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I'm fascinated by those who show their face on a site like this.

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Started by #579885 [Ignore] 30,Mar,20 05:55
I'd never do it, if someone I know in real life could recognize me I'd die of shame! How do you cope with this thought?

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By boc [Ignore] 08,Apr,24 05:57 other posts 
Most people who know me already know I'm packing.

By thatonelad98 [Ignore] 08,Apr,24 03:19 other posts 
Someone I know in real life actually has recognised me nude online. It stayed between us because he was on a site like that as well :p

Also I'm living my life for myself and not to please others. Why be ashamed of your body? Social rules are dumb anyway.

By Richie [Ignore] 07,Apr,24 12:31 other posts 
I would love to share my face with someone privately. I don't have the guts to do it publicly on this site. I secretly want the thrill of knowing someone out there has a pic of my face and my pathetic little dick.

By Gulpereel [Ignore] 07,Apr,24 10:45 other posts 
I figure if someone that I know sees me they might spread it around and it could help me get laid.

By Dougal [Ignore] 07,Apr,24 10:14 other posts 
Or you just hide you face behind your cock

By probowler298 [Ignore] 01,Mar,24 19:29 other posts 
I am surprised that some people show their face dick naked body and everything else on this site.

By Zainn122 [Ignore] 28,Oct,23 05:49 other posts 
I once left my pics un-private on the fabguys website(website for ‘local’ swingers) and got few messages from local people that I knew! Luckily it was only 6 men around my area who knew me but it was enough to give me anxiety for months as I didn’t know who they were!

They all laughed and said my real name but I also made them promise to not tell anyone as they felt bad for my tiny Willy.. but tbh sometimes it turns me on knowing they have now seen my asshole, face and cock
By Richie [Ignore] 03,Feb,24 17:51 other posts 
This is a fantasy of mine

By cumn4u [Ignore] 10,Nov,23 03:18 other posts 
know me? message me with my name

By probowler298 [Ignore] 02,Feb,24 05:29 other posts 
Donald Smith

By Lvphose [Ignore] 23,Oct,23 23:09 other posts 

By wycowboy [Ignore] 21,Oct,23 15:52 other posts 
I don't show my face because I live in a small town and it might be recognized. Sure as hell word would get back to my wife and the pistol would appear.
By mrnobody6039 [Ignore] 21,Oct,23 23:03 other posts 
Got that right.

By SexyboytoyzMtl [Ignore] 21,Oct,23 16:19 other posts 
If somebody see me on a site like that and come to talk about it maybe he or she want sex with me , and my family or my freind already know who i am i never hide my self and always tell her truth about me im a little bitch who love to be fuck by old man

By #694265 31,Jul,23 03:57
[deleted image] [deleted image]

By thickswingercock [Ignore] 21,Oct,23 01:27 other posts 
love this

By Felix69 [Ignore] 31,Jul,23 13:59 other posts 
If you are looking for the thrill of being exposed on the internet. Do It. Dont be shy, Just do it full frontal with face. So fuck if someone you know recognises you, You could delete it, Thats up to you. What are they doing looking at these sort of images and will they confront you? I am now single and very happy with life, self employed kids grown up, got no fear. I love exposing myself. It makes me so horney.
So This guy this morning was looking for a dom to repost him on another site for a blackmail fun type thing. Sent a few pictures of his arse to me, looks like any old arse, Whats the point! Show your face and be done with it.
By Richie [Ignore] 31,Jul,23 14:26 other posts 
Not if you're like me with a micropenis to hide
By Felix69 [Ignore] 31,Jul,23 14:40 other posts 
Richie you dont have a profile picture and your on showitoff, grow some balls and show your micropenis
By Richie [Ignore] 31,Jul,23 21:29 other posts 
I wish I could grow some balls
By probowler298 [Ignore] 20,Oct,23 15:47 other posts 
I agree with you and I love to get naked online.
By probowler298 [Ignore] 20,Oct,23 17:29 other posts 
I show my face dick ass naked body real name and whatever. It is so fun to do. If you do it do it for real. Expose yourself naked.

By Gulpereel [Ignore] 15,Aug,23 09:32 other posts 
I have nothing to be ashamed of.

By probowler298 [Ignore] 13,Aug,23 20:16 other posts 
I love to show my face and dick online completely naked to expose and humiliate myself. I did not used to do face but it is so much more fun. If you are going to get naked do it. Do not be shy. I am always looking for pic advice or things to do. All comments welcome. Good or bad.

By joe7702 [Ignore] 31,Jul,23 03:19 other posts 
showing your face brings the excitement level way up
By Seekingkinkyfun [Ignore] 31,Jul,23 03:47 other posts 
Yes, I agree

By #694068 25,Jun,23 10:51
[deleted image] It's probably not the wisest move, but it's certainly a turn on.
By probowler298 [Ignore] 25,Jun,23 17:30 other posts 
Very well exposed.

By probowler298 [Ignore] 24,Jun,23 17:43 other posts 
I show my dick and face all of the time. It is fun exciting and daring.
--------------------------------------- added after 30 hours

donny rhine dick and face exposed. lol.

By bostonspdo [Ignore] 19,Jun,23 21:57 other posts 
How do you cope with shame? There is nothing to be ashamed of about being naked. Yes, posting a nude with your face can be a bit daunting the first time that you do it, but you will quickly discover that it is fun to do and can be rather addictive. Likely you will never be recognized. I've been posting naked photos (mostly with an erection) online for a couple of decades. Only recently for the first time have I been stopped on the street by someone who recognized me and wanted to meet me.

