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First Gay Experience?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #175362 [Ignore] 03,Jul,11 08:49
Hey guys just wondering what everyone's first gay experience was? Mine was with a mate when I was 13

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By #701864 06,Sep,23 13:22
I was 18, naked in a hot tub with a friend. Talking about pussy led to talking about being curious which led to him sucking my cock and ended up with my cock in his ass.

By 4438cr [Ignore] 17,Aug,23 01:41 other posts 
42 went into video store with arcades and glory holes!! Guy gave about the best blow job I've ever had! Blowed me twice that day! Been hooked ever since! Graduated to anal later at same store. Ass hole irs shut store down later!
By Harry [Ignore] 26,Aug,23 12:13 other posts 
Guys know what they want in a blow job, so they can usually suck it better.
By Jamie [Ignore] 26,Aug,23 14:52 other posts 
Wish I could find one here closer to me..
By german_guy [Ignore] 26,Aug,23 15:04 other posts 
that's the trouble. Its hard to find so close by
By 4438cr [Ignore] 27,Aug,23 01:39 other posts 
U are absolutely correct!
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We still have glory hole arcades in my town!
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Aug,23 12:08 other posts 
In TEXAS?!?! I’m writing to your Governor!!

By Jamie [Ignore] 26,Aug,23 14:54 other posts 
I was about 13 when I got fuck

By Renmah69 [Ignore] 19,Jul,23 09:34 other posts 
I was 15 ,he was the tradesman I was working under,it started with him looking up my shorts as I went up ladder ,touching my bum when we passed each other or stood behind me,I was aroused and a bit scared at same time,excitement won,I began wearing short shorts,no jocks,bending over in front of ,him,posing so he could see my lil bald cock,then one day when I was using both hands to hold something my shorts fell down,I stood there as he came over and started to fondle my lil bald dick,in no time it was hard and he wanked me till I came hard why load moan and as I came he stuck a large finger up my tight lil bum. He then shoved his cock in my mouth and made me suck him untill he came all over my face. He then took me to the toilets and washed me for anyone who entered the toilets to see. That was my first gay experience and I loved every bit.
By #665411 18,Aug,23 09:36
Oh hell yeah! I would’ve loved it too. I was a naughty boy
By Renmah69 [Ignore] 22,Aug,23 04:23 other posts 
Well it escalated from there,one Saturday after finishing at lunch time,he asked me to go to the beach,on the way there he told me it was a nude beach and suggested that I get naked in the car whilst driving to save time ,so I got naked and he then grabbed my t-shirt n shorts and threw them out the window.we arrived and parked in the carpark which was a short walk to the beach. I walked naked whilst he was still clothed to the toilet/changeroom. He made me wait outside while he went and changed. An elderly guy stopped to chat to me and began to fondle my lil bald dick as he talked. My "master" came out and found me being a slut so he grabbed my hand and quickly walked me to a bench where he bent me over and smacked my lil white bum . We went swimming and then he made me suck his cock as he lay on his towel. He ignored my hard lil dick and told me not to touch it. After another swim we went to wash the saltwater of at the beachshower ,he washed me and told me to go wait at the car
By #665411 22,Aug,23 09:32
I’d definitely have fondled a naked boy standing outside the toilet/changing room at a nude beach. I wouldn’t make a good master though lol. Cause I’d never tell you to not touch your your dick and I’d definitely never ignore it lol.
By Renmah69 [Ignore] 25,Aug,23 03:53 other posts 
Well that would be a good master lol,

By cardinal [Ignore] 24,Aug,23 09:54 other posts 
I jerked off the end

By hugehole [Ignore] 17,Aug,23 17:23 other posts 
Grew up in an orphanage and can not rememberthe fist, second etc. but had to suck and fuck all the time, joined the Army the day I turned 18, wish I had a dime for everytime I had to suck or fuck which was a few times a day.
By #665411 18,Aug,23 09:33
Sounds fun to me! Hard to believe you got away with that in the army. Makes it hotter
By hugehole [Ignore] 19,Aug,23 14:05 other posts 
Did not do that in the army that is why I joined thd day I turned 18 wanted out of those hell holes

