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Ballbusting? Is it your cup of tea? 27,Mar,22 15:28


By yeehawboyy 19,Oct,22 10:38

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 20:54
Lmao Mountain dew is pretty good

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 20:53
Same here but i find I mostly just use soda when referring to things like grape, cream and orange soda where as I'll say pop for other things

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 13:35
honestly same here, I always find myself wishing for a chance to try again

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 13:33
Do you call it Pop or Soda?

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 10:41
Sometimes yeah, I forget a lot of the time though. After I shoot my load I just wanna clean it up and take a nap 😂

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 10:39
Something about being the passenger in a car always gets my cock stiffening, not sure why but when Im with someone who likes it its always super fun

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 10:37
Probably to have my dream body, Id be able to make millions with it anyways and Id be hot as fuck 😂

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 10:35
I like to yeah! Only the ones that really turn me on though,
Id say I have a couple hundred saved

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 10:35
I think so? Idk how old I was but I know it was dry and I thought I was peeing myself 😂😂😂

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 10:34
Ive given blowjobs in a lot of guys cars in parking lots and a few on trails! Im usually always down to get on my knees 😂

By yeehawboyy 18,Oct,22 10:27
Lol I think my cock is the most photogenic part of me 😂

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 21:49
I've yet to come across nudes from someone I know in real life, but if someone I know came across mine It would be sooooo hot

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 21:47
not sure if it was the first but the first i remember was a jerk of video of marcus mojo on pornhub

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 21:44

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By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 17:14
Nice cock!

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 17:13
Glad you like my recent pics!!! 😉

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 17:13
God I wanna suck on those!

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By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:45
Coming on here to say I hope everyone has a relaxing day today

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:38
whenever I get my bloodwork done I also get an STD test done at the same time!

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:37

love taking ball pics

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:36
One time my friend walked in on me right as I reached the point of no return, ended up spraying my cum all over my horrified face and he just laughed

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:34
I love jacking it with other guys, I often go on grindr to fund guys to wank with

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:33
back when I had black hair!

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:32
the threat of castration gets me really horny but after blowing my load I find myself glad that my balls are intact

By yeehawboyy 17,Oct,22 11:30
I've been walked in on a few times, not by family thankfully but my friend has caught me cock in hand a few times

By yeehawboyy 16,Oct,22 11:29
Hope everyone is having a great day! don't forget to drink some water today

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By yeehawboyy 16,Oct,22 11:26
I don't have a huge preference but I enjoy uncut a lot

By yeehawboyy 16,Oct,22 11:26

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By yeehawboyy 16,Oct,22 11:24
I'm Unuct and tbh I prefer uncut even though i'd never say no to a dick regardless XD

By yeehawboyy 16,Oct,22 11:23
I personally find sex and masturbation to be two very different feelings, I can have sex 3 times a week and still have the urge to jerk off at least once a day.

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By yeehawboyy 16,Oct,22 11:17
i tend to favorite a lot of posts just because I wanna let people know i enjoy their content! I should really go through my favorites and be a bit more picky with what stays in there though LOL

By yeehawboyy 16,Oct,22 11:16
jerking off is an amazing thing, I mean I'm 20 and I jerk off at least twice a day if not 3-4 times.

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6 inches long and 6' thick and I wear a size 13 shoe

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By yeehawboyy 07,Jun,22 12:02
Maybe, honestly I might just be remembering incorrectly but for 100+ images to disappear from my favourites feels odd

By yeehawboyy 06,Jun,22 17:39
i could've sworn that I had 50+ pages in my favorites but now it's down to 21, and some posts i know I've favorited are now unfavorited, has this happened to anyone else?

By yeehawboyy 26,Apr,22 16:13