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age of first gay experience

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Started by #288576 [Ignore] 17,Aug,12 05:14
Guys girls at what age did you have your first experience with a person of the same sex (also write are you gay/bi/str8 today)

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By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 18,Oct,18 14:25 other posts 
At age 5 I sucked my first penis..At age 7 a friend and I rubbed cocks together and stroked eachother..At age 11 we had naked bodies together and rubbed our cocks on eachothers asses..He was the same age as me..

By #569279 16,Oct,18 16:36
I was 15 it was with a 35 year old men I was walk from a friend house and this car keep circling me he finally stopped and asked me what was going on he wasn't wearing any pants just a shirt he said get in take a ride with me I trusted him so i did he said let's go got to my place we can hang out and you can take this big dick I said okay he said to leave your head down on my lap I did I gave him head so we got to his house he open the garage we pulled in when in the house he made me get naked suck on his cock and then he bent me over and busted me open he shot 2 loads in me he asked if we could date if you can use me anytime you want it and I let him for about 7 months three or four times a week I have in his way with me

By #568390 12,Oct,18 13:08
About 13 years old when we were alone together with my friend same age.We were playing outside when we went under a balcony and he showed me how he could move his dick up and down.I liked it and grabbed his dick and jerked him until he blew his white cum on the ground.

By #569209 12,Oct,18 10:17
4th grade,my best friend, it started with a kiss

By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 11,Oct,18 18:14 other posts 
My first time being sexual with another boy was around when I started high school we were 14. We were watching porn and go decided to get naked together. It was my first time being naked with someone and I couldn't stop myself from getting a boner.. he said he wanted to touch it and we ended up jerking each other off.. we became good jerk buds after that

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 09,Sep,18 15:39 other posts 
I was about 32/33. I wrote a blog about it on my page. I'm bi.

By #566722 07,Sep,18 19:52
I think it was around 13 years old.Me and my friend got into my room and watched our first porn together.Then in the evening I came to that friends home and we started cuddling.We kissed and i licked his nipples.Touched each other cock through the pants.We were trying to do what we saw in porno.It was fun, but we didn't orgasm then,

By #64328 04,Sep,18 15:32
8 when a 13yo friend taught me about mastubation and jacked me off to my first dry orgasm...I was hooked from that first times feeling that

By #562567 20,Jul,18 05:30
About 13 as we were alone at my home with a friend and we pulled our pants down to see each other's little dick.As we were watching at each other cock I started to feel tingling in my dick and it started getting hard so I used my hand and make it pretty hard then.My friend did the same with his and we could'nt resist each other so we sit in front of each other and started touching each other.Felt pretty weird, but we touched each other until I felt orgasm and came on his hand.Then he came on my hands.We tasted each other cum and did this for some time

By #559915 20,Jun,18 14:21
About 10 years old with my friend outside under the balcon.He started saying that he found a magic button in his body.I asked what button.Then he pulled out his dick and pressed with his finger not far from shaft and when he pressed he moved his cock with his inner muscles and it jumped a little.I was excited and asked to do that again.He did it again.Then I asked if I can press that button and I pushed near his shaft with my finger and he didn't move his dick now.I asked what happened and he said that I grab his dick with my hand and hold.I was curiuos and grabesd it and was holding his soft dick in my hand.He asked me if I could move my hand up and down and as I started doing that I felt his soft cock getting hard in my hand.I felt twinking in my pants too.So I rubed until he got hard and finished him.Then he did the same for me

By #539358 30,Apr,18 03:55
11, and we both enjoyed it so much we done it a few times after school

By #555368 29,Apr,18 09:42
My sophomore year at high school in the gym locker room. My best friend since childhood would always dance around in his boxers after taking off his pants. I really could never take my eye off his bulge, his shorts were always potruding a good distance. I'm not gay but at this time I was very interested to see what he was packing. One day, in his boxer shorts my freind was humping the air and his dick shot right out of his boxers, it must have been a good 3 inches flaccid. It was out of his boxers for maybe 2-3 seconds everyone erupted in the locker room. It was an interesting experience.

By onthelose [Ignore] 12,Nov,17 18:03 other posts 
Even on here, a sex site not a church site, we are being told what kind of sex we can have and with whom and at what age. Looking back I would have loved to be involved with some one older person who knew about sex and all its aspects. I always wonder how we were supposed to learn anything about sex when we were young before the computer was available. It of course would always have to be consensual no matter the age. I feel like I missed out on a lot.

By bil47 [Ignore] 12,Nov,17 16:42 other posts 
Technically, at summer camp when I had just turned 13, during "show off your morning boner" time with my tent-mates. More to the point, however, when I got home from camp I immediately started exploring boy-on-boy sexuality with three similar-age guys in my neighborhood.