By probowler298 [Ignore] 07,Jun,23 15:52 other posts 

face dick naked body. i show everything online

By #677384 04,Jun,23 18:26
I just am very comfortable with my naked body, and I think just dicpics could be anyone..there is a man attached to his cock right? I respect anyone who shares naked pics and I understand about face pics though. I will say this: women tire of getting blown up with just cock pics, just as I do with pussy pics. Don't get me wrong, but I prefer to see the whole woman myself, not just a gaping pussy. I will never rip on anyone that doesn't show face pics, hell most of my friends think I'm crazy hehe.
By bostonspdo [Ignore] 06,Jun,23 22:22 other posts 
I agree. I understand that many people cannot show their face for various reasons but a photo of genitalia is just a photo genitalia while adding a face makes it a photo of a real person. Think about it. Will being recognized from a naked photo be as bad as you imagine? Is it even likely? Gather your courage and just do it.

By probowler298 [Ignore] 04,Jun,23 13:54 other posts 


By jimbo111949 [Ignore] 17,May,23 17:43 other posts 

By probowler298 [Ignore] 11,Apr,23 11:59 other posts 
Everyone should do it full body naked with face.

By phart [Ignore] 23,May,22 09:45 other posts 
if you value your carreer,your family,your future,why in the hell would you post your face on a site like this?
By Richie [Ignore] 23,May,22 10:56 other posts 
By spermkiss [Ignore] 23,May,22 19:28 other posts 
Consider that thousands, yes thousands, maybe tens of thousands of men have shown their faces sucking cock, licking ass and getting fucked. Have all of these men, many of whom are straight away from a camera, had their lives totally destroyed because they did porn? Porn has gone totally mainstream and lots of regular guys do it. And many nominally straight men like to step away from their usual sexuality and be gay for pay. They find it exciting. Considering that, posting face showing nude photos on this sit seems rather tame. There is life after porn.

Because porn is so mainstream, it's become a rite of passage for young men to post nude photos. It's the thing to do. For young gay men, and many young straight men, they like to kick it up a notch and do a sex video.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 07,Apr,23 13:08 other posts 
I'm sure there are lots of people having trouble getting a 'normal' job after porn.
But up to now, people only got outed, if someone recognized them. Especially for a woman, it's easy to change their hair and make-up, to make people recognize them less. However, that was the past, without AI. AI programs look at your bone structure and that's not so easy to change. It used to be a coincidence to get discovered, but it could be as simple as Google Lens and TinEye very soon.
I admit, I have several female colleagues that I would love to see naked photos of.
I don't think I could resist the temptation of using those AI tools. Would you?
If I found sexual material, I wouldn't out them over it, just jerk off to them, without saying anything, but others wouldn't be as respectful of their privacy.

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 07,Apr,23 09:21 other posts 
If it was just the shame, than maybe some people like that.
But can't working people understand that this could hurt their career?
Even if you haven't posted anything humiliating, just being on this site
could become an ongoing joke on the workplace. Employers don't like that.
And that's even in a liberal country like mine. How about in a conservative area?
If you think people will not find you, in such an unknown place, think again.
AI programs can already recognize a person, from millions of photo's in a second.
It's only time, before anyone will be able to use just one photo and search the whole internet for matches, coming up with a site like this one, with your naked pictures.
So unless you don't work and you don't have any acquaintances that you don't want
to know about you being here, don't post photos with your face on it.

By probowler298 [Ignore] 31,Mar,23 18:58 other posts 
I show my face and dick all of the time 🤪
I love it.
--------------------------------------- added after 22 hours

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 07,Apr,23 08:46 other posts 
That is because you are in fact, a retard!

Who is also stupid enough to post their DL. I am sure the site Indians that lurk here and hack will love that

By yellowman [Ignore] 07,Apr,23 08:11 other posts 

Here I am, showing my face - and hard cock on here....

By #642547 20,May,21 04:01
Our shame for our bodies is taught. Conditioned by society from religious sexual repression, it is totally unfounded.
Humans are animals, therefore sexual creatures.

There is no one whose opinions I care enough about to be embarrassed by being seen without clothes.

By #555337 04,Apr,20 05:28
The fact of the matter is. I don't give a rat's ass what others think of me. It isnt my job to worry about that. Don't like me. Fine. I really try my best not to let what others do is say about me. Rent space in my head

By kebmo [Ignore] 01,Apr,20 09:19 other posts 
Conversely, I don't know why guys with smoking hot cocks DON"T show their faces if they're just showing off their cocks. They should be proud of their beautiful cocks and want everyone to know who the owner is!

Hmmm does a guy really own his cock or does his cock own him?
-Deep Thoughts by Kebmo
By thickswingercock [Ignore] 01,Apr,20 18:57 other posts 
like me
By #551147 02,Apr,20 02:52
I would say that many don't, like myself, because of the potential ramifications of being "Bi-Sexual". It could still ruin a person. Sadly, many can not be open about that because of the unknowns as to how various others would treat you upon knowing that. Therefore, would it really be worth the risk?

I'd say just think your actions through, if you are a loner or single with nothing to lose, hell, go for it!
By kebmo [Ignore] 02,Apr,20 03:42 other posts 
I'm talking about straight guys that don't suck cocks, wear panties etc., just "normal" straight guys with nice cocks.
By #551147 02,Apr,20 05:57
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Except! With a full disclaimer, when you sign up, why the fuck come here if your "straight". For the 6 women here?
By #613562 02,Apr,20 06:50
It is sad that a lot of people condemn a person for their sexuality, that they have no control over, instead of their personality, which they can control.
By #551147 02,Apr,20 14:38

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