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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #17506 [Ignore] 04,Sep,10 20:52
Do you like it soft? I love looking at and playing with a soft dick(in my mouth), especially after it's been emptied out. Any opinions?

I also like pictures of soft dicks. It seems like there's more to a soft dick. Don't get me wrong, I do love a hard cock!

[deleted image]

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By Defiant91 [Ignore] 01,Dec,22 17:12 other posts 

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 01,Dec,22 16:06 other posts 
My soft dick

By ScottsCock [Ignore] 30,Nov,22 09:52 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] 28,Nov,22 10:54 other posts 
Here is my

By quint [Ignore] 28,Nov,22 10:20 other posts 

By SV1952 [Ignore] 23,Nov,22 10:51 other posts 
Here's Me

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 14:07 other posts 
[deleted image]

By Robben [Ignore] 14,Nov,22 03:58 other posts 
Here is my

By BirdDog [Ignore] 11,Nov,22 16:33 other posts 

By Antonek [Ignore] 11,Nov,22 00:42 other posts 

By wolf4 [Ignore] 10,Nov,22 20:26 other posts 

By 8_4_U [Ignore] 12,Apr,22 07:55 other posts 

By Justin20 [Ignore] 09,Apr,22 11:45 other posts 

By galaxy123 [Ignore] 10,Jan,22 05:41 other posts 
here is mine soft.

By LetItOutPt3 [Ignore] 09,Jan,22 17:13 other posts 
My Flaccid Pic.

By Mushroom [Ignore] 09,Jan,22 07:50 other posts 

By Francesco [Ignore] 09,Jan,22 07:23 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] 06,Jan,22 01:19 other posts 

By hornymat [Ignore] 25,Dec,21 01:55 other posts 

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 24,Dec,21 14:12 other posts 
[deleted image] Here my softie
--------------------------------------- added after 357 hours

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 7825 hours

[deleted image]

By #611215 02,Apr,20 10:14
I agree that there just seems something more about a soft dick. Seems more "natural" somehow.

[deleted image]

By #613562 02,Apr,20 03:33
[deleted image]
This is me on a lazy afternoon around the pool

By #613562 02,Apr,20 03:28
This is me on a lazy afternoon round the pool.

By jimes104 [Ignore] 07,Feb,20 23:53 other posts 

By earthy [Ignore] 24,Jan,20 14:55 other posts 
Yeah me too. Love getting it hard

By #569341 24,Jan,20 02:26
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 8 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutes

[deleted image]

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 23,Jan,20 04:21 other posts 
Much prefer a small cock and especially one that is soft to begin with.

By bil47 [Ignore] 11,Jan,20 08:15 other posts 

By Sergius [Ignore] 10,Jan,20 14:58 other posts 

By jonns [Ignore] 10,Jan,20 09:48 other posts 

By #590624 03,Jan,20 04:53
my soft dick

[deleted image]

By Upforanything122 [Ignore] 02,Jan,20 06:42 other posts 
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 02,Jan,20 10:51 other posts 
Nice cock with big prominent helmet and wrinkled skin around the circ scar

By cutroundhead [Ignore] 01,Jan,20 13:23 other posts 
soft, hairy and commando

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 01,Jan,20 09:04 other posts 
[deleted image] here is my softie

By biguyfunn [Ignore] 20,Dec,19 16:40 other posts 
Love looking at and playing with soft dicks and watching them get hard
By #607273 01,Jan,20 09:01
I love that, watching it get hard as a rock

By new2day [Ignore] 23,Nov,19 09:59 other posts 
Here's my softie
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 28,Dec,19 22:03 other posts 
Very nice
By #607273 01,Jan,20 09:00
very very nice

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 01,Jan,20 07:59 other posts 

By Curious77 [Ignore] 30,Dec,19 18:51 other posts 

By DarkMax [Ignore] 30,Dec,19 04:28 other posts 

By #605383 26,Dec,19 04:43
[deleted image]
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 28,Dec,19 22:02 other posts 
Nice & thick soft

By Robben [Ignore] 26,Dec,19 10:43 other posts 
My softie

By Louis [Ignore] 26,Dec,19 06:23 other posts 

By #606867 20,Dec,19 11:37
my soft, small and waxed dicklet...

[deleted image]

By montana [Ignore] 19,Dec,19 14:47 other posts 
A couple of mine....
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 19,Dec,19 19:01 other posts 
What makes your cock so attractive is its pubic hair. Nice bush.
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 20,Dec,19 03:15 other posts 
That's a great looking pacage...neatly circumcised cock with a promninent helmet, nicely hanging balls and completed by full natural a proper man should look!
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 20,Dec,19 03:17 other posts 
That's a great looking set of tackle...neatly circumcised cock with a prominent helmet, nice big balls and completed by full natural bush...the way a proper man should look

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