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Boxers or Boxer Briefs?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #139955 [Ignore] 28,Feb,11 12:40
I love wearing boxers alot, my penis has room to grow in them. Boxer Briefs also have room but not as much. I like wearing both but i'd say that Boxers are more comfortable and Boxer Briefs are very sexy including the bulge effect! Boxers are my favorite to wear when i'm out and about, loose BoxerBriefs are fine too as long as i can grow in them comfortably

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By #305812 16,Nov,12 17:43
Wasnt this same question asked earlier in the week? I'll answer it again. I usually go commando. When I am wearing "dressier" clothes I wear either a g-string or bikini underwear.

By #88663 04,Mar,11 07:09
I wear jockstraps! I love the way they feel and the way my cock and balls look in them! My wife likes the look to.

By #7976 28,Feb,11 17:06
It's a decision I made many years ago - why wear them at all? The only time I'm constrained by undergarments is in the extreme heat of athletics or when it's truly cold. Otherwise, there's nothing between me and nature other than what society requires.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 28,Feb,11 15:40 other posts 
It depends on the pants I'm wearing.

With gym shorts or other short shorts I ALWAYS go commando. I like hanging free in my shorts and I like feeling the breezes blow around my dick and balls. I also like that I'll sometimes give others a show thru a leg opening. Surely all SYD members can appreciate this philosophy.

With Bermuda shorts it's usually commando, sometimes a thong or bikini briefs.

With jeans it's almost always a thong, to hold things up and out for a better contour in the crotch area of my jeans. The "bulge effect" that Skater89 mentioned.

With other washable pants it could be commando, a thong or bikini briefs.

With a suit or other dress pants that must be dry cleaned it's silk boxer shorts. I like the silky smooth fabric on my skin and everything hangs free as if I were going commando under my suit. And this feels really good. So why don't I just go commando with a suit? Two words: semen leakage. Even if I'm not aroused I often leak some semen. If I become even slightly erect the flood gates are opened. Semen (pre-come) and sperm spots are not a problem with washable pants as they readily wash out. But they do not dry clean out.

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