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Sexual fantasies

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #71015 [Ignore] 02,Feb,12 06:22
How would you reply if you were asked, "What's your sexual fantasy?" My biggest fantasy is to be put into a sling and be gang banged by a group of men.

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By #595788 25,Aug,19 10:27
Watching my work colleague Julie slowly undress from her business blouse, skirt, stockings and white panties, then having her from behind.
By Lvphose [Ignore] 10,Feb,22 23:54 other posts 
I can go for that!

By #662019 03,Feb,22 21:16
I want a big hairy man to take my anal virginity at a hotel. I want to tease him with my sexy body and ride him until he breeds me bareback. I want to feel him cum in me while it is being recorded for other men to enjoy. I am very sexy and crossdress with a clean shaved ass and penis. Email me at ANNA69ASS@PROTONMAIL.COM. I cant wait to feel you inside me!!

By #660822 02,Feb,22 15:24
I am nude at the altar being married to the most beautiful tranny wearing only a white veil and strappy, white high heels. When it is time to kiss the bride I kneel and take her hard, throbbing cock of my new wife into my mouth, bring her to orgasm and swallow her warm, delicious cum. She then whispers in my ear, "It's my turn", as she kneels before me to engage her lips onto my throbbing cock and brings me to orgasm swallowing every drop of my cum. I lead her back down the aisle by her cock and she leads me down the aisle by my cock as we are declared "Husband and wife".

By bil47 [Ignore] 02,Feb,22 15:19 other posts 
I'm a Roman emperor, with harems of highly skilled male and female sex-slaves.

By knewbi [Ignore] 02,Feb,22 14:55 other posts 
Well I have a few f them. I will share a couple of them.

1. I have this desire to find a black BBW with massive tits. Not someone real attractive. As a matter of fact, the bigger her tits the uglier she can be. I would love having her as my personal cum dump. Someone that I can go to just to get off with when I feel the need. Hell, maybe even share her with friends that need a place to unload into.

2. Would be a simple one but for me it has yet to happen. I want to experience some guys cock up my ass. Oh I have had a number of chances but my ass is so tight that none of them have been able to accomplish the task... Even had a 9 man orgy and none there could get the job done..

By cody8789 [Ignore] 01,Feb,22 01:34 other posts 
I still have not had sex with two girls at the same time, the girls I've been with would never let that happen.

By Maturemale [Ignore] 22,Jan,22 17:47 other posts 
Two cocks in my ass one in my mouth

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 15,Jan,22 11:51 other posts 
I don't think anyone has "a" sexual fantasy. I have many and they come and go over time. One that has stuck with me a while lately is this one.

I'm straight, but I troll gay dating sites to find guys who'll suck a straight guy's dick no recip. Guys are so much better at it. I put on straight porn and it works out great. So one day I'm chatting up a young guy in my hometown, just outlining what I want and if he's willing to do it.

I say I need someone to suck my dick without reciprocation. Someone to take their time and really worship my penis until I nut in his mouth. He just needs to be my cocksucking bitch for 20 minutes. He says it sounds perfect, just what he wants. So we negotiate a time and I start telling him how to get to my place where I can host.

That's when things get weird. Instead of responding, I hear a knock at the door. I open it. It's the femmy young guy who just moved into the apartment across the hall.

By #566722 07,Sep,18 18:58
My fantasy is to get caught masturbating in my bed, by my **** first.I wish she could just walk in my room as I stroke my hard cock.Then I would look at her and she sees my hard throbbing cock and ask if she could touch it.I let her and when she grabs my cock I would start touching and rubbing her pussy and tits.As we do this, my mom would come in too and she would join us as well.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 08,Sep,18 08:04 other posts 
What is **** supposed to mean?
By #566722 08,Sep,18 09:34
****.I don't know why they censore this word.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 08,Sep,18 17:42 other posts 
I still don't follow.
By sinanff47 [Ignore] 09,Sep,18 02:14 other posts 
Would this help: 'hermana' ?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 09,Sep,18 16:39 other posts 
si, si, muchas gracias.
By 75YOTWC [Ignore] 15,Jan,22 10:43 other posts 
I have that same fantasy. **** is so hot!

