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Any videos of foreskin playing?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Urcock [Ignore] 06,Jun,23 18:23  other posts
If you have videos of you or someone else playing with your foreskin please share them. I love to see how it is pull back slowly and then up and back again. How the cock head is reveal slowly.

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By babarch [Ignore] 23,Jun,23 16:28 other posts 
Here, hope you like it:
By Urcock [Ignore] 23,Jun,23 16:31 other posts 
I love it. I am touching myself while watching.
By babarch [Ignore] 23,Jun,23 16:45 other posts 
Here, hope you like it:
mmm glad you like it that much
By Urcock [Ignore] 23,Jun,23 17:39 other posts 
I do enjoy these vids.

By heylittleman [Ignore] 22,Jun,23 03:29 other posts 
How about a foreskin tucking vid?

By Urcock [Ignore] 23,Jun,23 09:00 other posts 
Nice cock. I love any type of foreskin play. I insert anything in mine such as spoons, marbles, toothbrush etc.

By Yando [Ignore] 14,Jun,23 19:21 other posts 
By Urcock [Ignore] 14,Jun,23 23:26 other posts 
Awesome video, it made me hard. Thanks for sharing.

By Uncutproud [Ignore] 11,Jun,23 03:01 other posts 
By Urcock [Ignore] 13,Jun,23 13:24 other posts 
Very nice. I love it.

By #682523 08,Jun,23 11:32
[deleted image]
By Urcock [Ignore] 08,Jun,23 11:46 other posts 
Lovely, that makes my dick hard

By doedeldi [Ignore] 07,Jun,23 10:52 other posts 
By Urcock [Ignore] 07,Jun,23 11:28 other posts 
Thanks for sharing. I like it a lot.

By Jimjim [Ignore] 06,Jun,23 19:34 other posts 
Watching that drives me insane with hornyness

By Urcock [Ignore] 06,Jun,23 18:37 other posts 
Here is mine

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