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 17,Aug,23 01:24 other posts 
Was 14 and by a complete stranger . I guess I was molested in the park while skipping school. Was collecting chestnuts in a remote area when I guy got chatting to me . He asked me if I wanted sex and me being naive agreed so he took into a bushy area turned me around . He slowly pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and I felt something poking around my but which I now know was his cock and inserted in into me . Felt no pain just being full when he pushed himself in and out of me till I felt something wet inside . Thought he peed in me . First time I saw cum and had my penis touched was another complete stranger a few months later at a different park did the same as the first guy but thugged on my penis this time . Had to stop and go somewhere else . Went to this other place when he put his hand inside my underwear giving me an incredible sensation. He the. Pulled pulled both our underwear down and joined our cocks together before wanking himself off to shooing this white stuff all over my hard on . Still know idea what it was . That would come a year later when I was 15 and again had my penis stroked but this guy kept going till I got this urge to pee , let him know but went faster and I got this incredible pleasure with the white shooting out of my penis causing my knees to almost buckle. My first get experience were being molested ha ha
By #665411 18,Aug,23 09:34
I would’ve loved to have had experiences like that!

By Hornycock77 [Ignore] 17,Feb,23 11:50 other posts 
Mine was a neighbor boy across the street we were about 8.

By #662360 01,Jun,22 14:21
Mine was with a boy at school at about age 14. We were sitting next to each other in a dark lecture theatre watching an educational movie. He reached down and touched my cock bulge. I let him unzip me, get my cock out and hand job me to a cum. A couple of hours later I returned the favour in a school toilet cubicle.

By #667453 01,Jun,22 12:37
I was 23, he was 25. It happened in a Hampton inn hotel room 🛏️

By #603065 28,Oct,19 20:57
I was around 12 when me and my two friends started showing each other our dicks. Then we masturbated watching each other and after that I jerked off my friend and so does he.Felt strange holding another dick in my hand and playing with it.But not for long

By #591623 05,Oct,19 20:27
I was 19, in the army, in Germany. Horny as shit, but trying to be quiet, as I didn’t want to wake my roommate up by me masterbating. As I was stroking my cock, I heard his bed squeaking rhythmically, which just made me hornier. After a few minutes of this I turned on my light by my bed and looked over at him. He had a raging hard on and his blankets between his legs. I asked him if he needed help, and he gave me a nervous little nod, so I got up, walked over and started sucking his dick. I probably wasn’t very good at it, but he short his load in my mouth just the same. Tried anal a couple of nights later, that was when I found out why guys use lube 😋

By #545468 30,Sep,19 23:35
I was 15 and dropped by a friend that I liked. He had warned me before that his family was different. When the father answered the door completely nude I found out what he meant. Th whole family were nudists. My friend greeted me and asked me if I was comfortable with the house nudity. Being a nudist myself (I always went nude in my room), I stripped and joined him as we went to the back yard to play on his trampoline.

Well, two nude and horny 15 year old boys jumping on the trampoline and guess what. We were both hard in no time. He didn't seem bothered by it so why should I? As we sat on the trampoline, he must have noticed that my eyes were locked on his cock. He asked me if I ever touched another guy's cock as his hand gave my cock a gentle squeeze. My heart pounded. Very soon his cock was in my mouth and he guided me to my first blowjob. It was awesome. Just as awesome as him swallowing my load five minutes later.

It felt so natural having sex with him, we ended up in his room where he taught me the world of fucking.

By #589016 30,Sep,19 21:11
When 14 my step bro touched my cock and i liked it. I touched his big cock. He took my clothes off and sucked my little cock. I sucked his cock and ler him put it in my asshole making me scream.

By #536913 12,Aug,19 02:05
If I say it hasn't happened yet will someone volunteer to help me fix that?
By #574505 12,Aug,19 02:44
wish I could your to far..

By #590925 12,Aug,19 00:35
Mine was 15.We were alone with my friend and decided to have fun.He showed me his dick and I showed him mine.We touched with our cocks.Got hard and I gave him a handjob.He gave me a handjob too.We came on our hands.

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 02,May,19 16:18 other posts 
My first was stroking a friends penis at age 7..Rubbing our cocks together age 11..Suck my first penis age 12..Analsex at age 26..Aways swallowed a mans sperm!

By liccalottapussy2 [Ignore] 02,May,19 15:06 other posts 
A neighbor. I mowed his yard. I was 12 he was 52. After mowing he would invite me into his garage where he had a sofa and film projecter. We would smoke dope and drink beer and watch stag films on old 8mm. He would tip me a extra $5 if I would let him suck my cock. After a few times of that he offered me his huge uncut cock. He was like 5x as big as me so it was intimidating but hot. After the first time sucking him I was hooked.