By ILoveSex [Ignore] 12,Jan,22 16:20 other posts 
My sexual fantasy is to get caught by a very younger girl while I'm masterbate who never see and touch a dick before. Then I ask her to help me cum. I teach her how to jerk a dick and she did it nicely and see the cumshot from my dick for the first time.

By Dick60 [Ignore] 27,Dec,21 10:05 other posts 
To have man to suck my dick and me suck his and if his dick isn't to big I would like to have him to fuck me and I would like to fuck him to

By Ablaze [Ignore] 27,Aug,19 17:31 other posts 
I want to suck a chubby guy nipples until make him a handjob

By #573142 25,Aug,19 19:03
I want to participate in a gangbang

By #517458 25,Aug,19 10:17
My fantasy is to see my wife get fuck with 11 inches long and tick cock

By Darthshame [Ignore] 22,Aug,19 21:43 other posts 
i want to fuck a hermaphrodite. one hand on her cock, the other on her breast, while i plow her pussy. is that weird?
By #583549 22,Aug,19 21:55
No! I would love that too!

By Lilboi [Ignore] 20,Aug,19 18:06 other posts 
Id love to be blindfolded and taken to an abandoned building where guys use me without mercy. They would make me cry by fucking me and abusing me. After they cover me in cum im taken to a park where im bound and agressively fucked while crying and begging for mercy.

By ionutvoicu020296 [Ignore] 21,Sep,18 11:11 other posts 
To have my virginity taken by a mature woman 40+

By JustWill [Ignore] 08,Aug,18 12:51 other posts 
If you're going to fantasize, you might as well go big or go home:

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By JackHammer [Ignore] 09,Sep,18 08:49 other posts 
That's gonna be tough to beat.

By #564174 07,Aug,18 13:50
I want to have a CFNM experience, which would include a forced prostate massage.
By bella! [Ignore] 26,Aug,18 03:26 other posts 
By #566246 09,Sep,18 08:04
OMG...I'm with you. I want this experience so bad! I think that it would be awesome. Let me know if you find an opportunity.
--------------------------------------- added after 41 seconds

Not easy to find such an opportunity in NE Lower MI!

my fantasy is to get caught jacking off by a young girl and then her making me jack off for her friends whenever she wants.

By #566236 01,Sep,18 14:04
One of my fantasies is to get caught while masturbating in my room, by my mother or ****.I would love them catching me with my hard cock in my hand and let her to finish me with hand or mouth.I would blew my load on mother or **** hands or in mouth.I would like touching her pussy too.

By #328398 26,Jul,18 10:27
So tonight I decided that I was going to tell my other half a fair few of my most desired fantasies. This was very hard to be honest and I didnít know how to start.

I asked her if she minded me watching porn while jerking off and she was fine with that as itís something I do a lot. This time though I was watching trans porn which is something I love that she didnít know about. She saw it and was a bit confused, almost thought I didnít know what I had on... lol. Now was my chance. I told her I really have fantasies about fucking trans women and also about her fucking trans women... she was completely fine with it. She even said as long as Iím not going behind her back and doing it itís fine.

As that went so well I thought Iíd keep going... I told her how much I fantasise about her taking cock from other men. Just really want to see her getting fucked but multiple men while I watch or even while she tells me... she was cool about this too. What a women.

Sheís been fucking my ass with a strap on for a while now so I guess she always knew I was a bit kinky but I donít know if she thought about all this. I also told her I really want her to start fucking other women if she wants as that really turns me on and I know she likes women. She said we can talk about it another time.

Recently when weíve been having sex Iíve started using more dirty talk than usual to allow my desires to come out. Iíve started saying things like ďtake that dickĒ, ďtake his dickĒ, ďfuck his cockĒ and loads more while covering her face. I noticed she was getting super working up and orgasming in minutes of me talking like this. I canít put into words how happy this has made me. I talked to her tonight about it and asked if I can carry on with this talk and maybe up it a little and she has said yes!!! So happy. Tomorrow morning we are going to blindfold her and simulate a gangbang!!! So excited!!!!

