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Father and son - silimar dick?

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Started by xxx25 [Ignore] 13,Jan,13 06:05  other posts
Have you ever see your father's dick? Is it similar than yours or very different? My fahter saw my dick when I was masturbated and told that my dick is longer than his but very curved.
My dick:
[deleted image]

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By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 19,May,24 22:32 other posts 
Member kitkat has enjoyed the cock of the father of -gringo- and said it is much bigger.

By #715776 19,May,24 22:28
I don't know. Ask them sir-skittles _axcx_

By toesuckerp [Ignore] 16,May,24 13:39 other posts 
my daddy had a big dick, he'd show it when i was little all the time x

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 14,May,24 16:43 other posts 
Yes I have he had a long thick dick with big balls my mom and dad were nudist for a while so were my brother and I my little brother was hung like my dad. I was not
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By Maxwell_93 [Ignore] 13,May,24 18:52 other posts 
Wow, thanks for the gravedigs and invoking a childhood memory I would have otherwise never recalled.. The answer is yes and yes, I don't know why I remember being taught to piss standing

By DerionVald [Ignore] 13,May,24 17:13 other posts 
My father and I share a long thick dick, but my brother didn't get the same genes surprisingly

By spunkluvr [Ignore] 03,May,24 01:29 other posts 
My father's cock was small-to-average. Sadly, I'm exactly the same.

By #699038 30,Aug,23 03:46
Yeh and im thicker than my dad my dad has downward curved cock so yeh both pretty different both my brothers cocks are smaller than me so yeh not sure why but im happy

By bostonspdo [Ignore] 24,May,23 22:20 other posts 
On a separate topic, the original post says "...saw my dick when I was masturbated...". Were you masturbating or did someone else masturbate you?

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 13,Jun,20 16:17 other posts 
I thought penis size was hereditary.
By bostonspdo [Ignore] 05,Apr,23 13:59 other posts 
Maybe not from your father though. You would need to find out how big your maternal grandfather's penis was too.

By galaxy123 [Ignore] 29,Mar,22 15:10 other posts 
I saw my fathers a lot. My parents were naturists so we were all naked in front of each other frequently.
My fathers was very different to mine. His was very long both soft and hard and he was circumcised.
Mine has a long foreskin, flaccid it is on the small side and average when hard.

By xxx25 [Ignore] 25,Mar,22 20:32 other posts 
I tyle my father about my curved Dick. He told me his is straight

By reichs23 [Ignore] 11,Dec,20 16:13 other posts 
No not at all I've seen his a couple times on accident and his balls and penis are way way bigger than mine... I've only seen it soft but it was bigger soft than mine gets hard
By #654059 25,Mar,22 00:16
Same situation with me and my dad.
By dgraff [Ignore] 25,Mar,22 04:15 other posts 
Iím looking for the milk man are you him or maybe you know were i can find him I have some fresh man milk for him

By #463848 20,Dec,21 05:08
Whether your dick is like your father's will usually depend upon which of your mother's X chromosome you inherited. If you inherited your dad's them it may be similar. If it is your mother's then probably not.
By dgraff [Ignore] 23,Mar,22 20:43 other posts 
Now that makes sense or everyone had the same milk man

By #663065 19,Mar,22 23:47
I have seen my steps dad's g
Big fat dick when was 15 my mom work 3rd shift one my step dad Jim was 48 he decided to walk around house naked he come my room and I saw his big dick and then he shove it down throat and butt fuck me
By geichat [Ignore] 20,Mar,22 05:26 other posts 
hummm nice story, and he often fucked you?
By #663065 20,Mar,22 05:36
He used me
By dgraff [Ignore] 23,Mar,22 20:41 other posts 
Maybe he was the milk man

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 20,Mar,22 09:00 other posts 
My dad has a big long 9 inches we went to nude beaches my younger brother also has a big long dick while I get this little guy
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[deleted image]
By dgraff [Ignore] 23,Mar,22 20:40 other posts 
Maybe you are the milk manís son

By APBay [Ignore] 23,Mar,22 15:30 other posts 
I only saw my dad dick once and it looked about the same as my own, but i have seen my brothers dick a lot and i am small compare to them. My biggest brother have a very large one!
By dgraff [Ignore] 23,Mar,22 20:38 other posts 
Maybe your brothers are the milk manís sons

By leopoldij [Ignore] 23,Mar,22 20:23 other posts 
Silimar sounds very similar to the word similar.

