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By curious10 03,May,23 23:33
I would love to take one in my bottom raw and suck one at the same time and have both ejaculate deep inside me. Would love to have a big thick load of sperm to swallow

By curious10 15,Feb,23 19:33

By curious10 15,Feb,23 19:33

By curious10 15,Feb,23 19:31
anything that involves a lot of real cum being sprayed on holes or in mouths. I love watching sperm shoot out of beautiful cocks

By curious10 03,Feb,23 19:29
I would love to have somone eat this then stuff it with an 8 inch cock and fill it with a huge load

By curious10 03,Feb,23 19:28

By curious10 04,Jan,23 07:32

By curious10 28,Nov,22 15:27
Anything that involves another penis and lots of cum.

By curious10 28,Oct,22 08:06

By curious10 26,Oct,22 21:59

By curious10 15,Oct,22 23:45
Love that cock head, bet it feels great going in.

By curious10 07,Oct,22 08:06
I would love to have a group of them to suck off and swallow their cum then have all of them pound my pussy to!

By curious10 05,Aug,22 08:57
I look at them all and love the way they look regardless of age

By curious10 10,Jul,22 22:59

By curious10 10,Jul,22 22:58
I love having one in as I look at porn then edge until I explode

By curious10 10,Jul,22 22:57
Get ganged fucked and suck as many cocks as I could

By curious10 10,Jul,22 22:57
I think 2 eight inch thick veiny cocks at once would be amazing. And having both ejaculate at same time would be pure heaven. Feeling the one in my pussy pulsing and it shoots thick sperm inside me and the other one filling my mouth with hot creamy delicious sperm.

By curious10 10,Jul,22 22:54

By curious10 03,Jun,22 23:55
Love comments about my cock, balls and ass. Especially dirty ones

By curious10 24,May,22 07:28
My black pubes

By curious10 18,May,22 07:35
Just the other day I was sitting here with my dildo in my hungry hole and watched gay porn for quite a while. I love watching cocks shoot that creamy delicious looking aperm all over. Finally could not take it any more and pounded dildo in and out until I shot all over.

By curious10 17,May,22 07:44

By curious10 12,May,22 13:22
I would love to be tied down on a bench and have multiple cocks lined up that would fuck me hard and ejaculate deep inside me. I would say at least 10-15 cocks anywhere from 6-9 inches long

By curious10 28,Apr,22 08:04
with a beauty like you releasing anywhere in you would be perfect

By curious10 22,Apr,22 08:36
Yep love big old dildo in there when I ejaculate.

By curious10 22,Apr,22 08:36

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By curious10 08,Mar,22 08:03
I agree with you there is nothing more sentious that making sex organs climax with your mouth. the best is when you get a creampied pussy to orgasm using your mouth. The combination of fresh pussy juice mixed with sperm is a delisious treat that cannot be matched.

By curious10 17,Feb,22 09:12
You cant quit to many love your contributions to this sexy amazing site.

By curious10 03,Feb,22 16:02

By curious10 03,Feb,22 08:30
Looks like that is nice and used would take a bit of pounding to blow off inside that

By curious10 03,Feb,22 08:29

By curious10 03,Feb,22 08:28

By curious10 01,Feb,22 16:55
My dildo but I wish it was real always.

By curious10 01,Feb,22 08:24

By curious10 28,Jan,22 09:20
Yes my hole loves attention especially the pain during large object penetration then when it subsides the pumping in and out is so hot

By curious10 25,Jan,22 09:04
I want comments on what others would use me for. I am bi so have really liked the comments on what other males would do to me.

By curious10 20,Jan,22 08:10
I love knowing that guys have masturbated thinking about fucking my hole and ejaculating all over inside me. Ans yes I have blown loads looking at others pics.

By curious10 27,Dec,21 01:18
If someone licked my ass it would make me bend over or spread my legs to get fucked, such a hot thought.

By curious10 16,Dec,21 14:46

By curious10 09,Dec,21 16:13

By curious10 07,Dec,21 09:15
To look at all the beautiful penises and vaginas that people are willing to show on here.

By curious10 23,Nov,21 16:28
I am in same situation. If you lived closer we could suck eachother off, God that would be hot

By curious10 18,Nov,21 08:25
Roll my tongue around his cock head to make sure I get as much sperm as he can deliver. Then swallow it all, but I do love it when they shoot jets of sperm right down my throat.

By curious10 27,Sep,21 08:53

By curious10 16,Sep,21 16:42

By curious10 03,Sep,21 08:31
I have a very similar fantasy, he would be muscular and I would be a total cum dump for him. I would suck his 8 inch cock and swallow his sperm anytime and he would basically take my pussy whenever he wanted and fill me with hot creamy sperm. He would have parties and I would become the designated depository for his gay friends to ejaculate in or on. Multiple loads on weekends and his cock throughout the week.

By curious10 17,Aug,21 07:45
I would lick and suck your big balls and your gorgeous cock until you filled my mouth with sperm anytime you wanted. Or you could use my other hole for your pleasure.

By curious10 17,Aug,21 07:43
all yours, hopefully you have to pump for a while I want to be fucked hard