Just wanted to know who out there has shared their fantasies with their partner and what reactions theyíve got?

Also thoughts on my sharing with her? Iíve still got more to tell but I hit her with loads tonight...
By #564318 09,Aug,18 21:23
You have an awesome wife dude!
By Lvphose [Ignore] 29,Aug,18 23:00 other posts 
I too when my GF & I became more open about talking sex, fantasies, as we would have sex Iíd say things like now itís X turn and fuck her like it was a friend or another guy. At end when she would give me head and jerk me sheíd say like come on shoot your hot load all over X. It was hot!

By #562152 08,Aug,18 18:30
My biggest fantasy is when a man has me sucking him, and suddenly he grabs my head and holds me tight against his abdomen,,his dick is way down my throat,,i can't breathe or yell,,all i can do is feel the hot cum flow down my esophagus,,i fight,,i fight like it's my life going by,,and it is,,there cums a moment when my body lets go and i feel my pee go down my legs into the floor,,,and then,,,,,he lets me go and i take great gasps of air,,i'm on my hands and knees,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hear,,,"lick it up, bitch",,,

By arabmejo [Ignore] 04,Aug,18 10:29 other posts 
I always fantasise thick black dick to fuck my arabian wife and filled her pussy with big load, This makes me hard.

We also wants to experience share fucking with Tranny

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By #328398 07,Aug,18 12:00
I'm not black but I'm willing to share your sexy wife
By arabmejo [Ignore] 07,Aug,18 12:28 other posts 
willingly and eagerly

By #550094 04,Aug,18 13:15
If a hot guy of my preferred type were to ask me,
in person, "What's your sexual fantasy?"
I'd look him in the eye and reply with "YOU."

By #552392 03,Aug,18 22:52
Id love to be in a room with 6 guys with huge cocks. They would take my clothes off and gang bang me

By big_veiny_cock [Ignore] 03,Aug,18 20:52 other posts 
To be a famdoom foot slave.

By #557569 03,Aug,18 06:09
there was a porno once called "behind the green door" that shows my fantasy. being led onto a stage with an audience wearing just a robe. about ten to twenty people are on stage with me and they are holding me in a standing position, while all there hands are rubbing me all over. they remove my robe, still rubbing my stomach, arms, legs, chest, buttocks, but not yet my cock. then one person gets on their knees behind me, and begins to rim me. now not only are people rubbing me, but some are kissing and licking different parts of my body. then someone gets in front and begins kissing and teasing my cock till i'm hard(if not already), then begins sucking slowly. they exchange with another to give me head. I would probably shoot a half mile if I ever had this come true!

By #562215 26,Jul,18 09:41
I'd like to tie my hubby to a chair tightly and gag him completely naked. After he's secure call in a couple of large hung men and make hubby watch as I let them use my married pussy all night, when their done and gone climb on his little duck and let him feel my nicely tucked pussy.
By johnny [Ignore] 26,Jul,18 10:06 other posts 
Hott tie me to chair id love that

By bil47 [Ignore] 26,Jul,18 08:14 other posts 
Having a BDSM session with a skilled gay/bi Master, with me role-playing a submissive faggot Slave.

By cody8789 [Ignore] 24,Jul,18 17:27 other posts 
My fantasy is to be locked up in a women's prison and to be r a p e d all day and night

By PillowPrince [Ignore] 24,Jul,18 16:54 other posts 
my fantasy is to be sucked off and edged by a man while he's wearing a suit and tie

By #561517 24,Jul,18 15:50
To fuck my wife after she's been fucked and cam in by 4 or 5 guys

By #231008 02,Feb,12 14:53
To watch my wife being taken by another male, or to have same room sex with us and another couple.
By fancyabit [Ignore] 02,Feb,12 22:58 other posts 
mine too, the more studs the merrier
By #551686 24,Jul,18 09:56
Thats our fantasy as well, we both talked about going doggin but may be too risky.

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