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By onthelose 28,May,24 16:59
Unfortunately, I had a fellow classmate who was bigger than the rest . He would denigrate us for being normal. I thought to myself what has he got to be proud of. He had NOTHING to do with having a larger cock.

By onthelose 28,May,24 16:47
I donít know that many people. Would they say something to you and reveal that they are on here also?

By onthelose 25,Apr,24 21:05
Those who say they just need some me time.that time is coming when thatís all you have.

By onthelose 25,Apr,24 20:36
Pussy at 19. Dick in my fifties nothing for the last 20 years. My hand of course from about 11 years old.

By onthelose 12,Feb,24 17:46
Iím so old porn was just some magazine that showed less than they show now in a bra commercial . Didnít get to watch porn until the internet.

By onthelose 02,Jan,24 14:44
Yes there is some pain at first. Usually for a newbie. If whoever you are with is experienced and gentle anal can be a good experience. But it takes preparation . Unless you feel the need to poop your colon should be empty. But you do need to douce to be reasonably clean. I flush my anus with warm water at least an hour before it have sex. This gives my ass time to drain excess water. There are many men who say they want to experience anal sex but are completely ignorant of what is required to have a good sexual out come. A good example is, my friend and I were talking of his first experience with anal sex with his girl friend. He said it was really smelly and gross and he would never do it again. I asked what prep he did and he none, it was spontaneousÖ. Your ass is not like a pussy and not meant for spontaneous penetrationÖ. Forget what you see on porn. One thing I donít like is that most men cum fast and itís over before it starts. Maybe more then one partner is in order.

By onthelose 19,Oct,23 17:51
My favorite thing to do giving anonymous bjs.

By onthelose 19,Oct,23 17:45
I have been married for 55 years. She told me about 15 years ago she has never been interested in sex. I asked her why she let me use her and she said it was her duty as my wife. I never fucked her again. She is my best friend and I would never knowingly hurt her.

By onthelose 19,Oct,23 17:40
I have never been to a massage parlor as a customer, but I have paid for sex. It was somewhat mechanical but I was with women who would not give me the time of day otherwise. Also I was able to avoid all the head games dating women put you thru. I also went to a brothel. I should have saved my money and jacked off.

By onthelose 19,Oct,23 17:33
That I am bi. My friends donít know because I act straight. But who knows what anyone truly thinks about any one person.

By onthelose 19,Oct,23 17:16
I would be more than happy to conduct a personal survey if given the opportunity. Thatís for both men and women subjects.

By onthelose 04,Aug,23 17:08
When I start seeing those who say they believe in this, and show they are willing the give up things in their lives to help the environment I will consider this is a serious topic.

By onthelose 04,Aug,23 16:45
I just got a fwb offer from a member. Problem is he doesnít have ant photos in he area. I need to ease into this kind of situation. Maybe thatís my problem?

By onthelose 04,Aug,23 16:42
For me it would be easier if I was in a bath house situation.where it was clear that everyone was looking for sex. Or some adult area where other men wanted sex. Even when you know he is there for sex ,you have to make things happen. You canít just wait and expect someone to start something with you. I found that if I would make the first move it was easy to find sex partners. I was at a local bath house and I set next to a man with a nice hard cock. I asked if I could suck him. He said no but you can fuck my ass. Perfect!! I did exactly that and others men saw us and joined in. Thus starting a fuck orgy with 4 or five guys. They were to shy to start something but after I started they joined in.

By onthelose 05,Dec,22 23:08
I was going to buy some women's panties but could figure out what size I was. No one to ask so I just bought some g strings on eBay from Kingsley .

By onthelose 05,Dec,22 23:00
Itís not over yet. There will be lawsuits about the thousands of people who wanted to vote but couldnít because the machines didnít work. At one polling place 650 people were in line at 7pm and only 150 got to vote. This is from a pol worker working at that polling place. They reduced the number of polling places from 550 to 230 why who knows.

By onthelose 05,Dec,22 22:52
Still 4.30 a gallon in Mesa az. Everywhere else in the state itís a dollar cheaper. My daughter lives in Tucson and itís about 1.30 cheaper there. I took a trip to Colorado and the gas was way cheaper everywhere but here in maricopa county AZ .

By onthelose 05,Dec,22 22:44
Climate change. Is it really happening? If you believe it is, then what are you doing about it. Nothing thatís what you are doing you just want the rest of us to change. If you are truly seriously worried about climate change. Then are you still driving? Do you use electricity? Do you shop at the stores, trucks deliver that stuff and produce is farmed by people who use diesel tractors. Your house was built using carbon producing equipment. Not to mention all the trees it takes to construct it. When all you climate alarmists start walking the walk I will consider doing my part. I donít think I have to worry because climate change is mostly a virtue signal designed to make some feel good about themselves. I am thankful the climate does change because the US was once under a 20 mile thick sheet of ice. Where would we be if it hadnít melted?

By onthelose 04,Sep,22 16:43
Hundred percent agree. I am against forced sex of any kind.

By onthelose 10,Aug,22 17:08
Mine is tame by what I have read. I would like to start a sex club for men. Not a business, just a group of like minded men enjoying what they like. Maybe not popular but no drugs smoking or ? Depends on what the consensus is. No money , no initiation , just consenting sex. If you donít like what we like, go start your own club. Nudity a must. Porn going on tv s couches and a few private rooms for those shy beginners. The only problem is there are always going to be people who think this immoral and if we are found out there would be problems .

