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Uncut vs cut how much better is it for guys with foreskin? 08,Apr,22 23:48


By Jimjim 31,Dec,22 16:45
Nice! I would definitely look

By Jimjim 13,Oct,22 15:17

By Jimjim 10,Oct,22 16:56
Every day!

By Jimjim 03,Oct,22 20:00
I would eat your ass and bury my tongue in there!

By Jimjim 02,Oct,22 18:50
I agree! My cousin is uncut and I remember being so jealous of his equipment when we were young. Mine looked like a little pink acorn and he was half Dominican and 2 years younger but had this long brown pointy dick. The head underneath was purple too.

By Jimjim 12,Sep,22 16:07
Probably feels really good putting the oil on too.

By Jimjim 11,Sep,22 21:44
I'm cut but I have a cousin that is uncut and I'll never forget the first time I saw him pull his foreskin back! I remember being so fascinated.

By Jimjim 17,Aug,22 16:33
Isn't it crazy how hot that is! Imagine how good it feels when the skin slides back and forth!

By Jimjim 10,Aug,22 14:55
He was lucky in that he could always retract easily

By Jimjim 07,Aug,22 14:49
I love uncut cock!

By Jimjim 05,Aug,22 15:02
That must have been kind of embarrassing having the doctor do that right in front of your parents although I remember my cousin who is uncut when he was young and being given a bath as soon as someone pulled that skin back he would immediately get hard. Mine was cut and I remember being fascinated that he had that extra skin that needed to be pulled back!

By Jimjim 01,Aug,22 21:51
I know it must have felt amazing when he played with your foreskin!

By Jimjim 01,Aug,22 16:17
Was he ever able to make you cum?

By Jimjim 28,Jul,22 15:24
I wish I lived near there! I would love to jack off with you!

By Jimjim 11,Jul,22 20:35
Yup mine too!

By Jimjim 11,Jul,22 20:32
I lived near a bowling alley that had a little hole you could look through to the urinals. It was so hot to just be able to watch guys pull their dicks out. One time I was in there and a guy went to the urinal right next to the hole immediately got hard and jerked off.

By Jimjim 09,Jul,22 20:28
Mine has always been on the small side. Right now I'm about 4 inches hard and barely an inch soft. I remember when I was growing up both my younger cousins were way bigger than me. Mine would oftentimes be completely turtled up where both of them much younger had long ones. I definitely used to be pretty self conscious lol

By Jimjim 09,Jul,22 20:17
Mine is just about 4 inches fully hard. When I'm flaccid it just totally disappears and since I'm tall and skinny it looks really small too.

By Jimjim 23,Jun,22 15:34
I have a cousin that is uncut and I remember when we were really young a babysitter was giving us a bath she pulled his foreskin back to wash it. He immediately got a raging hard on and I remember her telling me that he couldn't help it because it feels so good to pull the skin back.

By Jimjim 21,Jun,22 21:11
You guys that are uncut are so lucky. It has to feel so good when that skin glides back and forth!

By Jimjim 16,Jun,22 15:10
Yup! I grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood and all the guys were uncut!

By Jimjim 27,May,22 21:43
I know! The head on uncut dick is so sensitive too!

By Jimjim 27,May,22 18:22
I grew up with a cousin that was uncut and I was always very jealous and curious of his equipment

By Jimjim 27,May,22 17:41
I'm cut, I like all cocks but I do get really turned on seeing a guy with foreskin roll that skin back and forth

By Jimjim 27,May,22 17:36
I used to go to this bowling ally where you could see a clear shot right though the door of the stall to the urinals. It was so hot seeing all that meat!

By Jimjim 13,May,22 19:19
You don't think that the skin keeps the head even more sensitive? And when it's gliding back and forth that has to feel really good, right?

By Jimjim 04,May,22 17:51
Yeah we definitely have talked about it. I think he was lucky that he could always retract. But he said that was the first time he had ever had an orgasm and didn't even realize what was happening

By Jimjim 03,May,22 20:55
I remember when my cousin was about that age our babysitter was giving us a bath. My cousin was never circumcised and she was really intent on having him pull the skin back so she could clean it. As soon as she started washing it he got a raging
boner and as she was washing it he definitely had a dry orgasm.

By Jimjim 03,May,22 10:46
Definitely! I remember messing around with my cousin when we were young and I was so fascinated with his penis. Mine was tiny and cut and his was long and uncut. If he started to get hard the head would get too swollen to hold the foreskin and it would pop right out.

By Jimjim 27,Apr,22 20:53
I was the same way, mine was tiny and my younger cousins were way bigger lol

By Jimjim 16,Apr,22 20:07
I had the same thing with my younger cousin lol

By Jimjim 15,Apr,22 23:09
I was cut too but had a cousin that was uncut and I was always very curious and jealous of his cock

By Jimjim 15,Apr,22 16:52
I know it has to feel amazing fucking with the skin gliding back and forth! I heard a woman once say after being fucked for the first time by an uncut guy that she could feel the difference!

By Jimjim 09,Apr,22 21:37
I know guys who have been cut late in life for medical reasons do say it was a relief...I know my cousin who was never circumcised, he was always able to retract even when he was a kid but if his head gets too swollen he an get the skin back over it and it can get too sensitive but he has told me the sensation of the skin gliding back and forth at first us heavenly....always been jealous hearing him say that

By Jimjim 05,Apr,22 11:22
I know right! I grew up with cousins that were younger than me and always way bigger so I have always been self conscious having to be naked around them. I used to get so jealous seeing his dick flop around

By Jimjim 05,Apr,22 11:11
Mine has always been small and when it's soft it looks like a belly button but I have a cousin that was younger than me but really well equipped so it was always embarrassing having to be naked around him. Anytime I see other guys naked they are always bigger lol

By Jimjim 13,Mar,22 19:25
I love being at the urinal and checking out the cock

By Jimjim 13,Mar,22 18:14
I love uncut!

By Jimjim 11,Mar,22 21:04
This is how it was in my family. I have a pretty small one all my younger cousins are enormous. I even remember being like 14 and seeing my youngest cousin get his diaper changed and his was bigger it's like an inside joke between me and my uncle about my size I think he tried to get me to see it was funny instead of embarrassing