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Bi-Curious men

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #693191 [Ignore] 25,Apr,23 17:26
I'm a "straight" man, 53 years old but have always been curious about having sex with another man. Anyone feel the same?

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By #701527 06,Sep,23 07:33
Curious, sure. I'm not attracted to men, but I do enjoy watching tributes, bukkake and cum shots. I often fantasize about sucking a guy off but don't think it'll ever happen.

By #691382 14,Jul,23 18:31
I do. Even though I had a few experiences in my teens and 20ís. Even married over 40 years now. Would like to again.

By Ragdar [Ignore] 12,Jun,23 13:57 other posts 
the idea of bisexual orgy so hot. Or to be between a man and woman is a dream
By #697512 11,Jul,23 13:23
You bet the holy grail of sex !!

By #691382 09,Jul,23 16:48
Last time I was intimate with a man was 42 years ago. And I let him suck me off and just stroked his. If I had known I was gonna meet the future wife a week later I would have done more.

By Smoothbutt [Ignore] 30,Jun,23 23:51 other posts 
I live in Kentucky and I would like to get naked have fun sucking.

By #677384 19,Jun,23 18:27
Yes I do, I thing most guys are curious by the way my work buddies stare at me naked in the shower, I have recently had a few bi exp and I really enjoyed it, but that is another story hehe

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 28,May,23 15:18 other posts 
I'm not attracted to men in any way. Never have been. But I do like to have them suck my cock. They do it so well and they are often grateful for the opportunity. I watch porn or close my eyes and think of ScarJo. Everything works out fine.
By Ragdar [Ignore] 12,Jun,23 13:56 other posts 
rubbing my cock on another is fabulous, frotting and cuming c2c mmmmmmmm

By fancyabit [Ignore] 29,May,23 03:51 other posts 
I would love to wank and suck a nice looking cock off and have it done back to me. Glory hole would be a great startÖ.Iím getting a hard on already!!

By Quicksand [Ignore] 28,May,23 13:40 other posts 
Iím curious but just like jacking with other men and looking at cocks, no sucking or fucking.

By #643265 10,May,23 07:09
I have always been attracted to both, putting the first thing in my bum felt as natural as playing with my lil bald dick,at 10/12 years of age I let our elderly neighbour play with me for $1,I ended up with a nice little sum of cash,mum thought it was from doing odd jobs,it sorta was really.i am an exhibitionist and enjoy being humiliated publicly.i have ever since I can remember got naked any chance I got.i ride my bike naked to the beach and have my seat angled upwards so it slips in my bum as I ride. I got my shorts ripped of by waves at a school outing , everyone laughed and pointed,my towel got ripped of whilst on the bus and thrown out the window. I stood naked the whole way home. I got of bus walked to my bike and then rode home naked. My father decided to punish me and made me lay over the veranda rail and smacked my bum with his belt,when he finished I stood up and he saw my lil bald dick was hard,he roughly grabbed and told me I was sick perverted boy and if I wanted to play with myself like a dog I will be put with the dog. Well that started my k9 experimenting play.........

By PITBULL [Ignore] 07,May,23 14:55 other posts 
I like to have a bi man fuck my ass now. They are good in bed

By german_guy [Ignore] 07,May,23 14:20 other posts 
I am curious too....wish I could suck a nice cock and have on deep inside my ass

By #651230 04,May,23 12:35
I'm the same age and I love having my straight ass stretched its an amazing feeling I recommend every man have a go

By curious10 [Ignore] 03,May,23 23:33 other posts 
I would love to take one in my bottom raw and suck one at the same time and have both ejaculate deep inside me. Would love to have a big thick load of sperm to swallow

By BigDaddy132 [Ignore] 30,Apr,23 22:26 other posts 
Same here.52 and married. Never tried it but definitely have fantasies about getting fucked in my ass and sucking a cock. Used a rubber cock and had prostate orgasms but wonder how it would be to have the cum fucked out of me for real

By neednopants [Ignore] 28,Apr,23 13:48 other posts 
I had my first sexual experiecnes with a boy, followed by a girl, again with a boy, and finally i got married and had only sex with my wife (and a GF from time to time). Getting older, I get very horny thinking about "the thing" with a man. I did it from time to time and it was great. I love pussies. I love asses. I love tits, and I love cocks and balls. I love to love and I love to live!

By PITBULL [Ignore] 27,Apr,23 11:43 other posts 
I love to have sex with bi men

By #275407 25,Apr,23 17:33
I don't think your straight, your just bi and someone that hasen't had same sex with another man yet.
By #693191 25,Apr,23 17:39
I think you're right. I am activelylooking for a man to have a sexual encounter with. No luck yet
By #275407 25,Apr,23 17:44
Google gay clubs or bars in your area. Make sure you pick a club that is gay friendly(not a leather club) with both sexes. Just be yourself and don't be pushy.
By wycowboy [Ignore] 26,Apr,23 08:43 other posts 
You're in Chicago, shouldn't be too hard to find someone

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