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Rate my Ass and Legs 07,Jul,22 09:01


By Timtriple 15,Aug,22 09:10

By Timtriple 15,Aug,22 09:09
Cool!! Lovely Words..Exciting

By Timtriple 15,Aug,22 09:07
Hi,I tried all kinds of Transformators,6Volt to 24 Volt,+ attached to Cockhead or deep into Peehole, the - Pole deep in Anus..I loved when current hitted hard so that stiff Dick went up by Rhythm of Shocks..
I one Time tried 220 Volt on cockhead,,but too hard hitting,never tried again..

By Timtriple 15,Aug,22 09:03
I do love every kind of BDSM,,Masochism and Sadism
Also Harcore Type...

By Timtriple 28,Jul,22 08:57

By Timtriple 22,Jul,22 10:36
Thanks a Lot !

By Timtriple 07,Jul,22 08:51
Sure, not every day, but often..

By Timtriple 07,Jul,22 08:48
I think much more people are into feet than they admit..millions of advertisements run with ( by the way ) showing naked feet..

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:38
The real reason is of course the 8 milliard Humans,everyone wanting everything..
Population further rising, its a logical Process..

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:36
Too extreme to tell here..advice? Extremer Site? But also serious..

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:34
Of course,,million times..

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:34 when was young

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:32

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:32
Almost everything which is somehow exciting and kind of beautiful..all sexes..

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:30

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:29

By Timtriple 16,May,22 12:29
Busstation at night and S-Bahn at night in last wagon while driving( was the only one in the compartment )

By Timtriple 05,May,22 08:01
Very erotic,depending on guy..

By Timtriple 14,Apr,22 04:39
I sit down on my knees. Then with the left Hand I put 2 Fingers in my asshole deep. There I search down for the Prostata and push down and massage it.
With the right Hand, I masturbate my Penis. Very intense Orgasms..

By Timtriple 14,Apr,22 01:31
Even when I was very young, I undressed at night and for example pressed my naked butthole on a railway line.the rusty,cold steel felt good on the sensible flesh..

By Timtriple 14,Apr,22 01:28
I swallowed everything on earth,mmhh

By Timtriple 14,Apr,22 01:27
I love both equally

By Timtriple 10,Apr,22 08:52
I guess at 13...? Maybe later..

By Timtriple 10,Apr,22 08:51
Sure, I did..
I love the feeling on the feet when going shopping or something similar.

By Timtriple 10,Apr,22 08:48
Long,straight,not too thick,with big purple or pink head

By Timtriple 10,Apr,22 08:47
Yes, one Time to 3 Times

By Timtriple 10,Apr,22 08:41
I love to get naked in the forest at hidden places and making photos of me with erected Penis and in leather slave stuff etc.

By Timtriple 08,Apr,22 10:37
I don't know if it' s so kinky, I sometimes let my wife fuck me with her hand. With the other free Hand,she masturbates my cock. It's hard to bear, but sometimes I need it.

By Timtriple 08,Apr,22 10:34
I also use Tennisballs with Lust and Success.I wrap them in clear kitchen plasticFolie. And put Neutralsoap or Vaseline on.Good Feeling especially coming out

By Timtriple 08,Apr,22 10:31
I love my Doc Johnson round butt plug in Medium and large.i start with M ,after 20 minutes i push in the L. It is pretty hard getting in and pulling out is a little birthfeeling, it' s the limit for me. But Fantastic Fit and Feeling

By Timtriple 07,Apr,22 08:58
That sounds nice...I want that too..

By Timtriple 05,Apr,22 14:57
Is that here for writing down Fantasys?
If not, where then?

By Timtriple 05,Apr,22 10:28
I'm sorry,i just replied honestly to the Question.
I would delete it,but i can't find any Button..
I didn't know if this is only a Forum for " Not so Hardcore Experiences" - more "Soft to Medium" or so.
Sorry again,have a nice Time and Fun,thompsontriple

By Timtriple 05,Apr,22 09:46
I look often at: Anal Insertions,women whipped,twinks,ToiletSex Videos, cock torture,balls torture,feet licking etc.,naked in public,women + twinks bondaged and in cuffs and chains