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By Ray10754 20,Apr,24 07:39
Totally agree I am completely hairless with the exception on my head hair and my beard . Much rather prefer my partners are shaved also, at least in the pubic area, male or female.

By Ray10754 13,Apr,24 03:18

By Ray10754 04,Apr,24 14:30
US postal service is a major farce! I purchase some of my meds on line due to the reduced cost, about a month or so ago I placed my order, conformation stated 3 day free delivery, Now I live in MAINE, the company I ordered from is in Southern New Hampshire, after three days and no show on my package, I decided to track it, Boy what a surprise, it went out on the day of the order, went Jackson Mississippi , then Indiana then to Hartford Conn then Boston Mass Finally arrived here in Maine 6 days after the purchase. Hell I could have drove to the place and picked it up in less than 5 hrs. Funny thing NO ONE has an explanation as to why it happend

By Ray10754 11,Feb,24 05:59
Love my beard and my head hair! But any other hair has to be gone! Got rid of all mine years ago using a home Lasor, and love it no regrets at all. I live on the east coast of USA

By Ray10754 03,Dec,23 17:19

By Ray10754 18,May,23 13:30
Cat! I will not get into a pissing contest with you over this post, I simply expressed my opinion on a subject witch I am totally entitled to do. As far as I am concerned the topic is over and done with, I will not converse with you about it any further , As I will not contribute to the commotion you seem to thrive on. Have a good day.

By Ray10754 17,May,23 20:15
Maybe he just got tired of all the bulshit! so called adults acting like adolesants, calling each other names, Doing the he said she said nonsense, time for a whole lot of the people that are here to grow the fuck up. I have been here for many years and seen a lot of decent people leave because of all the childish ness. My grand children act and behave 100% better than some of the people here. But hey who am I? Usually I don't indulge in the conversations, but it is really beginning to be more like a session of Romper room than an adult site, not that much fun any longer, just my three cents on the topic!!

By Ray10754 02,May,23 12:10

By Ray10754 01,Apr,23 19:53
Every HomeDepot Lowes and all hardware stores here in Maine still sell spray paint

By Ray10754 01,Apr,23 17:17
Some stores in some states will card for the purchase of the following, certain glues, tapes and caulking compounds, paints and varnishes, due the the chemicals they are made up from, some folks have been found to use them to ( Huff, sniff ) for the high, It is a unwritten law that has been around for several years but not commonly enforced.

By Ray10754 10,Mar,23 18:55
100 % agree

By Ray10754 29,Jan,23 06:35

By Ray10754 22,Nov,22 18:24

By Ray10754 21,Nov,22 13:08
Some people just cant live with out DRAMA !! They just keep beating a downed horse till it is dead and then some!
There are a LOT of Drama Seekers on this site.

Just my two cents worth!!

By Ray10754 28,Oct,22 12:49

By Ray10754 08,Oct,22 11:17
Why would any sane person even consider doing this??

By Ray10754 22,Sep,22 12:46
Not so new, been installing that here in Maine for several years now, I have the machine on a trailer and can make any length needed. If installed properly will last indefinitely.

By Ray10754 29,Aug,22 20:40
jan 2011

By Ray10754 23,Jun,22 18:12
I agree with you completely Will!

By Ray10754 23,Jun,22 05:58
commando the time 24/7 only way to go

By Ray10754 20,Jun,22 13:24
I know it happens at night when all other things are done! My question was when (at what value of points 300,400 500)do they get changed??How many are you allowed to have befor they are considered un used?

By Ray10754 20,Jun,22 13:16
I know it happens at night when all other things are done! My question was when (at what value of points 300,400 500)do they get changed?? how many are considered un used .

By Ray10754 20,Jun,22 12:14
So please define a small chest compared to a large chest for us dummies. And at what point do your points get converted to a chest? after 700 points??

By Ray10754 24,Mar,22 05:29
Here is a idea! Why not just leave it alone as is! Been trying to follow that thread and understand what it is that he is proposing, makes absolutely no sense. If it isn't broke don't fix it! My opinion is leave alone!

