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In the minority as 'cut or 'uncut' 28,Nov,19 11:09


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Still above the horizontal

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Shaved for me

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I love walking naked

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I don't think circumcision should be done routinely. When the person is an adult, they can decide for themselves.

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I like to go when I have spare time and weather is warm. Hopefully I can go again later this month.

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I love it, go to beaches or find quiet places to hike naked

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Same here, in summer months I'm naked all day long

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Mine is fairly faint unless I have been nude sunbathing

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I'm often naked at home in the summer when it's warm enough. Enjoy going to nude beaches too

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Can get small when cold

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This morning

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I grew up with the gang style showers at the local pool and gyms, so it was entirely normal to wander about naked with a towel over your shoulder. It's good to be seen, and see others.

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I spend as much time as possible naked while at home, always found being nude is more comfortable and relaxing. Not so much in winter months of course which is a real pain as I miss that feeling of freedom.

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I've always been quite confident with my average cock in gym locker rooms and showers. Quite enjoyed the days of gang showers where you could see others, and be seen.

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Opposite to me, I'm circumcised and it's fairly rare in the UK, maybe 10%. Never really bothered me looking different, and I didn't get teased at school either. Have noticed people like to take a discrete look when they can at gym locker rooms.

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I'm usually around 3-3.5" when flaccid, but can go down to 2" when cold or after exercise.

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Nice, I do the same

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There's no requirement to pull back foreskins at clubs. Circumcision is fairly rare in the UK, so most of the men I see are uncut and vary in length of foreskin. No issue if you want to pull it back, just don't draw attention to yourself!

Best part is enjoying the freedom of the sun and breeze on your entire body with other like minded people.

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We all like to look, always fun to see other cocks no matter if you're straight, gay or bi. Probably not something many will admit to enjoying, but I think it's just human nature to look.

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I'm a 1 or 2, no loose skin unless I'm cold!

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Low and loose as someone has already said. Mine is high and tight, the scar about an inch from the glans and very little loose skin... hence the name.