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Any videos of foreskin playing? 06,Jun,23 18:23
Show your uncut cock. 20,Mar,19 15:01


By Urcock 15,May,24 17:38
Thanks bro.

By Urcock 15,May,24 17:13
Hot fat uncut cock.

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That is hot. I want some cum on my dick and balls

By Urcock 11,Jan,24 22:55
Yes, I was calm for many years but now I need a jerk off buddy

By Urcock 11,Jan,24 22:38
Yes it was. I keep doing that with a lot of friends for until I was 24. Now I want to do it again.

By Urcock 11,Jan,24 17:58
I believe a was 10. Classmate from school, we sucked our dicks out of curiosity and then keep doing it for 2 or 3 more years. We even jerk off on each other's asshole and cum on the butthole. His dick was a bit short than mine but thicker. Big head with a nice foreskin.

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By Urcock 23,Jun,23 17:39
I do enjoy these vids.

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I love it. I am touching myself while watching.

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Nice cock. I love any type of foreskin play. I insert anything in mine such as spoons, marbles, toothbrush etc.

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Awesome video, it made me hard. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice. I love it.

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Lovely, that makes my dick hard

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Thanks for sharing. I like it a lot.

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About 7 guys have suck me off.

By Urcock 06,Jun,23 18:37
Here is mine

By Urcock 06,Jun,23 17:29
I think 6 or 7 and that was over 25 years ago. I need to do it again.

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By Urcock 05,Jun,23 17:49
I also don't find guys attractive, however I like cocks and balls and I have sucked a few in my life. I need to do it again

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By Urcock 05,Jun,23 17:11
A guy (friend), we were schoolmates and about 12 or 11 years old. He sucked mine dick and then I sucked his. I am getting a boner now just by remembering

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By Urcock 24,May,23 16:02
Nope never

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I have an average cock of 6 inches

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Long cock. Thanks for sharing

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Hi. Hope you enjoy my uncut cock.