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By dgraff 04,Dec,22 18:35

By dgraff 04,Dec,22 15:13
Are you thinking of moving to Florida eventually itís now a great state itís republican run and no longer a swing state and if Pennsylvania doesnít wake up and drive a wooden spike through the heart of the woken I might move down there to

By dgraff 04,Dec,22 08:07
They know how to season and cook it down there thatís for sure

By dgraff 04,Dec,22 08:04
Oh my God Bella Iím so sorry about all your misfortune and loss this year I had no idea

By dgraff 04,Dec,22 07:58
I think you will find it tasty I do

By dgraff 04,Dec,22 07:11
Mmmm alligator 🐊 steaks the other white meat

By dgraff 04,Dec,22 07:03
Have a safe trip Bella I think youíre gonna miss the snow but I will keep you posted who knows this could be the year we get that once in a lifetime blizzard make sure you have enough heating oil in your tank to last the time youíre in Florida so youíre water pipes donít freeze just set the thermostat down to 50 and what about your kitty cats are you taking them with you my goodness you have so much to prepare for this trip itís making my head spin

By dgraff 03,Dec,22 13:51
Pelosi should put a solar panel on her pussy then people can plug their cars in to her ass what a woken bunch

By dgraff 02,Dec,22 21:38
Why canít they just leave things be our government calls it progress I call it a bunch of shit from a woken bunch

By dgraff 30,Nov,22 17:54
I love that show road wars they build some crazy things

By dgraff 30,Nov,22 09:57
Thatís a very smart dog it helps that he had a professor training him good old muggsy was smart but he used it with his sense of humor he used to steal my work boots and hide them in his toy box and laugh at me when I was trying to find them

By dgraff 30,Nov,22 07:32
I still like my story better I can just picture a mob of monkeys running around the parks in Washington DC fucking every elected official that walks by Kamala Harris was last nightís victim they found her naked on her back drenched in monkey cum from head to toe she was reportedly smoking a cigarette 🚬 and fully satisfied

By dgraff 30,Nov,22 07:05
I to am tired of the smear campaign ideas it wasnít like this in the 1970s all the candidates ran a clean campaign and focused more on what they had planned to accomplish if elected
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If I remember right the smear campaign started with the bill Clinton thing about he smoked pot but didnít inhale

By dgraff 28,Nov,22 22:20
Iím starting to like fetterman he might turn out to be the republican nigger in the wood pile he openly admits his parents are diehard republicans and he was a republican most of his life he switched to democrat when he ran for mayor of what ever hell hole he was the mayor in

By dgraff 28,Nov,22 22:11
I heard itís spread by monkeys fucking government officials old joe was found naked in the park drenched in monkey cum and smoking a cigarette 🚬

By dgraff 28,Nov,22 18:04
I voted for Leo as scum bucket of the year

By dgraff 28,Nov,22 18:00
Yes skittles it is a thing a strict woken thing just like Covid was

By dgraff 27,Nov,22 19:23
Thank you I think the holidays are blown so far out of proportion itís pathetic

By dgraff 27,Nov,22 15:15

By dgraff 27,Nov,22 09:35
My dad used to bitch every time he got an increase in his social security of 30 dollars his Medicaid would increase by 30 dollars so they didnít really give him any thing but hey itís our government and we all know you canít trust them

By dgraff 27,Nov,22 07:12
One thing for certain you socialists sure do love to pat yourself on the back itís a good trick now let me know when you can suck yourself off Iíve never seen a more brag ga do cious group in all my life

By dgraff 26,Nov,22 20:32
Now donít get mad but you got married at an early age and spit out a bunch of rug rats 🐀 you were forced to grow up before you were ready is that the normal you and your husband struggled to make ends meet because you both were so young and not established yet is that the normal you lived in crappy apartments or trailers if all that is the normal Iím sure glad I stayed a single for so long
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Just a example of how things work nowadays

By dgraff 26,Nov,22 17:13
Absolutely I was raised to put work ahead of anything with out work you have no money and with out money you have nothing that teacher attacked me first and threw me into defense mode he was a nothing social studies teacher and I put him on the shelf were he belongs I didnít raise a family because I put work first none of that means Iím some kind of mad man it means Iím a productive member of society a pillar of my community

By dgraff 26,Nov,22 15:30
Thatís right but I know how i was raised the old fashioned way
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And I turned out just fine

