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Hairy or shaved?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Francesco [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 07:05  other posts
what you like more and where you come from? I have a feeling it depends on the culture...at least partially

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By doedeldi [Ignore] 17,Feb,24 10:09 other posts 
I love hairy (Germany)

By Sandra176 [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 20:12 other posts 
I'm from Germany and I prefer hairy, the more the better
By Francesco [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 06:01 other posts 
you have a lovely pussy but if you love hairy why are you shaved 😁
By Sandra176 [Ignore] 15,Feb,24 14:09 other posts 
I was referring to cocks, haha
By Francesco [Ignore] 16,Feb,24 06:16 other posts 
it makes sense since you're a straight girl

By hairypussywife [Ignore] 15,Feb,24 15:01 other posts 
Big full bush hairy pussy for me please

By wirda [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 10:57 other posts 
Iím from Japan so typically we donít shave

However I like my men (and women) shaved
By Francesco [Ignore] 12,Feb,24 06:04 other posts 
I love Japan, actually I'm learning Japanese in my free time. 私は実はいつか日本へいきたいです!

By Moench [Ignore] 12,Feb,24 02:05 other posts 
If have a small dick ,looks better clean shaved and pussys with big bushes is the best

By Fucktoy [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 21:24 other posts 
Clean shaved please😛

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 12:11 other posts 
Hairy for both sexes

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 09:34 other posts 
A bit in between - trimmed

By Francesco [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 06:02 other posts 
my taste: hairy all the way! I'm from Italy

By Ray10754 [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 05:59 other posts 
Love my beard and my head hair! But any other hair has to be gone! Got rid of all mine years ago using a home Lasor, and love it no regrets at all. I live on the east coast of USA

By tecsan [Ignore] 11,Feb,24 03:16 other posts 
For females...shaved. I really do not care about the other.

By Antonek [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 18:40 other posts 

Iím kind of in between. I personally I like not much hair, but not totally smooth. Bigger bush on gals is cool. Brings me back to my youth with my purloined penthouse mags. Still a turn on!

By new2day [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 10:59 other posts 
Shaved for me

By furluvr [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 10:33 other posts 
Hairy. Always.

By Wrath [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 08:43 other posts 
Shaved, always

By johnwish [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 08:42 other posts 
Hairy for me.

By Dougal [Ignore] 10,Feb,24 07:23 other posts 
I prefer shaven. But I'm letting my pubes grow again at the moment, only shaving cock and balls.

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