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"Russian warship go fuck yourself."

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Started by tecsan [Ignore] 26,Feb,22 23:54  other posts
This should resonate with everyone in the free world...

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By phart [Ignore] 11,Jan,23 23:58 other posts 
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Hey cat?, remember when I mentioned that our arsenal was being depleted a while back and you said it wasn't?
um,this guy says otherwise

By phart [Ignore] 09,Jan,23 23:39 other posts 
how did it get in there?
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By phart [Ignore] 06,Jan,23 13:31 other posts 
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Putin offers a cease fire and ukraine is not going to agree to the same?
36 hours is better than nothing dumbass's. take the reprieve from the killing and rest at least
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 08,Jan,23 10:06 other posts 
I would not trust Putin's cease fire at all... only gives the cunt Russians a chance to re-arm and maneuver to launch attacks
By phart [Ignore] 08,Jan,23 11:38 other posts 
I will admit,you are right,BUT at least a symbolic agreement would show a humanitarian side from ukraine,and in the small chance that russia was being honest,it would have been a few hours that could be used to evacuate babys and women from the danger zones.

By phart [Ignore] 24,Dec,22 19:49 other posts 
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Won't be long now at the rate we are going.
By tecsan [Ignore] 24,Dec,22 23:44 other posts 
You are probably right. We should distance ourselves from this conflict. We have too many problems here in the US.

By phart [Ignore] 20,Dec,22 23:00 other posts 
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I sure hope he makes it back home safe. If something happened to him on the way here or back , the nato escort would put all in nato into the war if they took action to protect him.
1 missile,1 bomb,1 shooter,and we would be full into the war.
By tecsan [Ignore] 21,Dec,22 04:15 other posts 
You know, I bet he has gotten a lot of money from us and I bet he gets even more with the woke people calling the shots.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Dec,22 06:48 other posts 
Because you need to be woke to protect a European country from Russian invasion?
By phart [Ignore] 21,Dec,22 11:38 other posts 
I don't know if being woke is required, but he has already gotten BILLIONS and just got approved for 1.8 BILLION more along with our best missiles and guided bombs.
I am curious as to how much the netherregions has given and will continue to give, being they are a little closer and will be glowing in the dark quicker than us when putin is finished with his invasion.
That war can't be won.putins mind is gone and he has gone mad. He will continue it until nukes are used.he has nothing to loose,he is dieing. What part of that is so hard to understand?
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 03:42 other posts 
Yes, it has costed billions. Why is this different than your bloated military budget of around $ 800 billion per year, that I have always told you is ridiculous and you keep telling me is necessary to protect your country? The estimated cost of your 'war on terror' is $8 trillion and what do you have to show for that? And how about your wars in Korea and Vietnam, to 'protect those countries from communism'? How is all that different from helping Ukraine fight Russia, so Putin doesn't take back all land that the USSR lost to NATO?

That war cannot be won, that's true, but it can be lost. 'Winning' just means Putin stops attacking Ukraine, Ukraine remains a free democratic country and can start the long process of rebuilding. Losing means that Putin takes Ukraine and starts planning for the next country. Don't YOU understand that?

Maybe you don't see Russia as a threat anymore, because they are not communists anymore, but a fascist oligarchy, which is what you prefer your own country to be? Or is your brain just fried from watching to many Russia-funded grifters?
By phart [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 19:17 other posts 
Russia,china, all those 3rd world countries have LEADERS that would like to be a threat to us,and those with nukes ARE a threat to us.
HAD Ukraine kept it's nukes,it would be safe and sound right now,because before they gave them up, they had MORE than Russia.
By phart [Ignore] 21,Dec,22 16:08 other posts 
I just saw a picture of zelensky sitting with our president and he does not even have on a suit,and is wearing combat boots for crying out loud.Does the man not know how to dress as a leader? As a president?
I know the old saying, the clothes don't make the man and I would understand if he was in a military setting as in being on the front lines with his troops,being in uniform.But he is not in a war zone,he is as safe as he has been in almost a year and he is still dressing as a combatant.
By tecsan [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 00:55 other posts 
I think he was wearing a sweatshirt. Not very professional.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 03:46 other posts 
OMG, nothing but superficial nonsense again.
Good leaders are made by character, vision and perseverance, not by a suit.
"he is as safe as he has been in almost a year"

Really? He has been safe for almost a year? Russians aren't trying to kill him?

