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age of first gay experience

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Started by #288576 [Ignore] 17,Aug,12 05:14
Guys girls at what age did you have your first experience with a person of the same sex (also write are you gay/bi/str8 today)

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By #390287 13,Oct,13 03:21
Around age 9, with a cousin. Later on he decided he liked girls better, but I remained a cock lover.

By Mikedick [Ignore] 14,Jun,13 03:20 other posts 
My first time was when I was 15 and the guy was about 35, I came on to him, he was keen. And we both sucked each other, I got down on all 4's, he came into me. I fucked him after. I'm bi now, and enjoy a big cock in the ass, but I like older men, and their uncut dicks, any size, the average ones are often the best

By #285974 14,Jun,13 00:23
Hmmm.... i think i was like 6 me and my friend would jerk each other's cocks. i remember one day we were older but still fairly young when his mom was gone we would strip down and walk around his house. we also figured out how to jerk together we would put both hands flat on ether side of our dicks and rub our hands together

By #359558 10,Jun,13 07:31
When I was 6 my mum took me to see Ghengis Khan at a cinema in London(1963/4?). During the film I needed to pee so went the the mens toilet. Whilst standing at the urinal a man came up behind me and covered my eyes with his hand and took me into one of the cubicles. He shut the dood and tied something over my eyes and pulled down my shorts and pants. Although I didn't know what he was doing when he began to play with my little cock I liked the feeling. I could smell his aftershave and I think he look some photos. He mainly played with my cock but he pushed something up my bum - I think it was a finger as it didn't really hurt. I just stood there letting him do what he was doing even when someone else came into the toilet for a pee. After a while he took the blindfold off and quickly left. I pulled my pants and shorts up and left the toilet. My mum asked why I'd been so long so I told her what had happened. She took me to the Police station and I explained it again. The guy was never caught but I don't regret what happened. At primary school I used to sit next to a boy and we would put our hand down each others pants when the teacher showed a geography film (the classroom was dark)and rub each other until we dry came. I loved that feeling.
I'm long married and still love to fantasise about women whilst wanking but equally I have a thing about cocks and regularly visit public toilets to show and watch. I've wanked and sucked other men but I'm not interested at all in kissing or anal - they just seem too gay to me whereas cocks and wanking and even sucking are fine. I guess that makes me bi-sexual?

By langloot [Ignore] 09,Jun,13 00:25 other posts 
Was 13 friend 12,read a porn mag and both got hard. He went to toilet. I went to look for him and found him jerking off.Lead him to bedroom and started to play with his dick.We had touched and played before but this time we made turns to stroke and started sucking. He had smooth thin foreskin with shiny purple dickhead.Mine is bent and he loved it.He came first, a couple of spurts and I shot spurts of clear liquid and then white thick cum.We cleaned one another, this happened a couple of times with us unzipping and quickly suck each other around corners etc.

By #333170 01,Jun,13 14:45
I was 26 at the time. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. I wasnt getting any female attention...I was low on myself. So I meet a guy on the net, meet up, and sucked his hairless little dick until he came in my mouth.

Was a great feeling being needed for something.
By #285974 08,Jun,13 22:42
see that is why more people should be bisexual it gives you more options. for example if ur not having luck with the ladies try men see how that goes and vice versa. good for you btw

By #333872 29,May,13 20:12
was about 22 or 23.

when I didn't attract any girls.

I tried another way and got in contact with a guy.

we had sex.

I sucked his cock and penetrated him.

at that time I didn't wanted him to put his cock in my ass and after this time I didn't got in contact with any other guys.

in 2000 I met my now wife.

just37; straight.

By #396959 29,May,13 17:18
I was about 7 or 8 and it was the summer holidays, i would always go round hes because his mother would always say yes, i have to admit he did not have the best mother in the world (all be it she was a single mother) but she would often go off out and leave us on our own or upto 4 or evan 5 hours! But the first sexual encouters we were having was right at the start of tge summer when hes mum would go away so we would get naked and run about the house with our little stiff cocks play tag but you had to touch his willy instead, but from then on it got serious, he would start kissing each other and wanking each other of, all be it there was no cum. The next encouter was when we stumbled across porn in his mums magazines, we saw a man lick a girls arsehole so i started telling him i wanted to do this to him, but he would say no, but he went for a **** that day and i said to him ill wipe it, he wasnt to sure about the idea but from a young age i was into fettish, so i wiped his but then leaned over to lick it he was so shocked i did it he diddnt know what to do so he froze, i do regreat doing this as i had not wiped him properly and all i could taste was was ****, but for some reason it tasted so good i continued doing it and at the end he admitted ut was good. The best encounter was a year on the summer, and the same thing, we get naked, kiss and now it was better we wanted to fuck each other! I have always had a small dick and he likes it because he humiliates me and that turns me on, so a year on and hes willy grew quite a bit, he started pubity quite early honestly, but though out the year his willy grew about 2 inches but me nothing, so again were in his bedroom naked and i decided to say to him that id wanted to have sex, and he was the same and so because of his bigger cock he fucked me, and it was so good i enjoyed know that we wernt ment to me doing this but we was, because we diddnt have a clue about sex he went into my bumhole dry, i was very painfull at first but after 5 minutes i got used to it, and all i remember say is "yes" and "harder" like a GAY pornstar, after he was done with me he realised it was good so i then i put my willy in him, it felt good but i think being fucked is bettet. Hoped you enjoyed this.

