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cut vs. uncut ..What are you,, and what do you like?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #14563 [Ignore] 20,Jun,09 06:38
I'm cut but would rather be uncut. Love the look of uncut. Especially when the hood can cover an erect cock. You guys are lucky!! Wish I still had my manhood!!

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By jimmyd1948 [Ignore] 24,Feb,23 02:31 other posts 
Hereís my uncut, what do you think?

By yeehawboyy [Ignore] 16,Oct,22 11:24 other posts 
I'm Unuct and tbh I prefer uncut even though i'd never say no to a dick regardless XD

By #680786 09,Oct,22 21:13
Definitely Cut for me and yes im cut as Well!

By aormus [Ignore] 09,Oct,22 21:00 other posts 
I'm cut.

By #667453 15,May,22 06:59
I'm uncut and I prefer uncut.

By XJacker [Ignore] 13,May,22 02:58 other posts 
I am cut and I prefer it that way. I think it looks neater.
By liketoedge [Ignore] 13,May,22 14:23 other posts 
Same here

By steve8211 [Ignore] 28,Jul,21 08:07 other posts 
I am cut and wish I was uncut. I think it looks so much better with the head covered. You uncut guys are lucky
By #631189 28,Jul,21 13:01
Youíve got a lovely looking cock man!
By #574505 28,Jul,21 13:51
I agree with whitebrief
By tcputts [Ignore] 28,Mar,22 21:53 other posts 
Same here. Love foreskins hate that mine was cut. I'm restoring mine though
By #671055 13,May,22 01:05
Why? I have been cut since I knew, and think uncut ones are kind of 'gross'. No offense, just my experience, and every girlfriend I have been with.
What do you think would be so different, being uncut, if you could?

By yellowman [Ignore] 30,Apr,22 05:33 other posts 
I'm in my natural state and prefer other penises in their natural state.

By Luke98 [Ignore] 21,Apr,22 10:39 other posts 
I'm uncut, but would love a cut dick, it seems so much better

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By #665772 10,Apr,22 22:25
I'm uncut, but looks cut when fully erect, my personal preference is a cut cock, love how it looks!
[deleted image]

By Hornyashell666 [Ignore] 10,Apr,22 16:52 other posts 
I am cut. Itís so much nicer on the eye and i can relate!

By APBay [Ignore] 23,Mar,22 15:40 other posts 
I am uncut! I prefer uncut

By Jimjim [Ignore] 13,Mar,22 18:14 other posts 
I love uncut!

By yeehawboyy [Ignore] 13,Mar,22 16:19 other posts 
i prefer uncut for sexual and ethical reasons

By #645739 13,Mar,22 15:07
like uncut like to suck his cum out

By #664988 13,Mar,22 09:52
37 and uncut, I like uncut.
By german_guy [Ignore] 13,Mar,22 14:02 other posts 
me too

By Homer33 [Ignore] 10,Nov,21 17:54 other posts 
60 Years uncut and recently im Cut

By #652988 08,Nov,21 06:17
I'm cut and like it

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 03,Nov,21 08:34 other posts 
I am uncut but with a short foreskin. I like to pull it back and rub just my glans with lube. If I start from soft, I can sometimes get my glans stiff before the shaft and cum in that state. The feeling is really good.

By Robino [Ignore] 02,Aug,21 17:53 other posts 

I was circumcised recently and I'm still not really used to it to be honest.
By #631189 03,Aug,21 12:46
I assume it takes some getting used to. Was it medical or just preference? I was advised to stretch my foreskin when I a teenager and it was tight, took a lot of effort but it paid off in the end!
By Robino [Ignore] 03,Aug,21 13:07 other posts 
yes it takes a while I agree. it was mostly medical, the foreskin was not retractable. sounds like it took much effort to get it stretched.
By #631189 03,Aug,21 17:28
It did take lots of time and effort, I could have gone the route you took but decided to try the less painful wayÖ I hate hospitals!
By Robino [Ignore] 03,Aug,21 17:31 other posts 
I guess no one really likes hospitals at all

By #647975 02,Aug,21 19:39
[deleted image]

I am uncut, my penis head come out when I was 10 yrd.