In the post to me you just said "That war can't be won" and "they are a little closer and will be glowing in the dark quicker than us". Who has the biggest risk of that?

You would hand Zelensky over to Putin today. What do you think would happen to him?
By phart [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 11:19 other posts 
You think the russians can't hire outsiders to do the job?

Ok,ideally if the US was going to get involved in that war to start with, I would have sent in elite military or cia forces to take out PUTIN, first and foremost.
THEN sit back a while and see what happens.
We have special forces and for some reason they all have been on vacation for the past year it seems.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 11:02 other posts 
Do you think this was a state dinner to welcome the King of England to the US? I'm thinking of all these leaders that go around dressed in uniform. Some smoking Havanas. 🤣😈
By phart [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 11:20 other posts 
Yea, zelensky looked much more like castro or saddam, without the metals, than a leader of a free democratic nation did he not?
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 12:15 other posts 
I'm thinking of King Charles in his military uniform reviewing the troops
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Zelinsky was trying to show how dire his country's fight for freedom is. He has to dress in fatigues, ready to join the fight. He must have hit it right. He got several standing ovations by a joint session of Congress.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 12:53 other posts 
so he put on a show to look the part?
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 13:38 other posts 
Don't we all?
By phart [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 19:48 other posts 
but being dressed like castro in 59 does not really "look the part" does it?

By phart [Ignore] 10,Dec,22 10:28 other posts 
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Is it starting?
By tecsan [Ignore] 10,Dec,22 21:45 other posts 
Think maybe it started with the invasion of Ukraine. Just a proxy war by the US and I think most realize that fact.
By phart [Ignore] 11,Dec,22 08:10 other posts 
Naw there is alot of people that think we are not involved in the war,just helping out a friend.
WRONG. We may as well be over there by the 1000's of planes and bombs. Go ahead and get WW3 started and over with.
No need to worry about global cooling I mean global warming, I mean climate change, just nuke the damn place and finish it off.
Leave it for the cock roach's.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

sounds inhumane and horrible to say leave it to the roaches. THat is what is going to happen if things are left to the Russians.
No one wants that for anyone.
But if we don't get our grimy hands out of that war we will be dragged into it and Lord help us when san fransico or new york are hit by long range missiles. 2 or 3 nukes on our west coast would prompt radioactivity to the whole nation thanks to the jet stream.
By tecsan [Ignore] 12,Dec,22 00:16 other posts 
Makes since. Still it is a proxy war, remember who is financing a large part of it.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 13:40 other posts 
Are you saying it's ok to loose all our big cities to the roaches? Because, an all out war will decimate the US.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Dec,22 19:14 other posts 
Funny you should ask, I think we have ALREADY lost most of the big city's to the "roaches" I mean democrats, so not a problem, just fence them off,and let em crumble.

