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Boxers or briefs

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #22384 [Ignore] 11,Sep,09 19:14
I often wonder which is best, I see guys walking down the street in sweat pants and you can see there dicks, well not see it but you can see the outline, which makes me very horny. But then I wonder what they have got on, boxers or briefs. For me I like both, briefs for work as I dont like it too be swaying all over the show, but like boxers at home, after I have showered I but on a pair of boxers and walk around the house, only in them. But what do you guys prefer?

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By casado [Ignore] 16,Jan,24 10:03 other posts 
eu uso de todos os tipo, depende do dia.
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By DILFMATE [Ignore] 20,Dec,23 03:37 other posts 
More Briefs than Boxers, cause i have bigger bulge in Briefs

[deleted image]

By #628350 27,Jun,22 14:56
Stretch silk briefs for me when I'm out and about but at home commando every time.

By #668410 26,Jun,22 04:20
[deleted image]

joe snyder

[deleted image]

By #662360 24,Jun,22 16:39
[deleted image] Briefs definitely. I canít see the attraction of boxers.

By APBay [Ignore] 24,Jun,22 16:01 other posts 
I prefer commando but i do wear boxer when i have to go out back, and these days now i work from home commando all the time i am in the house.

By Ray10754 [Ignore] 23,Jun,22 05:58 other posts 
commando the time 24/7 only way to go

By #463848 23,Jun,22 04:24
In a public place (whether anyone there or not), I like to see an outline of penis/balls through clothing of whatever sort.
If, a guy is sitting where he can be seen, I prefer him to be in shorts (if of the right style) as it always gives the idea that if he is wearing them commando, then it might suggest he is open to a friendly chat!

By nekekal [Ignore] 10,Jun,22 01:00 other posts 
Boxer briefs. Just briefs are too confining for my big cock. Boxers just let my cock hang down my leg. What is the point? So boxer briefs offer some control without pinching.

By #544883 25,May,22 06:18
Personally go for trunks which is a half way point of both of them but when I feel really brave will go without any when outside. We all know we want someone to look up our shorts or the chance of something popping out the top of our trousers for someone to see.
By mms123 [Ignore] 26,May,22 23:34 other posts 
very good
By #544883 09,Jun,22 06:49
hey its almost summer so you never know what someone could be or could be not wearing.

By #275407 27,May,22 02:47
I wear them all depending what mood I'm in

By mms123 [Ignore] 26,May,22 23:33 other posts 
Iam much fond of different underwers,jockstraps,langots,& I keep them in my stock.I hv more than a dozen variuos underweras with my cupboard,keep on using them regularly

By mms123 [Ignore] 26,May,22 23:29 other posts 
Hello all,Myself love boxers,also jockstraps,I love my cock & balls securely tight in side

By #512385 26,May,22 04:19
boxers but i will wear my speedos, breifs, or jockstrap if the guy has a fetish for them.

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 24,May,22 17:00 other posts 
I have a underwear fetish I have all kinds. You name it I have them.

By #667453 23,May,22 08:27
Boxers 🩳

By #646957 18,Jul,21 16:11

By #613564 08,Jul,21 00:45
Really soft, comfortable cotton/spandex panties, that my GF likes, and I like, because the fabric is much softer, more comfortable, and stretches where it needs to, to accommodate my parts!
She loves it, and it's just cloth, and comfortable too, so why not?

By DeepThroatThis [Ignore] 07,Jul,21 15:48 other posts 
briefs or nothing

By geranium [Ignore] 07,Jul,21 11:07 other posts 
all kinds of undies except thongs and girls underwear.

By Bambou98 [Ignore] 07,Jul,21 09:55 other posts 
Briefs everyday

By #575136 07,Jul,21 01:21
sexy briefs
[deleted image]

By onthelose [Ignore] 06,Jul,21 15:18 other posts 
If the stores that sell underwear are any indication of what is popular. Those briefs that look like knee length shorts are everywhere. Cant really understand the reason for them unless some men are conflicted and choose them as a compromise. I personally like thongs or g strings.

By #613564 06,Jul,21 01:12
Soft, comfortable panties! A lot of guys wear them, actually!! Probably because they are so much more soft and comfortable!

