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By SLUT! 29,Oct,23 08:40
I speak 👉👌, like it says on my profile page.

By SLUT! 21,Oct,23 13:53
You will see a pattern:
Whenever there is a woman in the contest, she will usually win.
Whenever there is a face that picture will usually win.

My photos have neither, so the chance of me winning is very slim.
But I am doing it for the fun and not for winning.

By SLUT! 25,Sep,23 05:03
"Is it to compare? Is it to show off? Is it to measure? Could there be educational value? Is it for social reasons? OR Is it a resource for faggots?"

All of the above and more.

By SLUT! 23,Sep,23 23:23

By SLUT! 19,Sep,23 05:18
Another question would be: Why did you register to this site ?
Wanting to show yourself naked isn't considered "normal" behavior.
That's your Fetish you get aroused by it, like everyone here.
Don't make a big deal out of it, just live and let live
As long as you have consent, there is no problem.

By SLUT! 18,Sep,23 17:43
It's the same question as why men get aroused when wearing lingerie, it's just a Fetish.
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By SLUT! 17,Sep,23 15:34
It's a Sexual Fetish.

By SLUT! 14,Sep,23 06:07

By SLUT! 08,Sep,23 17:10
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By SLUT! 26,Jul,23 07:16

By SLUT! 07,Jul,23 16:45
The real reason why the Titan imploded:
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By SLUT! 06,May,23 04:44
I have uploaded lots of videos using the Fuck machine.
It's a great sensation, especially when going full throttle.
Currently doing some renovation to my home, so haven't uploaded lately.

By SLUT! 25,Feb,23 10:45
Only 1 pic.

By SLUT! 19,Feb,23 16:51

By SLUT! 18,Feb,23 10:52

By SLUT! 18,Feb,23 07:10
Open wide

By SLUT! 17,Feb,23 04:51

By SLUT! 09,Nov,22 13:48
Elon Musk can stick Twitter where it hurts.
But he has to get the Thai mini-sub out first.

By SLUT! 09,Oct,22 11:42
What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord ?

By SLUT! 05,Oct,22 14:27
Is it true chicks fart if you blast them in the ass?
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By SLUT! 02,Oct,22 03:41
Many women don't like it when you wear hers.
Just tell her you wear your own and she should be fine.

By SLUT! 01,Oct,22 07:41
No, if it isn't forbidden then it's no longer the sweetest.

By SLUT! 29,Sep,22 15:38
Well, everyone here who has looked at my profile. lol

By SLUT! 28,Sep,22 04:23
Recent Android version (6+) also has the rear cam selfie option.
It detects your face automatically and you can hear a beeping sound when the camera is going to take a picture.
Very handy option.

I believe it's also available as an app.

By SLUT! 24,Sep,22 06:04
Because it just feels great!
And the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

By SLUT! 18,Sep,22 08:48
It's actually very easy.
Use a tripod and a camcorder where you can swivel the screen.
Do some post editing using an editor and post it here.

By SLUT! 17,Sep,22 10:18
Does the height of my stiletto heels also count ?

By SLUT! 03,Sep,22 08:32
How 'bout some more beans, Mr. Taggart?

By SLUT! 31,Aug,22 14:55
...eating beans.

By SLUT! 30,Aug,22 12:56
What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord ?

By SLUT! 23,Aug,22 16:56
Blazing Saddles

By SLUT! 08,Aug,22 15:25

By SLUT! 31,Jul,22 01:31
Don't forget to make a pic/vid and post it here.

By SLUT! 30,Jul,22 07:11
Only one way to find out.

By SLUT! 29,Jul,22 03:43
It's a plug you put in your butt.

By SLUT! 24,Jul,22 17:29

My asshole

By SLUT! 23,Jul,22 16:41
Like this ?

By SLUT! 23,Jul,22 13:14

Very clean as you can see.

By SLUT! 18,Jul,22 12:40
There is already a tag functionality on this site:
It's still dependable to how the user tags his pics/vids though.

By SLUT! 17,Jul,22 16:01

By SLUT! 10,Jul,22 04:48
Definitely this:
[deleted image]

By SLUT! 08,Jul,22 15:00

[deleted image]

By SLUT! 08,Jul,22 00:34

By SLUT! 02,Jul,22 09:30

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