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how many use a buttplug

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Started by #81830 [Ignore] 13,Jun,10 01:32
i use one alot like to walk around going to the store can be fun

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By neednopants [Ignore] 08,Aug,22 02:23 other posts 

By neednopants [Ignore] 08,Aug,22 02:23 other posts 

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 05,Aug,22 08:28 other posts 
I have a plug In my hole now

By SLUT! [Ignore] 08,Jul,22 00:34 other posts 
By onthelose [Ignore] 30,Jul,22 16:07 other posts 
I want to try one of those.
By SLUT! [Ignore] 31,Jul,22 01:31 other posts 
Don't forget to make a pic/vid and post it here.

By Xoner [Ignore] 29,Jul,22 23:20 other posts 
why a butt plug?
By wycowboy [Ignore] 30,Jul,22 19:49 other posts 
Why not?

By Showertogether [Ignore] 29,Jul,22 23:58 other posts 
Have enjoyed one , also like a dildo

By Infinity [Ignore] 11,Jul,22 07:03 other posts 

By curious10 [Ignore] 10,Jul,22 22:58 other posts 
I love having one in as I look at porn then edge until I explode

By Timtriple [Ignore] 07,Jul,22 08:51 other posts 
Sure, not every day, but often..

By Ohioguy [Ignore] 07,Jul,22 04:33 other posts 

By exhibit [Ignore] 06,Jul,22 19:50 other posts 

By leopoldij [Ignore] 26,Jun,22 20:14 other posts 
I do

By drew [Ignore] 26,Jun,22 07:31 other posts 

By wycowboy [Ignore] 16,Jun,22 10:24 other posts 
I use one a lot.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 16,Jun,22 07:35 other posts 
I do

By #81830 13,Jun,10 22:31
has anyone try one that pumps up
By #23212 06,Nov,10 04:01

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