little to do with money and everything to do with evil
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 18,Aug,22 07:33 other posts 
If you think of 'evil' as 'intended to cause harm' then I do agree with you
that there is not a direct link between money and hate or control of people.
Money is not evil in that sense, but it causes selfishness and shortsightedness.
That has everything to do with money and short term profits.

The people with the money are using 'divide and conquer' methods,
(to control people), to maintain and increase their wealth and power.
THAT RESULTS in hatred and evil.
Have I ever said anything other than that?

And now think further; who has the money and how do they use it?
By tecsan [Ignore] 19,Aug,22 01:56 other posts 
Call on me please, I know the answer. Trump 2024
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Aug,22 05:28 other posts 
Sure, Trump is definitely scamming his supporters out of their money,
claiming he needs it for his legal defense. And idiots like you are giving it.
Wasn't he supposed to be a billionaire? Why does he need your money then?
By tecsan [Ignore] 20,Aug,22 00:19 other posts 
If you take it that way.

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