By phart [Ignore] 03,Dec,22 17:43 other posts 
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Now what do we have here?
another damn mess brewing.
While we as a nation have the weakest leader in history,our military stockpiles are depleted thanks to sending everything to ukraine and now our troops are in danger in syria along with the battle against terrorist isis.
By tecsan [Ignore] 04,Dec,22 00:28 other posts 
I think someone saw this coming. All can go back and look.
By phart [Ignore] 04,Dec,22 09:08 other posts 
Which mess next? the korea's start fighting again or Tiawan invaded by china?
By tecsan [Ignore] 05,Dec,22 00:09 other posts 
I do not think that North Korea will start anything. But, we should watch out for China invading Taiwan. Remember, would it be an attack on the US if an ally was attacked?
By phart [Ignore] 05,Dec,22 09:35 other posts 
It got wrote up that way years ago. Some how.
By CAT [Ignore] 08,Dec,22 15:45 other posts 
That's not true. Our military stockpile is NOT depleted. Think about it. Twenty years in Afghanistan and Iraq and that stockpile kept getting bigger and, then, suddenly, a dirty little war that's been going on for a few months depleted the stockpile? And, as far as the weakest leader in history, you call him that when he told China you mess with Tywan you mess with us? At least he didn't ask for a personal loan from North Korea
By phart [Ignore] 08,Dec,22 19:04 other posts 
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only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

Google will help you find more.

as for biden threatening china, that is like a chihuahua barking at a T Rex dinosaur with rabies.
By CAT [Ignore] 09,Dec,22 08:59 other posts 
Not Biden alone. It's Biden and the full might of the American military establishment. And if that doesn't out the fear of God up the Chinese government, nothing will.
By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,22 10:35 other posts 
A woke military, a idiot commmander in cheif? a country with it's economy in the toilet? and china is supposed to be afraid?
Bullshit,they are waiting for the right time to strike again.
By CAT [Ignore] 09,Dec,22 11:30 other posts 
A woke military? The same military that kicked ass in Iraq and Afghanistan? The same military that every country in the world would sell it's mother's in order to have? And, what gave you the idea that our economy is in the toilet or that other countries are not in the same boat or that the Chinese are not struggling too? Maybe the Commander in Chief is a tad slow these days, but, he's no idiot. He's the one that put together the spanking yhe Democrats gave to the Republicans in this last election. Besides, a Commander in Chief points his troops towards an objective. The generals and, in particular, the troops do the heavy lifting. No, Phart, BS is what you are thinking.
By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,22 15:50 other posts 
We did not kick anyone's ass in either country ,we left Afghanistan in shame and embarrassment . I personally knew a veteran that served in afganistan who committed suicide a week after that "withdraw " and her displeasure of the way things were done was made apparent before hand.
During the first Iraq war a former coworker was there and had Saddam in his gun sights and was denied twice of taking a shot that could have ended the shit MUCH QUICKER.
Poor fellow's mind was messed up afterwards as he got injured when a mine went off as he was toting a wounded solder out of a cave.
We didn't kick ass, over there. Sorry,I can't agree with that. Sure we have good men and women in our military,we have the nicest equipment,we have big dreams and ideas as a nation, but the bunch that heads the military, is NOT the best. IF they were any good, Afghanistan woulda went differently.
By CAT [Ignore] 09,Dec,22 17:19 other posts 
HOLY many people do you know?
Never mind, I guess we did not overran Iraq. Saddam was not ever thrown and hanged. We lasted 20 yrs in Afghanistan. We did loose the war but, we left with our heads high. We are not the first to fail and, surely, not the last.

Human habitation in Afghanistan dates back to the Middle Paleolithic era, and the country's strategic location along the historic Silk Road has led it to being described, picturesquely, as the ‘roundabout of the ancient world’.[25] Popularly referred to as the graveyard of empires,[26] the land has historically been home to various peoples and has witnessed numerous military campaigns, including those by the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Maurya Empire, Arab Muslims, the Mongols, the British, the Soviet Union, and most recently by an American-led coalition.
By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,22 18:25 other posts 
Fighting will take place in the middle east until time ends.
I know alot of folks.and sadly more that are no longer with us.

Your dad was in WW2, I am sure he may have told you about what he saw sometimes or some of the things he did. Some things he probably never spoke of.
You may mock me but you should have some understanding of hearing history from those that lived it instead of wrote about it.