By #586396 26,Apr,19 04:46
I met an asian guy on grindr and went to his house it was awkward at first but he took the lead and i cant believe how amazing it was i came while i rode him..

By DonVoltonus [Ignore] 30,Nov,18 15:20 other posts 
I sucked a guy in a McDonalds bathroom.

Sadly his ride showed up before he could finish.

By RealTitsLover [Ignore] 13,Jul,17 12:16 other posts 
Does skinnydipping in a friend's pool with other 9 and 10-year-olds count? I remember staring while naked at the friend's mother in their kitchen window (still remember her awesome tits) and she had no idea. Okay, that doesn't sound very gay, but we did all look at each other's hairless bodies underwater with goggles.
By #505619 30,Nov,18 07:47
Sounds very hot!

By #572935 30,Nov,18 00:30
I decided to try out a cl casual encounter add out met up with the dude at his house nervous as shit to be meeting with a guy for the first time I bailed originally but he was outside and asked if that was me that I drove past and it just so happened that the street was a dead end so figured fuck it ima go threw with it he brought me inside and motioned me to take my pants down and sit on the sofa where he got on his knees and sucked my cock to perfection till then I had never came from head but he sucked it so great I was hooked met up with a few more guys after that day on cl ... god I miss the casual encounter section

By #571853 27,Nov,18 17:48
15 years I started fooling round with my 43 year old step dad Ron my mom worked nigth and he started give me his 8 in dick feed me dick and fuck me ass he made me his slut making me choke on his dick he and pound my ass any time he want to use me for his pleasure and I love it I can not get a enough

By #572188 17,Nov,18 23:41
Around 14 years old with an older friend.We jerked each other for a while,until we decided to rub our dicks together.We touched and rubbed uor shafts until we both came and covered our cocks with cum

By #64328 04,Sep,18 15:28
All of my first experiences were with other boys but we had no idea what gay even meant. It wasnt until we were older that messing around with other horny friends became taboo. But we did somehow know that we should keep it a ****
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All of my first experiences were with other boys but we had no idea what gay even meant. It wasnt until we were older that messing around with other horny friends became taboo. But we did somehow know that we should keep it a s e c r e t

By #545631 20,Jul,18 05:55
12 playin with old guy at swimming baths hehe

By #562567 20,Jul,18 05:31
14 with three mates having group jerk

By #559915 20,Jun,18 13:13
When I was 12 and my neighbour the same age, my older **** showed for us both our first porno movie.We didn't understand it, but I started to feel this new feeling in my stomach.We watched for a while and then he left home.In the evening I went to his home to play.When I get there , we were alone at home so things started get weird.We started act like in that porn movie.He was as a girl and I started going on him.Kissed his chest , nipples.We cuddle together, touched our cocks.But we haven't take them out to show.I think he got hard in his pants that day as I was.

By #463848 03,May,18 02:13

By #556159 02,May,18 21:04
I was 13. Savored it.

By #555368 29,Apr,18 00:24
When I was 15, At around 330am I crawled out of my bed and went in to my brothers room. I was always interested in how big his dick was, not that I ever thought I was gay but I often wondered how he was packing. I crawled to his bed, and reached under his covers to feel around. My heart was raising so fast and, I got my hand on his bulge. I slipped his cock threw his boxers hole and slide his covers back. From my knees I leaned over putting my mouth on his flaccid penis. I stroked my dick while doing so, and cumed in like 10 seconds. Then I scurried off. It felt so wrong after I was done.

By #502711 23,Mar,18 08:17
I watched Brokeback Mountain once
By kebmo [Ignore] 23,Mar,18 08:59 other posts 
Gateway homosexuality. Before you know it you'll be saying things like "I'm not gay but..."
By #502711 23,Mar,18 09:00
I'm not gay but... 20 bucks is 20 bucks

By #543240 22,Mar,18 20:38
I was 18 and met a shemale online. soon as I saw her she told me to get naked and forced me on her cock, then tied me to the bed and just fucked me until we both cummed. been hoowed on sacked shemale dick ever since
By #536947 22,Mar,18 20:49
Damn, that sounds like a dream come true.

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