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age of first gay experience

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #288576 [Ignore] 17,Aug,12 05:14
Guys girls at what age did you have your first experience with a person of the same sex (also write are you gay/bi/str8 today)

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By nakedjim [Ignore] 18,Jun,24 02:56 other posts 
I had my first ever bj through a glory hole at an ABS when I was 34

By spunkluvr [Ignore] 21,Apr,24 10:13 other posts 
Had played around with my cousin but my first real experience was sucking off a neighbour, in his thirties, when I was eleven. I loved his cock and the taste of his spunk and sucked him off on many, many occasions after that.

By #704641 07,Nov,23 00:41
I was 12 it was with my friend Travis he was 13 he would stay the nights at my house and we would Jack each other off and rub are dicks together and suck each other dicks I love it I know is was going to be a sissy little slut
By #662360 22,Nov,23 15:29
A great age. I started wanking other boys cocks at 13/14 too. Cocks are at their stiffest in our teens.

By Wvnudist [Ignore] 22,Nov,23 08:06 other posts 
I was forty when I sucked my first cock and realized that cock was way better than pussy!!! Wish I’d tried cock years earlier!!! Love cock

By #700640 15,Sep,23 09:42
I was 3 the first time I had a cock in my mouth. By 6 I was sucking dicks with other boys that I played with. We found magazines in the dumpster and took them to our fort where we 3 boys and one girl began to imitate what we saw in the magazines. And we all sucked each others dicks and we all took turns fucking the girl. She was 8 and she let all of us fuck her...

My first orgasm was with a boy. I was 12 and when I went to my cousin's house we always played with each other's dicks. I usually had a magazine from my dads collection. We would try to fuck but never thought about lube. So no penetration. But we mutually masturbated and I can in my cousin's hand my first time.

I've wanted to play with cocks secretly ever since. I don't really want to suck cock. I just want to jerk someone off and get jerked off.
By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 19,Nov,23 01:20 other posts 
Hot story man I started very young as well, great memories
By #662360 19,Nov,23 18:00
Yeah! I prefer hand jobbing a big stiff cock to sucking it too.

By biguyfunn [Ignore] 19,Nov,23 14:30 other posts 
Was 13 the first time

By tecsan [Ignore] 17,Nov,23 02:55 other posts 
Never had one.
By Jamie [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 11:28 other posts 
Looks like your really for your first one
Bet Sir-Skittles would help you.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 13:10 other posts 
By Jamie [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 15:08 other posts 
By tecsan [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 21:22 other posts 
You may be right, I have suspected that. But you both are shit out of luck there.

By 4438cr [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 12:28 other posts 
41 in a video arcade glory hole! Close to the best blow job i ever had! About a month later a guy let me ass fuck him in the same place! My first anal! It was great to ! He was very tight!
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 13:10 other posts 
you stupid cunt- stop digging up forums from 2012!

By Momo69 [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 10:36 other posts 
When I was 19

We met up from some website and I sucked him off

By fs9318 [Ignore] 11,Nov,23 07:18 other posts 
I was 13 and the PE teacher sucked me off in his office. I came twice into his mouth and he swallowed every drop. It was incredible.
By #665411 11,Nov,23 09:30
That’s hot
By german_guy [Ignore] 11,Nov,23 15:02 other posts 
guess he's done a good job
By #665411 11,Nov,23 16:21
13yo cum
By fs9318 [Ignore] 12,Nov,23 03:07 other posts 
He was great at sucking my cock. I remember trying not to cum too soon. After I came the first time I stayed hard so he carried on sucking me. I unloaded a second time after 5 minutes of his expert sucking.
By german_guy [Ignore] 12,Nov,23 14:14 other posts 
did you have more sessions than this particular one?
By fs9318 [Ignore] 13,Nov,23 11:30 other posts 
No, it was a one-off session. He never mentioned it again as though it had never happened. Nothing would have beaten that first time anyway.

By #705179 13,Nov,23 09:47
I was 11 years old,I had to wank an old guy in the cinema

By SexyboytoyzMtl [Ignore] 17,Oct,23 16:21 other posts 
5yo but it was really at the age of 14 that I had my first experience desired and wanted by me and chose a man of 58yo

By #694265 06,Oct,23 09:27
Support the guy that supports us Admin 💖.

