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By dgraff 09,Dec,23 20:23

By dgraff 09,Dec,23 12:58
Start with a pan up in the Yukon outside Dawson city if you find some stake a claim
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Then let me know so I can bring a backhoe so we can start to digging

By dgraff 09,Dec,23 12:55
My beard is getting pretty long but I run a brush through it every morning it keeps it soft and fluffy

By dgraff 09,Dec,23 04:50
I can always remember the leg lamp

By dgraff 09,Dec,23 04:48
I donít know anything about deep fried butter
But I do like to brown butter in a cast iron skillet then cook spinach in it
Itís delicious and you get strong 💪 like popey the sailor

By dgraff 09,Dec,23 04:42
All le all
Iím practicing to be a gangster rapper

By dgraff 09,Dec,23 04:38
Hell no he was always to busy with Girl Scouts events he was the master at hair sniffing

By dgraff 08,Dec,23 19:29
Yo yo yo what up my bitches

By dgraff 08,Dec,23 19:24
I caught Marcy and her daughter sneaking 2 adult male cats into my house a month ago while I was sleeping luckily my buddy snickers alerted me to this matter or I would have 2 stinky cats in my house
Do you understand what that did to my trust factor
I donít feel as i can trust them anymore

By dgraff 08,Dec,23 19:12
Women do lie all the time but they are sneaky about it and you have to be smart to catch them at it

By dgraff 08,Dec,23 19:06
Joe Biden lived in Scranton Pennsylvania not 50 miles from me i tried to warn everyone back in 2020 that he is a 50 year career criminal but no Dgraff donít know anything
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I know more than most people think I do

By dgraff 08,Dec,23 18:47
You know who would be a great friend for mongo
Florida grandson i loved that poor boy what ever happened to him he used to beg his grandma to quit showing her bits on here

By dgraff 07,Dec,23 05:49
Yeah her last name was Massy and her dad is a bum and wants nothing to do with any of his children to 3 different women i might add

By dgraff 06,Dec,23 18:11
That very admirable of you i have no children except Marcyís 21 year old daughter whom i adopted legally so i go with who ever is going to make my life a little easier Iím going to retire in July then things wonít bother me so much plus i will be eligible for some government assistance then i donít care what the government does as long as they keep sending me checks each month

By dgraff 06,Dec,23 12:42
the whole government system is corrupt no matter how we slice it democrats and republicans alike and there is nothing we can do about it

By dgraff 06,Dec,23 11:49

By dgraff 06,Dec,23 04:32
And I thank you for that Charlie

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 20:29
I might be a little rough around the edges but I just couldnít let a man lay on the side walk in 28 degree weather

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 19:55
Yeah itís all the big cities Pittsburg Philadelphia Harrisburg Erie all blue counties thatís why I say burn the cities down and start over itís because all the liberals live there

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 19:17
Itís just a small town if you blink while driving through you will miss it but itís the chicken capital of the United States the whole way around the town is nothing but chicken processing plants like farmers pride and Perdue and free bird and even man-beck and each processing plant has a rendering plant were they cook down unwanted chicken parts to make dog food
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The whole state of Pennsylvania has 60 some counties all red except 5 blue counties

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 17:33
I was driving through a small town Fredericksburg Pennsylvania and seen an old man loose his balance and fall hitting his head on the sidewalk other people were walking by and never offered to help him i pulled in the nearest parking spot and got out to help him up and see if he needed medical attention but I still canít believe people were just walking by him

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 13:19
Is that the one with the leg lamp

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 09:41
Oh I see I have to start wearing my glasses to read i guess

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 06:25
Unfortunately the boy is destined to a life of crime who knows were it will stop most likely a life sentence in prison
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Notice how they block his face because heís a minor but the dirty dreadlocks tell the story

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 06:22
The question is how important do you think you are?????

By dgraff 05,Dec,23 06:20
Yes he would have he is all about helping people

By dgraff 04,Dec,23 18:44
Yep they call it boosting KIA and Hyundai are the easiest ones to steel my guess is they loved the movie gone in 60 seconds starring Nicolas cage

By dgraff 04,Dec,23 18:37
Yep a buddy of mine wanted to be a state trooper and was turned down at that time because he was too short he was 5 ft 10 ln tall

By dgraff 04,Dec,23 05:46
I understand that perfectly

By dgraff 04,Dec,23 05:42
I love the home alone movies watch them every year

By dgraff 04,Dec,23 05:41
Same with Pennsylvania State police they used to have a height and weight requirement they had to be at least six feet tall and they had to weigh no less than 200 pounds now they threw that out the window you should see the little runts they let on the force

By dgraff 04,Dec,23 04:53
Yes and he letís himself back in to

By dgraff 04,Dec,23 04:51
Oh absolutely a hairy ass on a woman

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 18:27
Cute but no snickers would find me he goes out side by himself and he even knows how to open the back door now if only he would close the door after he comes in side
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I should have one of those bush costumes I could have some fun with it

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 17:44
I couldnít even tell you what she looks like most the women that run for president have bigger dicks in their pants then their husband does Iím just waiting for Mike Obama to throw her or itís hat in the ring

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 17:08
Funny Iím reading this post and all I hear is bla bla blah Dgraff and bla bla blah phart and bla bla blah Bella and some more bla bla blah Bella
Bella is very popular she got more bla bla blah than any one

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 16:24
I donít mean to itís an impulse when someone posts something towards me Iím use to answering it but this time I caught her

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 12:09
And again cat attempted to move a topic from this forum thread to hers
She posted Dgraff bla bla blah and Bella bla bla blah to
Post your answers in the forum thread it started in
Right here

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 12:01
What can I say we see with our eyes not a computer

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 09:31
Donít forget about the women from Pennsylvania that stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop with all her classified information on it things like
Her online account with pink cherry 🍒 a website that sells sex toys lubes and lotions
And her sexual encounters with Kamala Harris
That woman is a legend in Pennsylvania any one know did they ever recover that laptop 💻

By dgraff 03,Dec,23 05:33
Itís ok mongo as long as you are okay and donít feel bad about the Mexican they were put on earth to be sacrificed so white folks can continue living Iím also glad you found someone to love you for who you are I wish you the best mongo my friend

By dgraff 02,Dec,23 16:35
Hahaha you would

By dgraff 02,Dec,23 05:27

By dgraff 01,Dec,23 18:55
Let some liberal fuck help them their the ones that have people hurting

By dgraff 01,Dec,23 18:47
If she was the only Republican running i still would not vote for a woman

By dgraff 30,Nov,23 14:20
She canít stay mad at me either but I understand the monthly mood swings

By dgraff 30,Nov,23 07:10
Oh god i went through that same thing with an order from Canada my order was screwed up and it seems no buddy at this company speaks English and I donít speak French it was a frustrating experience i ended up canceling my order

By dgraff 29,Nov,23 21:46
Yep so now everyone loves me except Leo ♌️

By dgraff 29,Nov,23 04:56

By dgraff 28,Nov,23 18:51
I love the way Greek pizza is when you feel the grease running down your arm then you know you have a good pepperoni pizza 🍕