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Time travel do yourself 17,Jan,21 15:13
Do yourself? 22,Jun,20 14:25
Better BJ 17,Nov,19 18:08
california jo buds 01,Jul,19 20:37
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By Darthshame 04,Jun,22 17:19
So much fun. Do it in the way home from work sometimes.

By Darthshame 31,Mar,22 22:20
Same here. She kept feeling around and I couldn't help myself. Stuff started happening.
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Well, the growing part, not the rest.

By Darthshame 03,Mar,22 03:28
No one? Seriously?

By Darthshame 03,Mar,22 03:22
I also have thought about it.

By Darthshame 24,Jan,22 13:12
Oh, I know I'm not ready for that.

By Darthshame 24,Jan,22 13:11
I did a reach around.

By Darthshame 09,Sep,21 06:54
Maybe say you had a dream. Gage how she reacts.

By Darthshame 09,Sep,21 06:52
In the central valley.

By Darthshame 26,Jul,21 04:16
i tried when i was younger. the best i ever did was lick the tip. that did make me bust in my face though.

By Darthshame 06,Feb,21 11:22
Best blow job i ever got was from a dude. I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a dude, that is why I don't think of myself as gay. However, bi ish tendencies as I have thought about sucking a guy off. Mainly haven't because I don't want to catch bugs.

By Darthshame 28,Dec,20 17:40
Me too. Not a problem there.

By Darthshame 05,Oct,20 03:53
Why not. Can't knock her up.

By Darthshame 04,Oct,20 01:43
Sounds cool. I always wanted a topples chick game, this could work too though.

By Darthshame 04,Oct,20 00:39
Same for me. I remembered looking down at myself in the shower and saying holy shit, when did that get so big. Then I messed up and touched to which it fired goo across on the wall.

By Darthshame 22,Jun,20 21:31
Yes. Trying to get enough people in here to start another one.

By Darthshame 22,Jun,20 21:30
Yeah, I've thought about that too. Had some close friends that I could have had that fun with younger.

By Darthshame 22,May,20 11:56
Awesome. If we get a few more people we'll get this going.

By Darthshame 22,May,20 00:31
Well, didn't get enough members. It there is enough interest I'll start another one.

By Darthshame 21,May,20 22:25
I've jacked a few, but never sucked. Always wanted to, but I don't want to catch something.

By Darthshame 21,May,20 22:04
U curve myself.

By Darthshame 28,Jan,20 16:38
yup. thats the new one i use

By Darthshame 28,Jan,20 16:31
i fucked the drain in the shower a few times. the cover came off. fuck it was good

By Darthshame 28,Jan,20 16:20
I think straight. i only want a relationship with a girl is why. im just trying to get off. wanna call bi, whatever. i dont care about labels. just suck my cock already. lol

By Darthshame 28,Jan,20 15:51
1st grade. a class mate and i went to the restroom at the same time. the stalls didn't have courtesy walls. i saw him looking at me as we were peeing so i looked down at his. i looked so funny to me with the extra skin i started laughing. he started laughing too. i had seen my cousins before when my aunt made us all pee around the toilet after a car ride and we were fighting over who got to go first. never seen one that looked like his. i asked him what he was laughing at when we finished, he said he didn't know. was just laughing because i was.

By Darthshame 20,Dec,19 03:37
The funny part is he is eligible to run for a third term now.

By Darthshame 15,Dec,19 13:57
I let a couple dudes blow me. I'm still not gay. Don't want a relationship. I have bi tendencies at best. Dude give the best he's though.

By Darthshame 15,Dec,19 13:54
For you showers it's easy. Some of us take a bit of effort to look good and then it's another problem.

By Darthshame 13,Dec,19 01:35
I can totally see that first scenario.

By Darthshame 11,Dec,19 11:18
Never had that problem. Maybe you should see a doctor.

By Darthshame 11,Dec,19 11:13
That's true. I have had several guys want to suck me off. I even let a couple. They don't want anything in return. Maybe I'm selfish, but I always found out strange.

By Darthshame 09,Dec,19 18:13
I'm just saying that stuff can haunt you later.

By Darthshame 09,Dec,19 14:31
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I'm afraid to catch cooties though.
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Same. That shit forever.

By Darthshame 09,Dec,19 14:28
I have had that problem when I was close and stopped. Like if she giving a bj and I was really close then we switch positions. Sometimes it's really hard.

By Darthshame 08,Dec,19 13:49
Sounds like you first shot you into puberty. lol

By Darthshame 08,Dec,19 11:53
Are you running for political office?

By Darthshame 05,Dec,19 20:40
a guy convinced me to fuck him in his shed. it was gross to me, but fun also. i def came.

By Darthshame 22,Aug,19 21:43
i want to fuck a hermaphrodite. one hand on her cock, the other on her breast, while i plow her pussy. is that weird?

By Darthshame 01,Jul,19 20:34
so fun

By Darthshame 23,Apr,19 13:10

By Darthshame 11,Apr,19 22:00
if i had a best friend with a hot mother, your damn right i would

By Darthshame 02,Apr,19 19:37
same here

By Darthshame 02,Apr,19 19:18
i get a lot, im not

By Darthshame 02,Apr,19 19:16
me too. guys are gross, but dicks are amazing. i havent sucked one yet, but i want too

By Darthshame 02,Apr,19 18:04

By Darthshame 21,Feb,19 20:34
I've put my back to the wall on my shoulders and jizzed in my face a few times. never swallowed though, after i cum it all turns disgusting and i just shower.

By Darthshame 21,Feb,19 20:00
same here

By Darthshame 04,Jul,18 11:27
I don't. I think it looks disgusting and unclean. Sorry.

By Darthshame 12,Jun,18 01:24
Sounds fun.

By Darthshame 12,Jun,18 01:23
Usually get mine sucked for free. 😆

By Darthshame 03,Jun,18 02:10
No worries, all in the timing. Maybe I just get lucky a lot.