By #370936 24,May,13 01:17
It happened for me when I was about 12, me and my friend would always spend the night at each others house and one morning my friend woke up with morning wood and i noticed that it was very big so I asked him if I could see it. He was hesitant at first but he eventually pulled down his underwear and showed it to me. I asked if he had ever been sucked before and he said no. I grabbed his cok and started to stroke it, then I got on my knees and started sucking it. I sucked his cock for a minute then i asked him to fuck me and he told me to bend over his bed so I did. I spit in my hand and wet my ass hole, I had already been fingering my ass for about a year before this happened, he put his cock about halfway in my ass and it felt so good That I pushed his cock all the way in my ass. He fucked me hard for at least ten minutes the he let out a big moan and i felt his hot cum fill my ass. I've been giving him blow jobs and letting him fuck me ever since

By #321642 23,May,13 14:27
First time with another guy I was around 6 or 7 with my next door neighbor who was the same age and we were in the same class at school. We were playing in his room and set up a fort by his bed and I saw his undies on the floor and I grabed them and I guess he saw me and came over to my side of the fort (we set up sperate rooms) and said he had saw me and I forgot how but we ended up fooling around touching eachother everywhere and kissing each other. Looking back that is kinda crazy how two boys that young were interested in a thing like that. I am bi today

By #390287 22,May,13 02:36
At age 9 with my 7 year old cousin. i showed him a dirty magazine i stole from a neighbor and we were soon hard, we started with the innocent and cliché "show me yours i'll show you mine" and things quicky progressed from there. i'd say it was a succesful first experience since we ended up sucking eachother's dicks... and we continued doing it until i turned 17.

By #214409 21,May,13 21:43
Late, 23 yrs

By #266499 21,May,13 12:33
my first was at camp i maybe 13 slept in tent with othr my age her sucked me some than isucked him than got to put my dick in his butt than he didnt so he sucked me and cam in is mouth. it was great

By #64328 20,May,13 14:20
I never really considered it Gay. But starting at 8 I jacked off and fooled around with several friends growing up

By #33070 19,May,13 21:26
I was 35 got a bj by a gay friend ,then the next year I met up some other guy we sucked each other and I ended up fuckin him in my truck. Was so awesome

By #352876 11,Feb,13 14:23
My first time was with my cousin. He was 17 and I was around 13-14? I used to spend a couple weeks each summer at my uncle's farm and we would sneak out to the barn and look at porno mags. One day just out of the blue he pulled his cock out and asked me if I would suck it and I did and I loved it!! I got really good at sucking his cock and I began wondering what it would feel like to have his big dick in my ass so one night we were out in the barn and I started sucking his cock but I told him that I wanted him to fuck me really bad. He was a little hesitant at first but once he got that cock of his in there and I relaxed a little he started pounding the hell out of my virgin ass. He fucked me for about ten minutes and then once again the next evening in the shower. I will never forget the way his big ole dick felt inside my ass and I yearn for it alot but I haven't been fucked since 1986 when I was in the Navy...... But that's another story, a better story!
By #208421 07,Apr,13 05:12
I want to hear that story too!
By Gary5 [Ignore] 18,May,13 04:19 other posts 
Yeah, I'd like to hear that story too

By #105904 17,May,13 02:33
When I was 25. He was about 35-37, i get my ass fucked and my cock sucked... I thank him for that!!!

By Gary5 [Ignore] 11,May,13 15:06 other posts 
I was about 11, a school mate told me and another friend there was something we should try, and we headed off to a private toilet on our school campus. He had a pack of cards, and we cut them, the loser having to remove a piece of clothing. We got down to being naked, and erect, though I didn't know why, then he explained about masturbating, and massaged me. I didn't know what he was doing and didn't have orgasm, but went away and figured it out myself.

If you are interested, can tell you the next chapter.

By #134591 11,May,13 04:45
was with my next door neighbour. we would phone each other whenever one of us was home alone. or sometimes we helped each other out in the swimming pool. he was 12 and me 14. then a few months later he got another neighbourhood boy, 13 at the time to join in. this helping out arrangement went on for years - i really miss it!