By phart [Ignore] 20,Nov,22 22:20 other posts 
Now ukraine is bombing it's own nuclear plant.
What the hell?
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I think the US and the world is going to eventually regret all the money they have been sending as they will wish they had it to deal with the fall out of a nuclear plant going up.
By tecsan [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 00:48 other posts 
Sad to say, but I think you may be right.
By #275407 21,Nov,22 00:53
Fake news by Putin
By phart [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 09:25 other posts 
Fake news that the bombs are being dropped or fake news based on who reported it?
don't forget ukraine bombed poland last week.Now germany is offering them arms to protect themselves from it happening again.
By #275407 21,Nov,22 11:15
The way you say it is wrong, Ukraine was trying to shoot down missiles fired by Russia and two went into Poland, this happens all the time, don't make it sound like Ukraine is shooting at Poland. Ukraine wants there country, there not bombing there nuclear plant, I wouldn't put it past Russia shooting at the plant just so they can say the Ukrainians did it
By dgraff [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 12:03 other posts 
How true I remember Vietnam when Hanoi Jane was supposedly broadcasting on the only American radio station over there telling our American soldiers to lay down their weapons and surrender and it turned out to be Vietnamese propaganda my brother in law still to this day hates Jane Fonda
By #275407 21,Nov,22 14:21
I've hated Jane ever since that conflict began and she sided with them
By dgraff [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 16:06 other posts 
She was a woken dema rat just like cat
By CAT [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 16:40 other posts 
Not all Democrats are the same. Not all Republicans are the same. You, Mountain Man, forget I’m the daughter of a veteran. Jane Fonda should have been prosecuted for giving aid an comfort to the enemy. She was what Trump is today.
By phart [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 17:41 other posts 
hanoy jane and Donald Trump are not even the species of human.
jane was a no count bitch and a traitor.
Trump Is a business man that tried to save America. and I HOPE he gets a second chance.
By CAT [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 18:31 other posts 
A second chance to overthrow our democratic form of government? You want him to be another Fascist a la Musolini or Hitler? Yeah Phart. Way to go.
By phart [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 20:35 other posts 
No I want a functional economy and affordable food and energy like we had under Trump.
I want someone that will ask questions before handing money to country's overseas.
Until china released the virus to destroy the world economy, ours was doing well.
By CAT [Ignore] 29,Nov,22 11:33 other posts 
Phart--No I want a functional economy and affordable food and energy like we had under Trump.
CAT--We all want that, but it wasn't due to the Clown's actions.
Phart-- I want someone that will ask questions before handing money to country's overseas.
CAT--Is there a particular country you are talking about and what questions do you mean?
Phart--until china released the virus to destroy the world economy, ours was doing well.
CAT--You keep suggesting China released Covid on purpose. Why would you seriously suggest something like that?
The Clown got lucky. He wasn't that good. Really, he wasn't good at all. 👿
By phart [Ignore] 29,Nov,22 17:16 other posts 
1, we won't have it under biden either.
2, all of them.
3,Yes, I feel like it was released on purpose and unless the chinese present the people who made it and they say other wise,I will still believe it was a terrorist attack on the whole fucking planet.
By CAT [Ignore] 08,Dec,22 15:55 other posts 
Yes, I can see their slogan. "LET'S KILL OURSELVES"
By phart [Ignore] 08,Dec,22 18:32 other posts 
cat, please don't forget ,china is a country that didn't allow familys to have but 1 child. Many babies were killed by driving a nail into their skulls.
So to think they would release a virus, not far fetched.
Also, you might consider the fact that they may not have wanted it turned loose in china,but to the rest of the world.
How much easier could it be to take over the world if half the population is dead from a virus??
By CAT [Ignore] 08,Dec,22 18:55 other posts 
China changed their one baby per family many yrs ago. They found that the population reduction was not good for the country. I will not believe any country would use a pandemic as a weapon. With the movement of people around the world, they would have been in the same boat as the rest of the world. And they are.

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