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Age when you first watched porn? 03,Feb,24 13:37
When was everyone's first sexual encounter? 14,Oct,23 09:58
Playing with your cum/precum while masturbating? 19,Sep,23 20:56
Going to sleep with cum everywhere? 29,Aug,23 10:22


By toesuckerp 14,Feb,24 14:08
Btw, I'm not a huge porn advocate myself and feel it can lead to an unhealthy reliance on fiction. When I first had sex with a girl (around 17), and to this day, it's nowhere near as simple - psychologically and physically - as porn makes it out to be.

I just wanted to hear how everyone else's experience was and whether it felt as surreal as it did for me the first time. Xx

By toesuckerp 05,Feb,24 11:51
kind of your brother in law to give you that experience aha

By toesuckerp 19,Jan,24 04:43
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By toesuckerp 17,Jan,24 17:15
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By toesuckerp 17,Jan,24 17:14

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By toesuckerp 03,Jan,24 12:03
one from when i was in school
[deleted image]

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By toesuckerp 01,Jan,24 11:27
just a couple of little feet and a soft, round bum x


By toesuckerp 01,Jan,24 11:24
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By toesuckerp 26,Nov,23 15:55

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By toesuckerp 17,Oct,23 13:26
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By toesuckerp 17,Oct,23 11:41
wow that's young for a first shag haha. How old was she? x

By toesuckerp 14,Oct,23 10:15
honestly i think a lot of people start around 12ish. It helps if it's with someone older as it makes it less awkward for you aha

By toesuckerp 06,Oct,23 07:52
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By toesuckerp 14,Sep,23 08:15
13/14 - some guy's dad after school.
Straight x

By toesuckerp 14,Sep,23 08:13
I probably had my first around 13/14 after school, with someone's dad. I actually liked it/didn't feel violated.

Haven't done anything with boys since, though x

By toesuckerp 14,Sep,23 08:07