By aaaaaa_aaaaaa [Ignore] 01,Aug,21 04:38 other posts 
Iím cut and prefer cut (even though there are many hot uncut dicks around too). A girl once told me, that sheís got the impression that Cut dicks seem to be harder - well, I like to believe this ...

By #646176 19,Jul,21 01:13
I'm cut. Whoever did the procedure on me left me some length of foreskin:
[deleted image]

However, I have no frenulum:
[deleted image]

I wish I still had everything.
By new2day [Ignore] 28,Jul,21 08:11 other posts 
You have a loose circumcision with some skin to cover the glans. I'm cut more tightly, not much free movement.

By WOLFDICK40 [Ignore] 26,Jul,21 02:54 other posts 
I'm cut and much prefer cut. I love that nice mushroom dickhead. I don't think I would enjoy a cock with a lot of foreskin.

By Ablaze [Ignore] 11,Jul,21 06:50 other posts 
I'm uncut and I like both.

By #644585 09,Jul,21 16:45
i'm uncut, but i don't have any preferations towards cut or uncut.
By #631189 09,Jul,21 17:15
Same here, though I much prefer having a foreskin myself. Keeps the glans nice and healthy, and all those nice nerve endings under the skin too

By #608810 21,Sep,20 12:13
Cut cocks are much better looking
By #518391 10,Oct,20 10:22
By newwt10 [Ignore] 14,Oct,20 22:50 other posts 
Yes I do think so as well
By #644585 09,Jul,21 16:46
By #613564 08,Jul,21 01:18
Yours is PERFECT!! What about the boys that love you, though? Cut, or uncut? Like seeing the tips going in!

By Wipperman [Ignore] 13,Oct,20 08:28 other posts 
Iím uncut and glad of it love having a foreskin to roll back when erect and expose the sensitive head to play with
By #613564 08,Jul,21 01:19
Circumcised, and the head is still just as sensative!
By #631189 09,Jul,21 14:03
Definitely, canít beat stroking a nice pink head with all that inner skin to stroke too. Love pulling mine back and giving those internal parts some stimulation.

By #645868 08,Jul,21 09:48
I'm cut and love cut

By Wbs1978 [Ignore] 29,Dec,20 08:43 other posts 
Cut and love it
By #631189 31,Dec,20 07:23
Iíd be happy with that one too
By #613564 08,Jul,21 01:14
Totally!! Perfect that way!!

By #643120 25,May,21 22:21
As in my usr name, I am cut. I like looking at all types of bodies/genitals but I have to say, the penis's that most intrigue me would be uncut. If I would ever act on my curiosity, I would bet you it would be with an uncut guy.
By #631189 26,May,21 13:05
Itís always funny how we always are intrigued by the opposite of our own. Iím uncut but have always wondered what it would look like circumcised, mainly as I have a very large pronounced glans on mine.
By #643120 26,May,21 17:48
I guess that old saying is true, grass is always greener on the other side. And I have always wondered what it would feel like having foreskin sliding over the glans. Secretly, I always wanted to find a guy to let me "experiment" with theirs on mine.
By #631189 26,May,21 18:06
Itís funny though, a lot of us intact guys canít actually dock. My skin is pretty short and tight and as soon as I get erect it goes firmly behind my big fat cock head!
By #643120 29,May,21 02:29
Yeah, that is what I thought, it would take a special foreskin to allow me to experience it around my glans. Is that gay for me to want to experience what a foreskin feels like around my penis and in my fingers? It is pure curiosity.
By #631189 29,May,21 04:24
No, thatís natural curiosity. The wondering of what having / not having a foreskin is like would be interesting to quite a few guys. Iíd love to know what mine would look like without the foreskin, as long as I could grow it back if I decided i didnít like it!
By #613564 08,Jul,21 01:12
Maybe some are, but I am nicely circumcised, and I think it looks nicer than the uncut ones.

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