I'm bi.

By #544428 10,Nov,17 15:05
Yet to have a gay experience but I've always been curious and would definitely try it. Would have to be a stranger I find that hot.

[deleted image]

By olderbro [Ignore] 05,Nov,17 13:44 other posts 
12 or 13. After games of truth or dare with a group, 9 year old buddy always wanted to see my larger cock.. after a couple of times i asked and he let me suck his tiny cock, what a summer.. always been totally gay..

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 29,Oct,17 05:50 other posts 
I was 11 and had my cock rubbed by a 35-y-o man whilst I was at his house for an otherwise innocent purpose. He put his hand up the leg of my shorts whilst we were talking and without making any reference to what he was doing he carried on with the conversation and rubbed the foreskin over my small uncut cock with out having sight of it.

It was the first time that I had experienced 'wanking' of any sort; I hadn't even done it to myself. It was therefore a strange experience and I could eventually feel the build up to orgasm without realising what the outcome would be.

The final explosion was mental rather than eruptive and I do not know whether that is what happens to all boys when they have their first dry orgasm.

He eventually spoke at the end, saying "I think something has come there". I suppose I must have produced a drop or so of clear fluid.

He then asked me to go to his bedroom with him, but I refused and that was the end of it.

I later found out that his predilection was for whole body frottage; where he lay over a boy and rubbed himself against his belly and cock until he spunked.

As an adult I became heterosexual, married twice and did not become 'gay'.

By onthelose [Ignore] 25,Oct,16 22:34 other posts 
If you believe what the so call Experts say having sex with other males at an early age is what starts you down the gay route. I say BULL. We are all sexual creatures, well not most women, and sex is fun. The only problem is we are taught crazy things about sex which hurt us far more than having sex with your male friends. A little truthful information at a young age would go a long ways to help us later in life.
By #64328 28,Feb,17 12:35
I had several friend growing up that we did lots of sexual things and I still am crazy about women. But sexual exploration was hot too
By lawrenceo [Ignore] 29,Oct,17 05:35 other posts 
It may be to do with whether the boy was mentally prepared for the event and how considerate the man was. It might also be to do with personal psychological reaction.
By lawrenceo [Ignore] 29,Oct,17 05:39 other posts 
There are some Pacific island cultures where the boys and girls go from their homes and into segregated accommodation by the time of puberty. I believe that the 'dormitories' are open to all ages and that significant sexual education is a part of the arrangement.

By #541581 26,Oct,17 12:16
10 yrs old my best friend grade school,up tell he moved at 15 yrs old

By #423426 26,Oct,17 09:48
I was 41, also my first threesome. It just seemed perfectly natural to suck and lick everything on offer when we were all naked together.

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 22,Oct,17 09:25 other posts 
Sucked my friends cock when I was 12 and he was around 19 or 20.
By Blade [Ignore] 24,Oct,17 23:23 other posts 
Dude, you've got to tell how this happened.

By #476910 26,Oct,16 01:29
When i read this thread it seems strange that most who,posted here had some sort of experience in their early teens or even before. It does not seem though that it has damaged any of them except if you think being attracted to other men's cock's is damage. None of the writers are saying they want their first sexual,partner prosecuted. Why are some left in a terrible mess, fucked by a priest, and others came away loving it?
By #539358 22,Oct,17 05:09
I think it depends on the age difference. My first gay experience was at 11 but that was with another **** of the same age (we both loved it and played for months) If he had been 26 and me 11 he would have been in the wrong but I'd have probably enjoyed it anyway. But an adult should always know better.

By #516354 21,Oct,17 23:12
Whilst in the army and posted to Germany(I was 22 at the time) I used to go to an adult cinema to watch porn movies,then masturbate in the toilets before going to see a prostitute(masturbating and cumming made me last longer and get my moneys worth lol).On one occasion whilst at the cinema and masturbating in the toilet there was a knock on the toilet door.I pulled up my pants and trousers, opened the door and a guy spoke to me in German,'sorry I do not understand'I said.In broken English and pointing to my crouch he said'Me suck cock'.With that he pulled my trousers and pants down and started to suck on my cock.Moments later a couple of guys walked in and as they watched us they masturbated.Soon I felt myself cumming and tried to pull away but the guy grabbed my ass and took my cock deeper into his mouth.Once I had finished cumming he pulled away looked at the other guys and let a little of the cum dribble down his chin before licking it up and swallowing.The guys cheered him and I dressed and left.