By #352769 02,May,13 23:20
I was 6 and my babysitter's son who was 12 would walk to my house with me after school and watch me a few hours till my mom came home. After the first time we did it every day there was school.

By Browningman [Ignore] 02,May,13 22:58 other posts 
I was 12 and still Bi

By Odin_york_pa [Ignore] 02,May,13 09:31 other posts 
I was 8, I was sleeping over at a friends house and he had just recently found his dads stash of porn mags(this was the late '80's before the internet,yes there was a time lol). As we were looking through them together is was hard not to notice we were both hard as rock, probably because we had tighty whities on. He said out loud, "Wonder what it feels like to have your penis sucked" I wondered the same, and that is when he asked if he tried it on me would I try it on him. After some convincing on both parts he sucked mine for a few seconds and I sucked his. The rest is history, we spent many hours of our young lives sucking each other's cock and mimicking what we saw in the magazines. Was some of the best times of life until he moved away when we were 14.

By #261662 30,Apr,13 23:43
Me and my friend had a hidden unspoken gay relationship. We were both 10 at the time. We use to have **** overs all the time. One night, we both just started jerking off, trying to conceal it (couldnt **** without cumming (; ). More and more sleepover, it became normal to strip down and jerk off before ****. Eventually, we started jerking off during the day where we could see each other do it. We then started to just go into the woods and play various games naked, both with complete hard ons. One day, he suggested we take turns sucking each others dicks. We got in his bed when his parents werent home and I made him go first. I would count to 15 seconds, then wed switch and I would suck him and so on. On one of his turns, after the 15 seconds, he just kept going for a few minutes. I returned the favor, but then put his balls in my mouth too. He came all over my face. I came on my chest, then he licked it off. That was the only time we ever sucked eachother. Most times after that, we would just rub our naked bodies on each other and jerk off infront of each other. A few years later I got my first gf, and several since. I am now in a long term relationship with a girl but still bi curious. I wish we experimented with ass fucking, but we didnt. I now settle for a good strap on fuck from my girl friend

By #379856 22,Apr,13 02:40
I was about 10 and me and my friend next door were in his jacuzzi then we needed to go pee and then us being little boys, we didn't want to go inside so we went on the side of the house. As each of us whipped them out, we decided we didn't have to go anymore. We both for little hard on and decided to suck them until he started to bite mine. I remember it so vividly as it was probably one of my earliest sexual experiences.

By #357237 07,Apr,13 21:15
When I was about 6. At the end of the school year we had a swim day so a friend's dad (who was a firefighter) came to help supervise. In the shower after swimming he made us all take off our swim trunks so he could wring them out. He asked me about my penis (I had no idea at the time but I was the only uncircumcised boy there) then he pulled back my foreskin. I pulled away from him and my foreskin recovered my head, he then slowly started pulling my foreskin back and forth. I got hard and he smiled at me, he was hard too. Then he put my foreskinin back to normal, rubbed my butt and told me to get dressed. I don't know how no other kids noticed this.
By bella! [Ignore] 07,Apr,13 21:27 other posts 
What you bravely shared was not consensual or adolescent experimentation. Sadly, you were ****.

By #358284 07,Apr,13 10:31
I was 6 and my mothers youngest **** was babysitting me (He was 16). I was playing with my toys on the floor of my parents garage, while my uncle flipped through a magazine on the work bench (Later I found out it was a Hustler Mag). He was rubbing his crotch as he paged through that mag, when out of the blue, he asked me to suck his dick. I really thought he was kidding me so I said NO. He then said, either you suck my cock or I am going to put your nose in this bench vice and pinch it flat and again I said NO. With that, he picked me up and proceeded to pinch my nose in that vice. It fucking HURT, so I begged him to stop and that I would suck his cock if he did, which he did & I sucked his Dick. From that moment until his death at the age of 24, I became his personal cocksucker and I've been an insatiable cocksucker ever since. That first time was in 1970.
By #155038 07,Apr,13 15:25
oh my kids getting **** its a horrible beginning but if u enjoyed later on good then

By #331204 19,Feb,13 05:07
Sorry for the ramble- but it's worth it

I was 13 when my best friend and I would watch girls gone wild commercials at **** overs and pull our hard dicks out when everyone else was asleep. I always was sort of attracted to him and he had a really nice big cut cock that I couldn't stop staring at. We eventually became more interested in each other than the TV, and went from playfully poking and touching to full on jacking each other off. I remember how good it felt to have his hard dick in my hand, and we repeated this many times. Every time we would do it, my desire to suck his dick grew, which leads me to...when I finally went farther with him.

