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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #17506 [Ignore] 04,Sep,10 20:52
Do you like it soft? I love looking at and playing with a soft dick(in my mouth), especially after it's been emptied out. Any opinions?

I also like pictures of soft dicks. It seems like there's more to a soft dick. Don't get me wrong, I do love a hard cock!

[deleted image]

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By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 15,Apr,24 11:03 other posts 
my softie

By Justin20 [Ignore] 14,Apr,24 03:41 other posts 

By Threesome [Ignore] 11,Apr,24 08:18 other posts 
I like spending time with a soft shaved cock, but a good suck can make it hard instantly
So I always make sure I can suck off a guy who just blew a load in my ladies pussy. It stays soft longer and smells and tastes better with both their cum on it.

By Robben [Ignore] 01,Apr,24 19:27 other posts 
My softie

By Defiant91 [Ignore] 01,Apr,24 08:41 other posts 

By Francesco [Ignore] 01,Apr,24 08:31 other posts 

By hornymat [Ignore] 01,Apr,24 02:41 other posts 

By Yando [Ignore] 01,Apr,24 02:33 other posts 

By boc [Ignore] 31,Mar,24 19:12 other posts 


By Fixittight [Ignore] 31,Mar,24 18:46 other posts 
Like a nice big soft circumcised cock to lean in and suck it up into my mouth without touching it and then feel it growing harder and bigger on my tongue as I work it out work on it

By Dougal [Ignore] 26,Feb,24 04:58 other posts 

By tb1 [Ignore] 25,Feb,24 02:34 other posts 
Hello franc0

--------------------------------------- added after 24 hours

By tb1 [Ignore] 22,Feb,24 01:21 other posts 
Good morning Yando

--------------------------------------- added after 126 hours

By routemaster [Ignore] 18,Feb,24 19:32 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

By tb1 [Ignore] 18,Feb,24 22:51 other posts 
Superb and sensational 👍👍
By routemaster [Ignore] 19,Feb,24 03:26 other posts 
OMG, thank you SO MUCH, you're making me blush again!!!
By tb1 [Ignore] 19,Feb,24 05:37 other posts 
By routemaster [Ignore] 21,Feb,24 03:40 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 21,Feb,24 13:03 other posts 

By Dylan227 [Ignore] 21,Feb,24 01:33 other posts 
: )

By Justin20 [Ignore] 20,Feb,24 22:51 other posts 

By tb1 [Ignore] 20,Feb,24 22:14 other posts 
Hi thermal

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 18,Feb,24 15:07 other posts 
My beauty
--------------------------------------- added after 52 hours

By Yando [Ignore] 16,Feb,24 02:54 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 18,Feb,24 09:21 other posts 
By Yando [Ignore] 18,Feb,24 09:35 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 18,Feb,24 13:01 other posts 
Luv this pic

By Robben [Ignore] 12,Feb,24 19:46 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 17,Feb,24 22:10 other posts 
By Robben [Ignore] 18,Feb,24 01:26 other posts 
Well, yes itís my penis.

By tb1 [Ignore] 14,Feb,24 05:34 other posts 
Hereís MikeyTucker

[deleted image]

very sweet dick, mighty tasty looking
--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours

Iíll wager youíre a hit in the locker room Mikey!
--------------------------------------- added after 34 hours

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 44 hours

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 68 hours

[deleted image]

By tb1 [Ignore] 12,Feb,24 13:08 other posts 
Soft or hard, freecockadile is a winner

By routemaster [Ignore] 08,Feb,24 22:49 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 09,Feb,24 18:06 other posts 
By routemaster [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 03:41 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 10:08 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 12 hours

By routemaster [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 02:23 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 12:56 other posts 
Hereís a beauty

By routemaster [Ignore] 12,Feb,24 00:57 other posts 
Thank you

By Louis [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 06:18 other posts 

By Dougal [Ignore] 09,Feb,24 02:31 other posts 

By SV1952 [Ignore] 09,Feb,24 00:42 other posts 

By tb1 [Ignore] 07,Feb,24 17:00 other posts 
Soft franc0

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 34 hours

By annarowe [Ignore] 06,Feb,24 05:56 other posts 

By exhibit [Ignore] 05,Feb,24 12:39 other posts 

The idea is for someone to make it hard. Am I right?

By tb1 [Ignore] 05,Feb,24 03:57 other posts 
Good morning Browningman

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--------------------------------------- added after 11 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 49 hours

By tb1 [Ignore] 04,Feb,24 09:07 other posts 
Hi there thermal

--------------------------------------- added after 18 hours

By Louis [Ignore] 04,Feb,24 07:05 other posts 

By Jere [Ignore] 03,Feb,24 06:24 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

By tb1 [Ignore] 03,Feb,24 12:55 other posts 
mighty tasty looking
By Jere [Ignore] 04,Feb,24 03:34 other posts 

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