👉 /blogs/55554.html 👈

By geboza [Ignore] 22,Sep,23 03:45 other posts 
Negyvehárom éves koromig egyenes, kétgyerekes apuka voltam.
A sorsfordulóm az lett amikor szexfilmeken láttam ahogy kurvákat
seggbe is baszák - azon elgondolkoztam !
Nekem is van segglukam - ez milyen lenne nekem ?
Mivel kíváncsi lettem készitettem egy kicsit nagyobb műfaszt, mint az enyém !
Sokáig készült, és csiszolás közbe néha megsimogattam a készülö faszt a pincébe,
magammal incselkedve máris azon járt az agyamvajon milyen lesz !?
Hát mire oda jutottam, hogy meztelen seggel fölé álljak, a sok várakozástól nagy
izgalommal, gugoltam rá !
Még hozzám se ért, de már zsibongott a segglukam, és gyorsabban szedtem a levegőt !
Jaj, már messziről éreztem a csupasz seggem, alatta a fasz hegyét, és egész testembe megrázkódtam
ahogy a műfasz vége az ánuszomhoz ért ! .....Jaj. .....jött....belém.......feszítette szét a segglyukam,
és először érzett furcsa érzéstől sikamlós vágycseppeket lövelt ki a faszom !
Azt hittem elélveztem, de nem !......A bennem lévő, seggem kitömő fasztól megvonaglott az egész testem,
és vad vággyal, és ellenállhatatlan hirtelenséggel martam rá a faszomra.....és pár húzás után, sokkal beljebbről,
mint máskor, forróbban, és erőssebben löveltem ki a nedvem ! .......
.Oh, jaj....ezt soha se felejtem.....ez volt életem legerősebb elélvezése !!!
Óriási hatással volt rám, én Géza meg lettem baszva, fel lettem csinálva !
Az mit sem számított, hegy az csak egy műfasz volt, én akkor is egy csodának éreztem a felfedezett seggem !
Nem csoda, hogy eztán még nagyobb kívánással vártam az alkalmakat és állandóan erre gondoltam !
Türelmetlenűl vártam a kövezkező lehetőséget !.......nem tudtam betelni vele, reggelente a munkahelyen verseket
írtam magamról, a faszomról és a seggemről !.....
Szerelmes lettem a saját magam izgatásába, felhevűlt kéjelgésembe, de főleg abba, hogy én Géza megbaszom saját magam ! Igy lettem biszex és azóta is áldom a sorsom !

By MojoMan77 [Ignore] 20,Sep,23 19:05 other posts 
12 with a friend of mine that lived next door to me at the time.
By Letscompare [Ignore] 21,Sep,23 01:24 other posts 
What did you guys do?

By toesuckerp [Ignore] 14,Sep,23 08:15 other posts 
13/14 - some guy's dad after school.
Straight x
By #665411 20,Sep,23 20:13
Lucky you !

By #679826 15,Sep,23 16:10
[deleted image]

I’ve haven’t yet had the privilege of having cock but I got my toy and I’m ready

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 15,Sep,23 10:14 other posts 
The first time, I was 18 and just starting to get curious. I stayed with a slightly older guy at work my first night after we got off work. We were naked in bed and I started to drift off to sleep when I felt him putting his hand over mine, coaxing me to touch my cock. It wasn't long before I reached over and touched his and felt him take mine in his hand. Without anything being said, I leaned over and put the first cock I'd touched in my mouth. He said "You don't have to" and I replied "I want to". We sucked each other that night before we slept and it ended up with me moving in with him and more happening from there. I loved the taste of his cream and it became the activity I liked the best.

By Jamie [Ignore] 14,Sep,23 16:07 other posts 
14 at outside of the school building we hide with lots of bushes where he then in me.
By PITBULL [Ignore] 14,Sep,23 16:30 other posts 
did he have a big cock or average?
By Jamie [Ignore] 14,Sep,23 17:13 other posts 
It felt like a log

By PITBULL [Ignore] 14,Sep,23 08:35 other posts 
19 just making out with some guy from college in his car.

By Zig1212 [Ignore] 05,Sep,23 10:29 other posts 
I'm Bi. My first experience with guy was 9. I wanted to be in my older cousins club so I could go in the clubhouse they made. After begging for hours he said I could but I had to be his slave for the day. I said I would do anything. him and his friend had me doing all kinds of things then had me go into a place in the back for a meeting. I did, he came back there and said as his little slave there was something else i had to do when he wanted to stay in the club, and that was to suck his and his friends dick when they wanted. i said no why that, he said he makes the rules. He said do it or get out. I gave in and sucked him and his friend. Did it from then on whenever they wanted.