By onthelose 30,Jul,22 16:27
Wow you try that shit now and you would be in every news program. When I had employees it was strictly business. I worked to hard to loose it all for brief sex encounter.

By onthelose 30,Jul,22 16:16
I did that for a few years before the place closed down. I just loved the anonymous sex.

By onthelose 30,Jul,22 16:14
I am from there and at least where I grew up you would be lucky get laid even if you are married. Never been around so many prudes. Of course that was a long time ago ,maybe itís changed but I dought it.

By onthelose 30,Jul,22 16:07
I want to try one of those.

By onthelose 30,Jul,22 15:54
I am an illiterate when I cums to this`s rules. Donít care if it gets lost. Thanks for your reply. Yes except when the monsoons start. Even then 40% humidity is really different when we are used to 15%.

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 18:14
Itís just natures way of protecting us. Can you imagine walking around with a long cock in the jungle before cloths afforded us some protection. I wonder how many thorny things the were back then to grab your cock?

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 18:08
I donít think I have anything worth looking at.

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 18:06
Here in AZ those temps are normal. About average for this time of year. I hope it drives out the the ,anything above 60 f crowd . I am tired of their whining. Of course while you enjoy your below freezing temps and snow I will be enjoying 9 months of cooler temps. By the way I donít enjoy the triple digits but itís only for three months.

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 17:55
When I see the most zealous believers start to do the things they want others to do. For instance ride a bike everywhere you go grow your own food, turn off your electricity. Clean energy is not clean. Dirty energy was used to make those products. Do as I say not as I do is their motto. What are you personally doing to save the planet. Not much I am guessing!

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 17:43
I have always swallowed cum. I donít think itís bad tasting. Does have an interesting taste. Cumming on someoneís face is an insult to me and really disrespectful.

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 17:39
Perhaps a dozen in the past , but none lately. I would suck more if given the chance.

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 17:37
That has changed as I have matured. Seeing a nice ass once got me hard. I am so jaded now that I have a hard time getting excited enough to get hard. Perhaps porn has made me this way. I am bored by porn nowadays.

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 17:33
Spermkiss you are exactly right. I believe religion has played a big part in this attitude of shame of the human body.

By onthelose 20,Jul,22 17:28
I read these stories of male friends in their younger years doing all kinds of sexual things together. This kind of thing wasnít even a thought when I was single digit in age. I did get told. How to jack off by my older cousin. I did have neighbors my age but it never crossed my mind to jack off with them. I guess I was born at a different time and place and lived a sheltered life. Now the I look back , I would have welcomed a older tutor. Thatís child. Abuse now but where else would anyone learn about these things then from someone with experience. Surely not some one your own ageÖof dinasoars roamed the earth when I was young.

By onthelose 06,Jul,22 10:58
Glad to see some average sized dick for a change. Not the 1 percent of huge dicks you see so much of here.

By onthelose 02,Jul,22 16:38

By onthelose 02,Jul,22 16:37
I especially enjoy glory home sex. I like being anonymous . Something about face to face that gets in the way.

By onthelose 02,Jul,22 16:34
Spear kiss is exactly right. I might draw the line when it comes to masterbating in a public place. It was great when at the bath house though.

By onthelose 02,Jul,22 16:27
Yes, my experience exactly. It doesnít help that I donít just let any dick in my ass. Even if I did itís pretty hard to find some one. I like pussy but when your dick doesnít always cooperate ,you need an alternative. I have topped more then been a bottom. Everyone wants to bottom. That is if they arenít too shy to go that far.

By onthelose 02,Jul,22 16:19
I read many of these first time anal sex stories and I wonder how they kept from getting their dick messy? I like anal but donít see it as a spontaneous thing. There needs to be somethingís done before hand.

By onthelose 08,Jun,22 14:56
I agree why all the labels? Itís just sex in all it permutations.

By onthelose 20,May,22 17:31
I would guess ,based on my conversations with many men ,that most mature married men are not getting sex at home. I havenít for about 20 years.

By onthelose 20,May,22 17:26
I have only been kissed by a man once. At first ,I thought , wait a minute .I donít like this but after a few minutes I started to like it. Only that one time but I think I would welcome a man kissing now.

By onthelose 20,May,22 17:23
The earth has been warming for millennia. If not we would still have a 2 mile thick sheet of ice over the North American continent. If you want to do your part to stop the advance of global warming . Start by moving out of your home turn off the electric grow a garden walk everywhere you go. Get rid of all the things in your life that are petroleum based. PLASTICS MEDICINE FERTILISER Just to name a few. You first and then ,maybe, I will think you are serious!!!!

By onthelose 20,May,22 17:14

By onthelose 22,Apr,22 12:03
I really enjoy having my prostrate massaged by a cock in my ass. Too bad it's not that easy to find someone for this kind of experience. Mostly because I don't like every guy I meet. I see how women must feel!!

By onthelose 30,Dec,21 00:13
No, but I would love to find someone to shave and be shaved by.

By onthelose 30,Dec,21 00:06
Only because there is someone there to make sure he knows what day it is.

By onthelose 30,Dec,21 00:03
Why does everything have to fit into some category. Can't we just enjoy what we like without someone looking down their nose at us because we like something different??

By onthelose 30,Dec,21 00:00
I like the smooth look. Nothing attractive about an unruly bush. Besides I think it makes me look bigger and I need all the help I can get.