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By RealTitsLover 16,Mar,18 18:20
You're not even that anymore...
You're just former member #548464...

By RealTitsLover 16,Mar,18 18:09
Yeah, I think you're right...
I used to be close to a "troll" rating, but now I'm "sweet"!

By RealTitsLover 06,Mar,18 06:51
I h@te to break it to ya, but those guys who fucked you up the ass or let you suck their dick weren't straight! Shocking, isn't it?!

By RealTitsLover 06,Mar,18 06:48
Yeah, but if they still like women, they're bi. Not gay.

By RealTitsLover 06,Mar,18 06:42
How would a straight guy have an answer to this question?
If you can enjoy a blowjob from a guy, you're not straight.

By RealTitsLover 04,Mar,18 11:34
If a girl's going for my pants... less than 5 seconds.

By RealTitsLover 27,Feb,18 05:18
But that reply came before the one where you said you didn't know any Captain Planet... LIAR!!

By RealTitsLover 27,Feb,18 03:54
I'm verified, but I'm not an exhibitionist.

By RealTitsLover 27,Feb,18 03:51
I've had girls joke about me having multiple orgasms, even though they were like a half hour to an hour apart... I guess it's because I stayed hard.

By RealTitsLover 27,Feb,18 03:38
You want me to dislike you? I'm surprised, we seem to have some things in common. So... I didn't notice you were trying.

By RealTitsLover 27,Feb,18 03:33
I do but it looks more like one tit than tits... to me. The other one seems to be hiding...

Any opinion on these? Or any of the others on my page?

[deleted image] [deleted image]

By RealTitsLover 26,Feb,18 18:39
How do you know he flies? You said you don't know any Captain Planet...

By RealTitsLover 26,Feb,18 18:31
I didn't mean to go off track, my bad. Definitely don't want it about me... makes me wish deleting posts was an option. And I think my pants are for big boys.

By RealTitsLover 26,Feb,18 18:20
How come you never responded to any of her nasty forum remarks about me? No fair! Oh, nevermind. You probably don't like me, that's pretty common on here.

By RealTitsLover 26,Feb,18 18:16
Oh, well you should look up the show... It's pretty good, even though every episode's about fighting pollution or helping anímals. If I remember right, a couple of the Planeteers are pretty hot.

By RealTitsLover 26,Feb,18 18:12
I am an ass, I agree. Like I said below though, I don't dislike her. Despite her attempts to offend in posts directed at me, it really takes a lot for me to dislike someone.

By RealTitsLover 26,Feb,18 18:08
Oh, relax, Alex... I was just referring her Captain Planet response, and happened to be drinking, so I wasn't thinking about my wording. I don't dislike her (not liking isn't the same), and have never had an issue with her. Though I think moving me from her friends list to her black list recently wasn't really necessary, since I hadn't talked to her off of the forum in like six months.

By RealTitsLover 26,Feb,18 09:05
Fuck. I don't like Arexa, but I loved Captain Planet when I was little. How would you answer your question?

I'd wanna be a planet with no name yet, in another solar system, with just as much potential for life as Earth. One with much less annoying creatures.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

Just following up... I don't actually dislike Arexa.
Wasn't thinking about what I was typing.

By RealTitsLover 16,Feb,18 18:19
No, you can't. Sex is the only way to lose your virginity. Popping your own cherry doesn't mean you're not a virgin anymore.

By RealTitsLover 16,Feb,18 17:49
You didn't forget that I'm circumcised, did you? I wouldn't know anything about having foreskin... The mysterious guy above me...

My point should've been clear with that last sentence. Whether "it" happens some other way beforehand or not, the girl is still a virgin until she has sex.

By RealTitsLover 16,Feb,18 11:03
You really can't lose your virginity riding a bicycle, or horseback riding, or any other non-sexual way. Just because your hymen's no longer intact (your cherry's been popped), doesn't mean you're not a virgin...

The only way a straight girl can lose her virginity is with a cock inside her.

By RealTitsLover 08,Feb,18 15:40
I'm gonna pretend this is a serious thread for a minute...

I think there should either be some small reward when you vote for a male or female pic for pic of the month for the first time that month, or a requirement for every member to choose one. It's the only way it'll ever be anything but a popularity contest. My entry for the female pic in December got over 500 votes and still lost.

