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I'm still waiting.....

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I had a ten year affair with a Vietnamese girl that absolutely ruined sex for me with any other girl. She was amazing. She was beautiful, extremely smart, very sexual and her pussy was the sweetest I have ever enjoyed. Most everytime I was around her my cock would start leaking. She made sure I knew she noticed. If you haven't had an asian woman, you should really try to fix that. You will have memories forever and truly finally know how sex should be done.

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Thats a mixed question right now. My gf is 33 years younger than me and has a different perspective on sex than me. I always enjoyed the foreplay, a long slow wet build up to the organsm. She doesn't do it that way. She likes to get on top, pound up and down, cum at least 10 times then falls off. When she recovers she uses her hand, mouth and vibrator to get me off. At first I didn't like it, but now it's getting better. Sometimes it even ends up as a double header. So yes, I like her on top.

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I can leave this one in all day.

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I now vote yes. I was complimenting a previous girl friend on her choice of under wear. Its a compliment to undress her and find she is wearing something very sexy just for me. So she asked, why not you? So she bought me a couple of things, some of those revealing and bulge enhancing thongs and other things. She says when she finds I am wearing something like that she gets excited. Certainly more exciting than old, worn out yellowed fruit of the looms. Now, years later I'm still wearing them, like how they feel and they certainly hold up my equipment so much better.

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I look forward to the maid showing up. I don't wear much when alone and not much more when she is here, and even though it has never led to anything, she does appear to like it. There is a 30 year age difference. I know she makes an effort to look every chance she gets and now is wearing much more revealing clothes when she cleans the house. Part of the exhibition tendency I have. Keeps me hard most of the time.

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Great, that's encouraging. Us older guys who still want and look for sex. Those young folks think we are just old and dried up. Makes my day.

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It really can use up a large part of the day. But with good porn, pumping, vibrators, ass play and other stimulation, I can play for hours. Sometimes I never do cum, which just adds to the next time. A waste of productive time but an important part of my routine.

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Sure. Anytime I get handled it tends to lead to additional activities. I like my clean balls and cock and equally like a clean smooth pussy and ass. Feels so good on my tongue and I think smells better. So, yes its great to give and receive.

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I enjoy hearing this excites her.

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I agree about as getting older the experience changes, for the better I think. A good session is probably 2 to 3 hours. This includes a lot of foreplay,mutual oral, toys, cuddling, talking and as many orgasms as I can give her. After she has cum multiple times I will have my turn. This can be in her (ass, pussy, mouth) or a hand job. Then with more cuddling, and slow play, maybe a snack, I am ready for more. A big cock is not needed for good sex, even though a lot of men think that is all that is required.

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I like to give and receive. But, in giving there must be a pussy immediately adjacent. So no men. To make it a most enjoyable experience and one that will be repeated, there must be a long hot mutual shower prior to the activity. Clean is a must. It really kills the moment when you get a first look and its like an open sewer.

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I like it wet, hot and running down her legs. All that juice tastes great, feels great and the sound my cock makes almost makes me cum too soon. Almost.

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Sure, makes me remember all the great places it has been.

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He goes with me everywhere. My best friend.

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Over the years I have found that simple stroking is not as effective as a good vibrator. There are some versions that fit directly over the head of my cock that are intense. And this has carried over into actual fucking. When I am deeply into her, she can bring out a vibrator and I go off like a rocket. Makes me see stars. But, I am always looking to improve even that so lets hear some ideas.

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Without a doubt!!! This one is Vietnamese, and real or not she had me convinced she absolutely worshiped my cock. Easily the best sex of my life. I really miss her.

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This answer your question?

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Once a day...

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