More of my experiences in my blogs

By #535417 21,Oct,17 05:51
i was 15 and he was round 36 i was walk home from my friend house i was cut through a park in lot and a guy in brown car pulled up and rolled down his window and called me over he was jacking off he asked if i want a ride he said he need his dick sucked I he reached over and open the so i go in he asked I want go to his house we did he get there went in be took his pants off he told me to get on my knees and open my mouth wide and close My eyes i did then i felt his dick head slide in my mouth he started pushing it in my mouth unit his balls where on my chin make me gag he told me he was to turn me out I suck his dick for about 30 min and he shoot his cum in my mouth and I swallow it pulled for a in min then his dick was back in my mouth unit it was he told he was going to take my ass he makes me bend over and he started to lick and finger my ass he asked was i ready i said yes he mounted me and pushed his dick head head in my ass it hurt at first but after a few me in he was balls deep fucking me call a whore it felt so good he fuck my ass for about an hour and planted his seed in me he asked me to come over again be his sex toy i did and I love it

By tallon77 [Ignore] 02,Mar,17 15:13 other posts 
When I was 15 I was putting together a 56 chevy and there was a married guy in his 40's who lived down the road who knew a lot about welding and cars engines etc. who offered his help. I had a girlfriend at the time but one day he showed me a fuck book he had and it got my attention to say the least.It was hot as hell and we both had only shorts and tee shirts on and it didn't take all that many pages before my cock was poking out the bottom.His too and we both laughed about it and he said when his wife got home he'd ask her to suck it.Then he asked if my girl was sucking mine and I was honest and said no but on occasion she'd let me feel her up then I'd go home and jerk off.Around lunch we went into the house ate and he was sitting in the living room chair a wing back chair with his legs stretched out on a foot stool and he kept rubbing his cock in his shorts till it was sticking out the leg plainly in view. Then he stood up and just dropped his shorts and began pumping his cock!He sat back down and said to me"grab my cock and pump it for me" it was if I was in a trance but I sat on the footstool and did just as he asked.I had real long hair at the time and he grabbed my hair and said suck it! I kinda balked at the idea but at the same time it seemed sexy. So I took the head in my mouth and he'd pump his cock while holding my hair with his other hand.It didn't take long and his ass began to lift off the chair and he was fucking my mouth. I could hear his breathing as he'd push deeper in my mouth and then the squirting began he was cumming hard and holding both sides of my head as he filled my mouth and throat.It happened many times after that and many times he'd do me as well. Fond memories of growing up....

By #525579 28,Feb,17 03:36
My last post was a drunken story that didn't happen, only my mate and I had sex,

By #525579 10,Feb,17 11:29
At!12yrs old he sucked me off . I came in his mouth then pumped his ass until I cummed inside his ass, we kissed and fucked and sucked each other for the next few years until we got caught by his mum. she made me put my 15year old cock in her 53 Year old mouth as her son watched us .She then took her sons cock and mine at the same time and as I fucked her ass he was fucking his mother deep it felt so normal as we still let her suck and fuck us both now.

By onthelose [Ignore] 25,Oct,16 22:17 other posts 
I learned from a older cousin. He asked if I wanted to see his dick I said yes it was huge compared to mine. He told me how to cum and I have been doing it ever since. He lived out of town otherwise I am sure we would have done more.

By #211891 03,Jan,15 07:39
When I was around eight I would often masturbate with neighborhood friends. Nothing really gay, however, until I was about 24. I saw a personal ad in a gay newspaper of someone looking for a blond, gay guy. There was a name and address so I knocked on the door, showed the newspaper and said "I'm not blond, but, will I do?" I was invited in.

We talked but I felt the need to break the ice. When my new friend went to use the bathroom I stripped myself naked and waited for his return. I played it nonchalant as his hand reached for my cock. I knew I was going to enjoy myself as my cock got so hard in the shortest amount of time.

The ice was broken and I knew I wanted his cock in my mouth. I was on the bed and he was kneeling on the floor playing with me. I slid my naked body to the floor and grabbed his jeans to indicate I wanted him to stand. I was so impatient with myself because I wanted my first cock so very, very much. Yet I forced myself to slowly and deliberately unfasten his jeans, pull down his zipper and then slowly pull down to reveal his throbbing cock and engorged balls for me to feast with my eyes and, more importantly, my lips and tongue.

I discovered the most fantastic and awesome feeling there is. That of having a cock in my mouth! Nothing feels better than sucking on a cock, feeling the head and shaft going in and out, in and out of my mouth except for when a cock is throbbing and pulsating as warm, delicious cum explodes making me suck harder and harder.

