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By dgraff 19,May,24 20:02
I get a kick out of phart heís my little buddy

By dgraff 19,May,24 19:59

By dgraff 19,May,24 19:39
Hey thatís great Iím a heart surgeon at the Hershey medical center

By dgraff 19,May,24 19:37
In your braw

By dgraff 19,May,24 19:36
I love the syphilis sores on her legs and the Arbyís big roast beef on her plate they look so real

By dgraff 19,May,24 19:29
But it does have the necklace it makes me feel better when I know what a person looks like when Iím arguing with them

By dgraff 19,May,24 19:24
I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania and I usually take an old cat out back put a 22 revolver to its head and put it out of its misery

By dgraff 19,May,24 15:40
A mother hippo can be very vicious

By dgraff 19,May,24 09:59
I agree but after Aussie man left her she fell on hard times I understand she is wrestling crocodiles 🐊 in a side show circus 🎪

By dgraff 19,May,24 07:14

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For that kinda money i would be her boy toy

By dgraff 19,May,24 06:12
Nice 👍 Iím available

By dgraff 19,May,24 05:21
Yeah but sheís rich

By dgraff 18,May,24 20:12
I think it looks exactly like the old bag

By dgraff 18,May,24 17:44
See now weíre having fun just like the old days
And I know you miss that

By dgraff 18,May,24 13:14
In her dreams I wouldnít let that fat slob anywhere near me i might let aussieman187 blow me though

By dgraff 18,May,24 12:21
Tell axcx about the time you were eating lixsipsuckets pussy and a 🦀 claw latched on to your tongue 👅 I love it when you tell that story

By dgraff 18,May,24 12:16
Yeah how about that i donít care she can call me anything she likes as long as Iím not called late for supper

By dgraff 18,May,24 12:09
Yeah the ones wearing the turbans are pulling start and the ones with a dot in their forehead are push button start
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Just like a lawn mower

By dgraff 18,May,24 06:27
Isis you terrorist you

By dgraff 18,May,24 06:25
Like which witch 🧙‍♀️ is which

By dgraff 18,May,24 06:23
Oh no it sounds like someone needs a nap 💤 lay your heady down and go sleepy someone will bring you your tit bottle of warm milk with a mild laxative in it and when you wake up you can make poopies and feel all better

By dgraff 17,May,24 21:07
Yep they be fucking

By dgraff 17,May,24 21:00
Just take a good look at some of robinís pictures you can see without a shadow of a doubt were the two sections dick are pieced together I mean if youíre going to post phony pictures do it right at least

By dgraff 17,May,24 20:55
Itís the only safe investment out there in this liberal country
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1 ounce of gold right now is just over 2,100 dollars and rising

By dgraff 17,May,24 08:05

By dgraff 17,May,24 04:40
Oh my English gets me in trouble a lot
And my sign language when Iím driving

By dgraff 16,May,24 20:26
And I certainly canít spell it i also know some pretty raunchy stuff in Vietnamese now that I mention it in German too

By dgraff 16,May,24 19:58
The only Spanish I know will get me in trouble

By dgraff 16,May,24 19:53
That name is almost as stupid sounding as Allison Gordon our site lard Ass

By dgraff 16,May,24 19:12
Sorry to be so blunt but itís true

By dgraff 16,May,24 18:52
now thatís a thought and maybe crime is down to

By dgraff 16,May,24 18:06
We shall call you the chose in one gringo Guerrero chose to test the rio grand for piranhas and the fence for electric before entering the United States 🇺🇸

By dgraff 16,May,24 17:54
Itís because basic cable TV is 250 dollars per month now days and the black community canít afford it anymore so they have nothing else to do but fuck

By dgraff 16,May,24 13:00
Mystery solved

By dgraff 16,May,24 10:10
Itís because they are stupid

By dgraff 16,May,24 10:07
Well now that is a sick thought

By dgraff 15,May,24 18:21
It might be better than the hospital food

By dgraff 15,May,24 18:20

By dgraff 15,May,24 17:11
Sounds like a real shitty situation

By dgraff 15,May,24 04:22
Yeah only because I wanted to see what kind of hair brain 🧠 keeps digging up old posts from yester year

By dgraff 14,May,24 21:47
No but the little scruggie kid did
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He ran off with the money to buy some crack

By dgraff 14,May,24 21:41
Yo brow you just answered an 11 year old post and the original owner is not even a member anymore look at the very top you will find the date and the number means heís gone a ghost 👻

By dgraff 14,May,24 21:35
Hahaha nice one

By dgraff 13,May,24 18:59
My black rat would dust their doors off as I flew by them

By dgraff 13,May,24 18:45
Wishing you well Jamie

By dgraff 12,May,24 07:35
Oh absolutely and she was easy to get wound up yes I do miss messing with her in a way I kinda miss lard ass in the same way

By dgraff 12,May,24 07:28
No a chicken croquet is a lump form of ground up chicken breaded and deep fried it is shaped like a big Hershey kiss and is served smothered in chicken gravy try one some time they are delicious
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They must be a pain in the ass to make because they are hard to find

By dgraff 11,May,24 18:52
The poor old girl should have never told me she was democrat i would have looked right past her she tried so hard to be like her fat sister lixsipsucket

By dgraff 11,May,24 18:37
Itís very quiet here with out her or is it the calm before the storm perhaps 🤔

By dgraff 11,May,24 17:54
And who are you responding to another post that the owner is no longer with us the post is dated put your glasses on