By #662360 04,Sep,23 17:53
I’d masturbated and hand jobbed with other boys in my teens but what I’d call my first real gay experience came when I was about 25. I’d moved to London for work and felt very lonely and sexually frustrated. Through going to church I got to know an older single guy in his 50’s living nearby. I used to visit him and help him with things like his tax return. He got very friendly and started touching my thighs and ass. I began to suspect his gay interest. One evening he asked me out straight if I’d strip naked for him and let him wank me. I’d seen it coming. I was so sexually frustrated I thought what the hell. I stripped to my briefs and let him pull them down. His hands were all over my naked ass and sex kit. He gave me a good hand job which I enjoyed so much after months of celibacy and solo wanking. I returned the favour for him but he didn’t get naked just got his cock out.

By #700150 04,Sep,23 10:24
I was about 8 yrs old when my buddy got the idea of practicing sexual acts for the future we would go to the creek or orchard and play with wachothers cocks and he asked mw to suck his so i did. It lasted all summer

By girllyboi [Ignore] 16,Aug,23 11:19 other posts 
i was 12 he was like a baby sitter as my parents finished work later in evening he took me in and his house rule was naked he figured me fucked me and I sucked him off

By hugehole [Ignore] 15,Aug,23 22:58 other posts 
I do not knowhow old I was lived in group homesus younger guys had to fuck and suck just seemed normal everyone was doing it what I remember most was guy who ran the places going to his office he had his pans down or took then down i do not remember exastly but he had the biggest penis head I ever saw and wanted to put it in my mouth to this day I remember this like it was yesterday it really hurt a little getting it in glad to go upstaris and just suck off the teens

By #699038 26,Jul,23 08:55
I was 12 or somewhere of that age myself and my freind from schňol were hanging round after school as usual and he decided to have a piss he was right next to me and for some reason i grabbe his cock before he finished pissing and just started sucking like crazy and yeh after that day for the next year after school all him and i did was suck each other stupid was great fun

By MojoMan77 [Ignore] 18,Jul,23 12:00 other posts 
14 with a friend of mine who lived next door. He would come over all the time. We watched porn a few times together in my room and one day we just decided to jack off together. We did that a few times and then started to play with each other. It just kind of escalated from there. We fucked eachother several times. I haven't talked to him in years, but still think about him.

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 16,Jul,23 10:17 other posts 
I was 13 neighbor kid 13 also, messing around in his garage. One thing lead to another. Started comparing cocks and then he started touching and milking my cock. He asked me to suck his and I did. I felt his cock get hard in my mouth. Neither of us came this time, but another time we went at it again and he gave me a handjob and I shot a load all over and I gave him a blow job and he came all over my face. Fun times. We messed around off and on for a couple of years.

By #692872 16,Jul,23 06:14
10 years old when my friends older brother fucked my throat and piss down my throat

By #675771 19,Apr,23 02:03
14, with a 16 yr old, loved his cock in my mouth and being teased for having a small cock.

By #690268 25,Mar,23 23:27
I was 9 would the older boys across the street Eric 15 and Kevin 16 feed me their dicks they fucked throat and pissed in my mouth unit we got caught by their mom they my parents that did not stop us I still swallow their dicks for away

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 18,Feb,23 06:29 other posts 
In a park when I was 16 with a friend same age chatting when he said he needed to pee so he took out his penis and let it flow . He seen me staring at it when I decided to pre as well . After he finished he said he needs to wank and and rubbed his cock back and forth To my astonishment. I could not take my eyes of his pink mushroom helmet , it got me hard and i started to pull my foreskin back and forth. Out of the blue he took my hand and put it on his cock which felt great and then took hold of penis .and we wanked each other, so much better when some else does it . To my shock he got down and my rock hard cock into his mouth and gave sensations I like in Ed had before. He then asked to suck his cock which I duly obliged. It tasted salty and when took turns at blowing each other . I then fondled his balls as he pushed hisself back and forth when he exploded his cream in my mouth. He then just grabbed my penis and wanked me to an incredible ejaculation that causes my knees to go weak . He moved away after they . How I long for another experience like that

By #667453 29,May,22 15:48
I played with my first man when I was 23🙆‍♂️

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