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7x7 Cock 07,Aug,22 12:47
Would you suck my cock? 23,Sep,20 17:48
Would anybody like to my cock? 13,Nov,12 13:02


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Cut and 7x7

By newwt10 09,Dec,20 19:19

By newwt10 09,Dec,20 19:17
At a sleep over, my friends sister climbed into my bed a took her panties off then slowly put her legs over my shoulders and pushed her sweet n wet cunnie on my face! OMG! What do I do now, lick suck and lick and suck again! OMG! I think I'm in love and I am only 10 years old and she was 8! Now I know what woman really want!

By newwt10 01,Dec,20 23:05
, I hate being a GROWER!

By newwt10 30,Nov,20 22:17

By newwt10 30,Nov,20 22:16
Neither! Commando baby!

By newwt10 30,Nov,20 22:12
Click, click....BOOM!

By newwt10 30,Nov,20 22:10
Yeah at 10 years old I found what girls really want!

By newwt10 20,Nov,20 00:26

By newwt10 17,Nov,20 23:50
I concur Mr. President! That is one beautiful, suckable cock! 10 out of 10!

By newwt10 12,Nov,20 19:43
My 7x7 Cock !

By newwt10 12,Nov,20 19:38
Select your photo then click "Show it in Blog or Forum" Copy - UBB code for most of forums, That is a nice cock!

By newwt10 11,Nov,20 10:45
[deleted image]

By newwt10 03,Nov,20 15:14
Thanks! Nothing like puffin on a Fatty! 🤣

By newwt10 25,Oct,20 23:24
I think my cock looks good!

By newwt10 25,Oct,20 01:13
Love it!

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By newwt10 20,Oct,20 18:55
Nice suckable cock!

By newwt10 16,Oct,20 19:07
Have at it!

By newwt10 16,Oct,20 19:05
With my step cousin at 10.

By newwt10 16,Oct,20 19:02
You said it!

By newwt10 16,Oct,20 19:00
Step cousin, he and I did it together!

By newwt10 14,Oct,20 22:54
Ahh this is a dick.... Tada!

By newwt10 14,Oct,20 22:50
Yes I do think so as well

By newwt10 14,Oct,20 22:48
I am cut but would love to take my wet finger under the foreskin and circle the head around and around. Or my tongue under another foreskin.

By newwt10 14,Oct,20 22:38
Yeah but tell it to the ones who laugh and walk out on you, before they know what they maybe missing!

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By newwt10 14,Oct,20 22:30
Nice suckable cock yourself!

By newwt10 11,Oct,20 22:31
Nice cock!

By newwt10 10,Oct,20 23:13
High School Bus!

By newwt10 10,Oct,20 23:07

By newwt10 07,Oct,20 00:57
You are well cummed!

By newwt10 07,Oct,20 00:45
Please lick it!

By newwt10 07,Oct,20 00:43
54 baby!

By newwt10 07,Oct,20 00:29

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By newwt10 03,Oct,20 13:19
Nice suckable cock yourself!

By newwt10 03,Oct,20 13:15
Nice suckable cock youself!

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By newwt10 02,Oct,20 18:18

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By newwt10 30,Sep,20 01:08
, Grower!

By newwt10 30,Sep,20 01:00
In cummimg! [deleted image]

By newwt10 28,Sep,20 07:58