By Robben [Ignore] 01,Dec,20 23:30 other posts 
Both works

By earthy [Ignore] 01,Dec,20 20:16 other posts 
Usually briefs or boxer briefs for me. Any color really, but lighter colors make your dick more visible

By newwt10 [Ignore] 30,Nov,20 22:16 other posts 
Neither! Commando baby!

By #631189 30,Nov,20 17:02
Full cut classic white briefs for me. Iíve always liked them and have worn nothing else since my early 20í s. Was a Jockey Y front boy but now Iím mostly a Hanes man.

By #626775 12,Oct,20 18:26
I have no preference since I wear just about everything from boxers, briefs, thongs, speedos, swimwear thongs, even panties and even not wearing anything at all so yeah

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 12,Oct,20 17:59 other posts 
I have a underwear fetish. I have a lot of different types........ briefs, thongs, boxer briefs, sq. Cut trunks, , ass out, crotch out, jockstraps you name I have it. Love them all

By #621517 12,Oct,20 03:16
Briefs. Especially really brief briefs tight over my kit! I developed a taste for briefs back at boys school when we were all required to wear grey school regulation briefs. The school obviously didnít realise how sexy these looked bulging over our young sex kit when we stripped in the changing room for sports and how clearly they showed the ridge of an erect shaft and cock head. Iíve worn briefs ever since.

By #64328 02,Jul,20 13:49
As a boy I wore briefs, around 5th grade boxers became popular and asked my mom to just buy me boxers. Then in 2nd year of high school I stared wearing boxer briefs. Now I wear boxer briefs unless I am wearing a suit then I usually dont wear any underwear at all

By #516354 02,Jul,20 01:03
Briefs and panties for me.

By #500806 10,Jan,16 21:48
I prefer none. Gone commando for about 6 years now..and never going back!
By overeight [Ignore] 01,Jul,20 13:51 other posts 
I went commando for nearly 30years because I could never find comfortable underwear before but now at my age I need something to keep my balls forward so I dint sit on them. So I found some endowed men's underwear or jocks do just that. So now I'm still comfortable but dont have to pull my junk out from between my legs everytime I need to sqat ir sit.

By overeight [Ignore] 01,Jul,20 13:47 other posts 
Underwear can be very uncomfortable for me because the way in endowed. I have a cock a little larger than average but very big nuts. So I have to buy underwear for endowed men. I like wearing trunks. I usually buy either ergowear or Wildman T brand underwear and those hold me tight but give me the too I need and they dint have seems in them and that is usually what is bothersome in most box brand underwear.

By #285354 15,Feb,16 19:02
[deleted image]
I like to mix it up too- boxers, briefs or commando- It depends on the day

By #96761 06,Feb,16 00:10
Also like these. Brand is evolve. Target carries them and they are breathe able yet show off your assets. [deleted image]
By #488147 06,Feb,16 07:24
[deleted image]

[deleted image]

Here are sum of my favorite trunks C-IN2

By #96761 05,Feb,16 16:16
Boxer briefs work for me. [deleted image]
By #488147 06,Feb,16 03:32
Sexy pose. I'm more of a boxer trunks myself
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[deleted image]

By routemaster [Ignore] 02,Feb,16 04:20 other posts 
[deleted image]

Definitely briefs, nice and snug round the ass!

By #488147 27,Jan,16 20:23
I wear trunks

By #460385 27,Jan,16 17:33
Damn people still wear underwear?

By #359325 27,Jan,16 16:46
Tired of boxers and briefs. Gone commando for the past 10 years...

By BirdDog [Ignore] 22,Jan,16 03:47 other posts 
i like both...but i wear briefs A LOT more than boxers

By cumjohn [Ignore] 14,Jan,16 11:19 other posts 
Briefs definitely. They look sexier and feels better. They also give better support for my balls.

By MM_DD [Ignore] 10,Jan,16 15:40 other posts 
Couldn't care less really. I'm far more interested in what's underneath.

By routemaster [Ignore] 10,Jan,16 02:03 other posts 

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I much prefer briefs to boxers, I like their snugness, plus they show your bulge and bum off better. In summertime I like to go out wearing football-style shorts over them

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