He was over (parents gone) and we had smoked some weed and had a little alcohol and at some point we stripped to our boxers. I remember sitting on my bed with him and being able to see his entire cock and balls up his shorts. Having no inhibitions, I would lean in and just blow air onto his dick, which made us both extremely horny after a while. We stood up and went into the bathroom where we pulled our rock hard teenage dicks out and looked at ourselves & each other in the mirror. We compared cocks and played around when he dared me to suck his dick with his shirt over it. I instantly dropped to my knees and put his cloth covered boner in my mouth. He then asked me to suck it for real, and we both hopped on my bed where I slowly sucked and kissed his sweet cock for about 30 min. I also rubbed both our dicks together in my hand and we tried to fuck each other but we were too tight/nervous.

best sexual experience ever. I've been dying to suck another ever since.
By #321642 07,Apr,13 07:54
that is a hot fuckin story! if your looking so am I

By #355302 19,Feb,13 05:40
I was 6 at the time. My friend and I were watching Ghostbusters and this scene came up where a character fantasized about a ghost giving him oral pleasure, and that gave us the idea to try it out on each other. It became a periodic thing to do over a few years, but we don't speak of it anymore. Relationship wise I'm straight, but porn wise I swing both ways.

By #220362 19,Feb,13 03:46
I was 10 the first time.. He was 9.. I had already started puberty. (runs in the family).. We started off by playing with eacjother, rubbing touching.. Then I sucked his dick, he said it tickled, finaly he sucked me.. I have loved it since..

By bootyfull [Ignore] 16,Feb,13 02:34 other posts 
I was 7 or 8 years old. Me and my next door neighbor (he is 2 or 3 years older than me) would sneak behind the houses and make out and dry fuck each other. I am bisexual.

By #312425 19,Oct,12 18:53
Age 15 best friend's dad age 50 he was a truck driver
Went on road trip with him out to California fuck me all the way there and all the way back to this day I'm still enjoying is 10 inch cock
By #226523 14,Dec,12 21:02

By #196621 13,Oct,12 14:38
I started playin with cock when i was about 3 my dad showed me how to skin it back an wash it an skin it back when i pissed so i could aim it been playin with it every since got caught jo in the coal house at 6 by nextdoor boys the oldest one was 14 told me if i didnt jack him off they would tell on me when he pulled that nice cock out hell i was hooked i luv playin with cock since when i was 13 a man 30 sucked my cock hooked every since at 68 2yrs ago in a arcade a guy pulled out auncut cock 8-9in i had to trysuckin it didnt know i missed somuch fun thats all i do im str8 except for suckin cock
By #226523 14,Dec,12 20:49

By gradurgaur [Ignore] 05,Nov,12 08:58 other posts 
am late bloomer...
My first gay Experience was when i was 25..old yea i know..
i had my first and only good blowjob when my good friend suck my cock and i suck his..
After that i have sadly had not good blowjobs..i love giving blowjobs and i thing am very good at it...sadly when i get one back is not so good

By #269929 03,Nov,12 06:08
i was 15 and a school friend used to come over to read porn. We used to watch each other cum then one day he offered to finish me off. The feeling was amazing
By #293865 04,Nov,12 07:39
Lets meet up and read some Porn then see what Happens
By #269929 04,Nov,12 07:54
you'll fuck me till i can't walk

By #194437 27,Oct,12 12:58
I was 16 yo. I´m curious for Bi

By #188764 20,Oct,12 08:44
I was 12 and was invited by three neighbor boys (ages 10, 12, and 13) to join their "**** sex club". They had built a really basic fort out of plywood and a piece of carpet, at a private place in the woods. We took turns stripping naked and feeling each others boners and rubbed them together in sword fights. The oldest boy showed me how to masturbate, and I did shot cum for the first time. We would do some quick cock-sucking (not to orgasm) on dares and as the penalty for losing an athletic challenge. The older boy and I did some more extensive sexual fun when it was just the two of us.

By #267383 15,Oct,12 07:27
When I was 11 me an my best friend sucked each other then fucked each other I loved is slender long immature cock

By #291618 14,Oct,12 03:06
13/10/2012 so yesterday im 18

By #143536 13,Oct,12 14:48
str8...and still waiting...

By #307054 13,Oct,12 09:55
Started sucking my uncle off at 12. Funny he never returned the favor. Then a cousin and I use to 69 in the woods. So hot.

By fatcock57 [Ignore] 27,Aug,12 11:32 other posts 
54...last december I had my first bicurious encounter
By #4222 11,Oct,12 20:08
how'd it go?
By fatcock57 [Ignore] 12,Oct,12 12:51 other posts 
Was OK I guess, for a first time. Thought I would be a little hesitant to touch another cock, and have my cock touched by another guy, but I went straight for his balls and it felt awesome. Unfortunately, after some touching and rubbing he got off too quick and I had to finish up myself on his chest. Next time I need to be more careful when wanking another cock so it doesn't cum too quick again

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