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Wearing Boxer Briefs

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #123844 [Ignore] 20,Dec,10 10:37
Does anyone else love wearing boxer briefs? I think it's way more comfortable then Briefs that can leave rashes, and boxers are way too loose and always rise up.

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By #6568 21,Dec,10 05:28
'Boxers' used to be known as 'floppy drawers' and are totally useless if you have an active life unless you are happy for the family jewells to be forever smacking about between your thighs as you run and move......

....Never had rashes from briefs but then, I change them every day for clean ones.

Even boxers wear briefs under their, er, boxer shorts.

By #33070 20,Dec,10 22:45
Obviously are great I have a pair But I never got rash from briefs. I find boxer briefs uncomfortable cause they ride up on the legs. Either briefs or boxers, depends on the pants

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