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 11,Dec,20 17:22 other posts 
My dad had a big dick and balls. Me just avg

By nekekal [Ignore] 11,Dec,20 14:17 other posts 
Only ever saw my fathers cock soft. He seemed about average in both length and girth, judging from other cocks that I have seen. Mine is much larger than average, my brothers much smaller than average. As a family, we had average cock.

By Manitobamayhem [Ignore] 11,Dec,20 10:29 other posts 
Me and my dads were very similar. He was uncircumcised with a short foreskin tho, and mine was partially circumcised to resemble his. Add me as a friend and u can see some pics of his I found and posted

By duece [Ignore] 11,Dec,20 09:48 other posts 
soft to soft as a comparison, I saw his once,they look the same to me.RIP Dad

By DarkMax [Ignore] 28,Jun,20 10:13 other posts 
I saw a cock of my father once - in the toilet when I was 3 years old. He was huge. I hope, that I have a not small one too.

By #583549 27,Jun,20 05:23
My father had a large uncut cock.My cock is cut and 6.1"erect.

By #460523 16,Feb,16 18:11
Wish I knew my dad is dead and my **** do not show theres
By #1102 27,Jun,20 03:33
mine too

By #619279 13,Jun,20 09:54
My father had a huge cock. Mine is pretty big too. Only difference is that I'm uncut and he was cut.

By #570856 12,Jun,20 17:37
My Grand dad, uncle, dad, brother and I all have the same 9"er. The saying is that you get whatever is in daddy'd gene(jeans) but apparently that isn't so. It could be a complex combination of genes. Same goes for chest hair. I've friend that are totally furry like mom's family and his dad was a hairless as can be. I'm much hairier than my dad and brother. My mom's dad was hairy.

By #589692 01,Jun,20 14:42
Me and my dad both have fat around the pubic area and hairy bushes so our cocks look so small and kinda poke forward. And we both have small balls but Iíve never seen him hard. Most the time Iíve seen it is when we pee next to each other

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 24,May,20 09:43 other posts 
my father had a very big penis so does my little brother i was not as lucky as them[deleted image]

By new26 [Ignore] 24,May,20 08:29 other posts 
I remember his being longer than mine. Also his had a foreskin which I don't

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 12,Apr,13 07:08 other posts 
My Dad's cock was huge - thick, long, & uncut. I never saw him hard - but soft he was maybe 6" Mine is very small. I wonder about genetics - where did his come from ? where did mine ? Don't have any brothers - but do know a couple of cousins on my mother's side are quite big - so it's a genetic mystery.
By #285354 13,Sep,13 13:11
My father was cut but he wanted me to be uncut. I remember seeing him when we showered during camping trips. I think that our dicks have different shapes.
By #612794 24,May,20 02:52
How did you see them all naked?

By #578259 13,Feb,19 20:21
Whenever I Suck off one Male in a family. I C help but wonder what the other Males in that family would be like. How do they all compare? Do father and sln have similar tasting Cum Loads?

I grew up sucking the cocks of all the males on my father's side of the family. But my uncles did taste anywhere near the same. I have since learned that Semen taste relies heavily on a Man's Dietary Intake, whether they use drugs, smoke or drink.

By #579310 09,Feb,19 10:28
I saw my dads dick in a sauna when we were naked. I can tell he have dick like mine.

By johnp [Ignore] 11,Mar,15 21:02 other posts 
This topic is weird ...
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 19,Sep,15 13:34 other posts 
right, very weird!
By johnp [Ignore] 19,Sep,15 20:57 other posts 
Am I the only one that is grossed out by it??
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 20,Sep,15 11:42 other posts 
not, we are 2 for now!
By dicklick4u [Ignore] 23,Jan,19 04:01 other posts 
now three
By #498370 22,Sep,15 19:28
By johnp [Ignore] 24,Sep,15 16:58 other posts 
U r I angrily flipping me off??

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