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Buttplug tails, anyone?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #254338 [Ignore] 13,Feb,13 22:53
I am enjoying an absolute new fantasy fetish of dressing in animal costumes complete with ears, or horns, and buttplug tails. Foxes. Rabbits. Horse. Demons... The buttplug tail is the important part. Anyone have picks to share? Mine are coming soon - once I can convince the wife to join me in a photo shot...

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By #254338 03,Jul,15 14:01
I came across some videos and photos of butt-plug tails outside of this site, but haven't found any on the site... anyone see any that I have missed?

By #254338 22,Feb,13 11:05
She wouldn't let me take photos... But she wore a fox tail while I wore a horse tail... And proceeded to play out the magical horse mounts the mystical fox...

By #220845 14,Feb,13 14:05

By #201155 14,Feb,13 03:53
I love the thought of having a little piggy butt-plug tail stuck in my ass, and wobbling around as I wiggle my butt. I'm going to order one next time I buy some toys, in which case it will be one of the first things I photograph and share

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