By Ray10754 14,Jan,22 15:12
no not at all your right on point Sir. Just anticipating all the Idiots that will not understand and what their responses will be.

By Ray10754 13,Jan,22 16:50
Oh boy! can't wait to see some of the responses to this one!

By Ray10754 11,Jan,22 09:05
your having a heat wave it is -0 here with wind chill factor of -20

By Ray10754 29,Nov,21 11:23
Yes it gets DAM cold here and also very hot during the summer time, as a general rule, 65 deg is comfortable for me summer or winter, after a while you just adjust to it. Don't get me wrong there are days that the heat gets cranked especially after working out doors

By Ray10754 28,Nov,21 14:38

By Ray10754 28,Nov,21 07:58
Never wear anything when sleeping here, living a nudist life it would be foolish to put something on when going to bed.
Only time I wear clothes is when at work or going away from home.

By Ray10754 12,Sep,21 06:22
most likely so,Some where along the line, common sense,compassion and general intelligent's has been lost

By Ray10754 11,Sep,21 12:57
Yesterday I seen a show (can't remember witch one ) but they were eating a new flavor Ice cream called MAC + CHEESE My question is,WHY???

By Ray10754 24,Aug,21 12:38
he was on top this past weekend!

By Ray10754 09,Aug,21 13:26
I was not referring to any one in particular. It was just an in general question, I deal with people on a daily basis and find that most are assholes.

By Ray10754 09,Aug,21 12:42
Hey, JustWill! Any idea why adults (in general) nowadays act like such assholes and childish?? OH! and by the way, drain pipes need to be laid at 1/4 inch pitch per running foot for proper drainage! Now you know a little about plumbing! you will have to figure out the Taxiderny thing on your own

By Ray10754 02,Jul,21 06:20
Another good one gone!

By Ray10754 06,Jun,21 14:34
It wont build much that's for sure!!! A small example for you ---I just finished building a 16 ft x 26 ft single level deck framing lumber for it cost me just short of $8,400.00 not including decking,railings steps and labor.HELL a sheet of strand board OSB(the cheapest wood around) is selling here at Home Depot for $68.00 a sheet,used to $11.00.

By Ray10754 19,Feb,21 08:32

Not shaved ! permanently Removed completely smooth

By Ray10754 15,Nov,20 13:28
1:30 just voted and put him at 100% !!

By Ray10754 26,Oct,20 05:03
I say go for it! I did many years ago and never let it grow back!

By Ray10754 17,Oct,20 08:11

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By Ray10754 05,Oct,20 15:36
Sorry to hear of your misfortune! I have used AAA many times here in Maine and have never had any problems at all.

By Ray10754 04,Oct,20 16:05
Why not call AAA they surly can help 24/7 365 How are you planning to get to your apt in the morning? For the future you should consider keeping a can of fix a flat in your trunk.

By Ray10754 30,Aug,20 12:50

By Ray10754 30,Aug,20 08:49
OK the thing I fine works best for me is, plane soap and water!And let air dry.
Wash the glasses with regular soap this will not allow fog to build up.
Try wearing your glasses on top of your mask,this will help keep the mask close to you skin and not allow air into your glasses. If all this fails simply Google (foggy glasses while wearing a mask) There is an abundance of remedies available.
It will be a hit or miss type of solution.

By Ray10754 17,Aug,20 05:10

By Ray10754 16,Aug,20 18:19
Not many people these days understand or appreciate humor such as Bob New Hart and Tim Conway of the days gone by!

By Ray10754 15,Jul,20 20:01
He is back!! Heard from him today,all is fine

By Ray10754 03,Jul,20 22:43
Took me about 4 months to be completely hair free,doing it twice a week, only had to do a few touch ups after that due to some hairs that were missed,and have a small spot on my chest that I have to shave due to the fact the machine has trouble with light color and grey hair.As far as I am concerned it was well worth the time and money invested.

By Ray10754 03,Jul,20 18:13
/335f3jg7ssvipic.html did it myself at home