By dgraff 26,Nov,22 09:58
I second that motion Jamie is a good guy and we need him back

By dgraff 26,Nov,22 09:44
Problem is that enough children are not getting their little asses smacked

By dgraff 26,Nov,22 06:02
Itís ashamed he left Jamie is one of the nicest people Iíve ever met Iím sure he will be back sooner or later god speed Jamie

By dgraff 26,Nov,22 05:53
I guess itís crazy weather no matter what side of the globe you live on

By dgraff 25,Nov,22 22:33

By dgraff 25,Nov,22 20:59
Much the same in Pennsylvania but we had a little rain this morning

By dgraff 25,Nov,22 19:56
Most of my family are gone I have a young brother thatís in worst shape than me and three half sisters that donít bother with me unless they need something and I have a Marcy that makes plans months ahead and donít tell me now I put up with it this thanksgiving she invited 8 people 7 of them I barely know my kitchen was a wreck and still is and I for see this causing a problem down the road I dropped a bomb when I told her son and daughter they should be having the holidays at there places and inviting Marcy and I she is 3 years younger than I and we should not have to work our asses off at our age over a holiday I told Marcy if Christmas is the same Iím going to wake up give her her Christmas present and go to the club for Christmas

By dgraff 25,Nov,22 18:37
I hate the holidays the hustle the bustle the added expense and in the end it all turns out to be a cluster fuck I just want to climb in bed hide under the covers until after New Yearís Eve is over

By dgraff 25,Nov,22 18:26
And proper training as children a simple teaching children write from wrong would help but somewhere in time of generation we lost what exactly right from wrong really is

By dgraff 24,Nov,22 22:24
Itís ok I call Leo a pig 🐷

By dgraff 24,Nov,22 12:21
I could be standing right beside you in shorts and a T shirt with a hand gun and you would never be able to see it due to specialized holsters and under garments wear now of course I donít con-seal carry everywhere but if Iím going to the city like Harrisburg or Lebanon I will have several on my presence
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Never get caught in a situation always be prepared for anything

By dgraff 24,Nov,22 05:59
Donít forget itís inflation youíre boy Biden created

By dgraff 23,Nov,22 22:15
Just winding up the woken

By dgraff 23,Nov,22 21:14
Tick for tat an eye for an eye how much money was wasted on all the witch hunts on trump

By dgraff 23,Nov,22 21:11
Well for sure this is happening more and more and it wonít fix itself

By dgraff 23,Nov,22 21:07
I used to drink with old joe when he lived in Scranton Pennsylvania one time we were doing shot for shot and he went down face first on the bar at the bar tenders request I drugged him out and put him in his car i even put his car keys in the ignition so he would find them when he woke up

By dgraff 23,Nov,22 20:56
A twenty lb turkey is near 60 dollars i know because I bought one next year screw it no fuss no hassle I will take Marcy out to eat

By dgraff 23,Nov,22 20:46
She probably got tired of dealing with rude people for so many years and she just snapped out I feel her pain because Iím about tired of dealing with ass holes all the time over at the shop some day I might snap to

By dgraff 22,Nov,22 19:15
Yeah youíre right but I can lift a lot I once put a 250 pound unruly drunk through a bar room table

By dgraff 22,Nov,22 10:09

By dgraff 22,Nov,22 09:28
Sorry for that but itís the new way of thinking that throws my defense shield up and I bace my opinion on the people of color because they are the only race that has been crying for the last 40 years about how terrible it is in this country and how they are poorly they are treated hell look at the Mexican they are happy to be here and they love Obamas neighborhood itís the promise land to them

By dgraff 22,Nov,22 06:41
And donít forget they not only are falling short but Joe Biden is about 10 fries 🍟 short of a happy meal

By dgraff 22,Nov,22 05:05
I do remember that I donít trust them any further than I could throw them and that would be about 6 to 8 feet there just little chinks You know

By dgraff 21,Nov,22 19:36
Total disaster is going to happen maybe not in our lifetime but itís going to happen no matter who is in power democrat or republican all we can do is either embrace it and prepare for it or do nothing and Parrish me Iím prepared complete with bug out bags non perishable food plenty of guns and ammunition and gun powder and reloading gear this world is not taking me out with out a fight

By dgraff 21,Nov,22 19:18

By dgraff 21,Nov,22 18:03
I would vote that way too if we were voting on an assassination