Cocks were made for sucking and I love sucking cock.
By #508778 13,Mar,16 22:28
I need something like any of these stories to happen to me,I've been wanting to suck and get fucked by a guys hard cock
By #211891 15,Mar,16 11:07
I would gladly reach in your jeans to be sure your cock is positioned so it can grow hard and throbbing and give your balls a gentle fondling too.
By pipcock [Ignore] 25,Oct,16 18:36 other posts 
I need you in my jeans!!!

By #516807 16,Oct,16 05:34
14... with my best friend at school. We got excited after the changing rooms one Wednesday afternoon (Wednesday afternoon was games afternoon.... rugby, cricket). So we went back to his home.. upstairs to his little bedroom... and undressed before each other. There followed many mutual masturbation sessions.... many explorations of our bodies. We even tried anal (but, because we had absolutely no idea how to do it, we never achieved penetration). No kissing, no sucking. Just gentle mutual masturbation with a very light touch (he had one of the best, light, sensitive touches I've ever had). Years later (at university), kissing and sucking came as a huge, huge shock (and, at first, not a welcome surprise)...
By #519017 24,Oct,16 11:12
School sports were a great time for boy on boy. My favourite was sharing a swimming pool changing cubicle with a boy. Getting naked together in the privacy was very erotic and we'd both get erect. The temptation to offer a handy was irresistible and almost always accepted!

By #475677 19,Oct,16 07:51
when i was 13........cheers

By Greek18cm [Ignore] 16,Oct,16 20:33 other posts 
If it cinsider it as gay experience...

We was 12 years old and a friend of mine was talking about things and ask me how big i am. I was not replying so provoke me that he was bigger (12cm). We say some things and he was saying that if he do not see he will say to all i am he took a messure and i take off my pants and said here it us but i was flaccid. He told me about erection but i did not kniw anything. So he stroke it some times and whaen i had an erection he just said... Ok i will not messure it. I think he was upset...

After that 1-2 times he asked to do it again and messure it. I think i was 16cm then...

The last time he said 2-3/friends of us to see how long i was.

The thing is. I was used to let them touch my cock without feel gay!

By jackd [Ignore] 14,Oct,16 05:26 other posts 
7 or 8.We didn't know what we were doing but it was fun.Around 25 for my first suck off,hooked ever since

By Roger_Ramjet [Ignore] 13,Oct,16 23:05 other posts 
Read my blogs

By #74896 11,Oct,16 16:49
I was 13. I and a scoolfriend mastrubatin together. We had no pubeshair at that tim, bet we get boyth hard. Wanking bout mine and his cock. Great memory to tink to day

By #451452 11,Oct,16 04:56
**** at young age, then at 11 next door neighbor who was 3-4 years older introduced me to mutual masturbation a which progressed to oral and then he fucked me. Felt good and may have affected my orientation, Oddly he was older and bigger, but my cock was bigger and it hurt him too much for me to fuck him so we continued with mostly oral and occasionally I would feel the need to have him in my ass.

By #520738 28,Sep,16 22:31
Wasn't gay due to my ex wife watching us suck each other and then join in the fun.

By #519017 24,Sep,16 03:09
I was 26. I'd moved to another city. I was lonely and frustrated without a girl and I got friendly with an unmarried guy in his 50s a few flats away. He had a good stack of porn. We were browsing it together one night and he saw I was erect. He asked me if I'd strip for him and let him wank me. I'd suspected he was a bit gay. Though I was straight I was so sexually frustrated and I thought why not? So I stripped naked and stood there for him to jerk me off while I ogled girly porn. It was very satisfying!

By #427109 19,Apr,16 00:26
I was 14 when one of my school teachers stripped me naket and introduced me to gay sex in the school bathrooms...
By kebmo [Ignore] 23,Sep,16 01:44 other posts 
You should tell the police, not us.

By shavedpubis [Ignore] 15,May,16 06:02 other posts 
my f\irst gay experience was 16.

By #500544 14,May,16 15:33
It was a month ago I met an older guy, around 45, from Craigslist in a coffee shop. After talking for a few minutes the conversation turned sexual and I asked if there is anywhere we can go. We got in his car and drove to a dark carpark near by. On the drive I build up the courage to reach over and touch his cock. I could feel it getting harder and harder. I started rubbing it over his jeans but he quickly stopped me. That was the first time I touched a cock and it felt so exciting and I couldn't wait for more.

As soon as we stopped in the carpark I got my cock out and without hesitation he started sucking it and it was good. After about 5 min I stopped him as I wanted to taste my first cock.

I moved towards his hard 8" cock and slowly licked it as I tried to savour every second of it. After a minute or so he told me he was going to cum so I quickly pushed his cock as deep as I could and waited for him to cum. As I started pulling his cock out of my mouth I could feel his cock pulsing and my mouth quickly filled with cum I swallowed it all.

As brief as that was, It was amazing, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to try it again.

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