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By dgraff 26,Jul,21 07:21
I often wondered how that works do we all get our daily points at the same time or does it go by time zone I kinda think we all get them at the same time mine are usually around 2:00 am

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 16:16
I agree Rachel is very nice to me

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 13:57
I got to give the old jelly roll credit she works well under pressure

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 13:31
She is fixing to dethrone lix in the amount of friends she has to I fully support her because I know lix is about ready to blow a gasket

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 12:24
I see you like chubby woman then lixsipsucket is your girl you can slap her ass and the rolls keep giggling for hours she will make sure you get verified

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 12:17
B29 Bingo the saggy granny wack job

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 10:15
I bet you sit pretty wag your tail and beg for milk bones I also have a suspicion you squat to pee

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 10:09
I donít wear shoes anymore Iím trying to stay barefoot and pregnant

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 10:06
He owns an early 80s fire bird I seen pictures of the old clunker some were on this site

By dgraff 25,Jul,21 02:01

By dgraff 24,Jul,21 09:20
I could tell them both were to pound sand

By dgraff 24,Jul,21 07:29

By dgraff 24,Jul,21 06:32
Is it not funny how someone can be so obsessed with proving someone has fake pictures yet has friends with fake profiles some times in life we need to stop and look in our own mirror to see if we like the image we possess

By dgraff 23,Jul,21 17:23
The only ones that have not tried to start shit with the United States is China and thatís coming my grandma borne in 1883 used to read me scripture out of her old bible and she would say in the end of times the bear and the eagle will fight the dragon so at least we know the end is distant because joe Biden has his nose so far up the Chinese ass that he has a brown ring around his chin

By dgraff 23,Jul,21 14:31
Donít think for one minute that all the countries leaders werenít involved

By dgraff 23,Jul,21 11:07
I think the Japanese will never try that again after we delivered the big one hell to this day people over there are still dying of radiation poisoning

By dgraff 23,Jul,21 08:00
Yep me to I guess she has nothing better to do sense phart is the only one who will argue with her anymore
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Oh hell she mentioned me again

By dgraff 22,Jul,21 22:32
I hope the United States does pull out of nato the rest of the world will be lost as we the people sit back and laugh 😂

By dgraff 22,Jul,21 22:29
This has in the past happened to me to but I wonít retype it itís just not worth it I hate typing 💬

By dgraff 22,Jul,21 22:11

By dgraff 22,Jul,21 19:06
Hey candy or what ever you call your self this week you can stop mentioning me because I wonít even look to see what you say I have no interest in the crap that comes out of your mouth

By dgraff 22,Jul,21 14:09
What a bunch of shit she needs her old ass kicked

By dgraff 22,Jul,21 05:54
So you mean she is down to just one account well itís about time she is to old to juggle two accounts she canít remember what lie she told from what account

By dgraff 22,Jul,21 05:51
He sounds like just another rag head to me

By dgraff 20,Jul,21 10:48
Hahaha were every 400 lb Puerto Rican women is kept in the basement of corse

By dgraff 20,Jul,21 07:10
That ugly old sea hag deserves every thing she gets and more screw her but not with my dick

By dgraff 18,Jul,21 21:05
Looks delicious

By dgraff 18,Jul,21 12:35
Absolutely Iíve been reported by old hot flashes for threatening to send her a birthday card admin messaged me and when I told him what happened we both had a good laugh over it

By dgraff 18,Jul,21 11:15
Hahaha she should talk that old bag broke every rule in the book over the last 4 years fake accounts internet pictures photo shopping stealing other peopleís pictures lying cheating Christ she is public enemy number one

By dgraff 18,Jul,21 10:34
The answer my dear old Florida sea hag is elementary Freddy and skittles create an account to pest members that need to be pestered they have fun for a couple days then the account disappears and there funny as hell were you and some others try to deceive people and itís creepy I had a duplicate account lurking around my page as a friend on my friend list for a couple years till I figured out it was a duplicate that in my book is deceiving and it was right around the time you and white precious were stealing my pictures and get this the fake account is friends with lix now you take Florida grandson that shit was funny and harmless

By dgraff 17,Jul,21 17:08

By dgraff 17,Jul,21 15:56
Oh hell yeah she had a meltdown but I think it was well deserved

By dgraff 17,Jul,21 15:52
I think he should have said certain members and I agree with that if you happen to be a paid member ship the sky is the limit for some my biggest gripe is the ones running around here with multiple accounts like candy for instance collecting points on both accounts being able to vote from each account on the games and god help us all when both her accounts are active 2 years and can vote on the abuse panel there are multiple accounts run by one person that are both paid member ships just think of the points that member racks up each day and it needs to stop

By dgraff 17,Jul,21 15:34
Yep that was a meltdown

By dgraff 16,Jul,21 07:14
Iíve often said there should be a tax break for up to 2 children any over 2 they should have to pay a fine per child over 2
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See i screwed up years ago I should have married a big Puerto Rican woman with 13 little bastards running around I would have never had to work I could have went fishing every day

By dgraff 16,Jul,21 05:18
Amen to that brother

By dgraff 15,Jul,21 20:42
OMG Iím laughing so hard right now that is exactly what I think lixsipsucket looks like in her real pathetic life

By dgraff 15,Jul,21 20:39
No that was me rolling on the floor laughing 😝

By dgraff 15,Jul,21 18:37
Ahhahaha a member just voted for my picture nazi bitch and he added it to his favorites

By dgraff 14,Jul,21 13:36
Democracy is dead ☠️ was my voice ever heard and how about this last presidential election was my voice heard it may have been but they do what they want anyway they all lie cheat and steal so as a result I have learned to trust no one and the voting process on this site is as flimsy as our real government

By dgraff 13,Jul,21 22:21
Yeah screw that Iím done with that to

By dgraff 13,Jul,21 22:18
Itís no use that system is fucked Iím glad Iím no longer part of it

By dgraff 12,Jul,21 21:25

By dgraff 10,Jul,21 18:31
Hahaha I didnít answer because itís been that long sense I was 21 or younger that I couldnít remember but yeah I donít think anything changed over the years except my balls hang a lot lower

By dgraff 10,Jul,21 04:37
I couldnít agree with you more

By dgraff 10,Jul,21 03:35
Oh i see

By dgraff 09,Jul,21 23:07
By glands do you mean ballís

By dgraff 09,Jul,21 23:00
Rachel G is a sweetheart befriend her I did

By dgraff 09,Jul,21 08:08
Hahaha the crazy things that pop in to my mind

By dgraff 09,Jul,21 06:40
No they were both female the one was old with a pot belly and saggy tits and the other one was huge with jelly rolls hanging every were and she spoke with an Australian accent oh and the old one had a clip on ponytail from the 5 and dime store from the 60s