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i have a buttplug in my ass

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by spunkfishy [Ignore] 26,Apr,11 08:03  other posts
as I type this. I can sometimes spunk off without touching my cock, just by fucking my ass. Anyone else cum this way?

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By #68656 09,Dec,13 10:07
If that occurs if he places his bath plug into where the sun does not shine we can only imagine the results if he placed his bagpipes or even his sporran up there.
By #354861 11,Dec,13 22:39
Maybe, but i'm wondering how a person poops while their butt is plugged. Isn't that called constipation?
By #358797 12,Dec,13 04:28
This is completely random information, but there is a butt plug type product made for pooping. It's called the Turd Twister, and it makes your doodoos into shapes, like those play dough toys from back in the day. And they're dishwasher safe, too.
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And just so it's known, NO. I do not own one. Found them online searching for a new butt plug a couple years ago. Lol.
By johnp [Ignore] 12,Dec,13 11:10 other posts 
ThAts on of the weirdest things I've ever heard of... A bowl of lucky charms poop???The things I learn on syd...

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