By RealTitsLover 03,Feb,18 23:20
No one's ever seen me masturbate. Maybe I don't even do it.

By RealTitsLover 26,Jan,18 12:47

By RealTitsLover 23,Jan,18 00:35
Yeah... I definitely never change mine. Even when I did a comparison pic that showed it's bigger than something that's longer than the measurement I stick with...

So to answer the topic question, I'm 18.5cm long, 16.5cm around.

By RealTitsLover 09,Jan,18 09:58
Wow, that's fucked up... How long was it left posted after you saw it?

By RealTitsLover 08,Jan,18 08:20
20 points well spent, I say.

By RealTitsLover 07,Jan,18 09:11
100% for hairy pussy? Does that mean you don't even like it trimmed? Are/were you turned off by girls that shave or something? As long as it looks nice, I'm fine with anything that isn't outta control.

By RealTitsLover 06,Jan,18 17:23
I would say most do prefer one or the other, so... YES?

By RealTitsLover 06,Jan,18 03:29
For many women, it's true. Sometimes I think guys are just too worried about not seeming manly enough to enjoy them, with their bright colors and ability to mask the taste of alcohol. Personally, I really like mojitos, and Southern Comfort with ginger ale and lime.

As for the topic of the thread... I like vodka, rum, bourbon, and tequila.

By RealTitsLover 05,Jan,18 21:05
Why would anyone do crap for brains?

By RealTitsLover 05,Jan,18 20:08
With a few exceptions, I find the selection of girls on here very similar to where I live. Besides the fact that everyone who lives here speaks decent English.

Edit - I looked up the small city where I live, around the 10th biggest in NY state, on Wikipedia (to check the percentages of each race living here). It says it's become a melting pot for refugees from war-torn countries around the world.

By RealTitsLover 05,Jan,18 09:34
I have zero experience with this since I don't care about guys' dick sizes, but besides a full body shot, I would think a side/profile view that includes a guy's hand would at least give you a pretty good idea.

By RealTitsLover 04,Jan,18 15:42
If you mean the pictures of girls (some of which are pics I took myself), I only post them when a girl talks to me about posting 'em, and the pics aren't posted on any other page, or anywhere else. I also have pretty strict limits on who I'm willing to post pics of.

I've had some straight girls be slightly annoyed by how hard it is to find ones of me on my page, but like it says in my description, I'm happy to share those privately. People who are messaging me almost never complain about the girls' pics.

By RealTitsLover 04,Jan,18 15:30
Since I don't see this response yet, I decided to post... Nope. I think I'd be alright with some stroking, if they wanted, but it wouldn't turn me on enough to get off. In fact, if she wasn't doing it at the same time, I'd rather do nothing. (I'm starting to consider recording it for a girl I haven't met in person, though.)

By RealTitsLover 04,Jan,18 14:38
Thanks a lot for the compliments, I appreciate that.

If you mean the comment this thread's related to, it showed up shortly after *Lix* blacklisted me, when a few other Australians I'd also never spoken to did the same...

A couple days ago, a married woman blacklisted me because she got so upset when I explained the ways you can tell a girl on my page does not have "perfectly fake" tits, like she said they were. I've been with the girl in person, but I still wouldn't have thought they could be fake from pics. Anyway, I didn't insult her or anything, so I'm not sure of the reason for the hostility.

Like they say, weird things happen on this site. Some people just aren't able to get along, and I'm alright with that... I can't explain why people get hostile for silly reasons though, since I can't relate to it.

By RealTitsLover 03,Jan,18 15:05
Stupid? How dare you?! Yeah, I know it's stupid. You can thank JustWill for this thread though, he said I'd get at least a dozen members who can tell me what it smells like. So I had to try.

By RealTitsLover 03,Jan,18 11:14
Cool. May I ask how you've smelled me?

By RealTitsLover 02,Jan,18 20:28
I'd rather not. I don't even know what a rooster dick looks like, but I can't imagine it's appealing. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

By RealTitsLover 01,Jan,18 12:02
Why jerk off at work when you can have sex at work?

By RealTitsLover 30,Dec,17 06:01
Yeah, the girls whose breastmilk I've had said the same thing, it felt like a huge relief and was very arousing and erotic. A pregnant one I worked with would be dripping all day long, through the pads that are supposed to help and her bra and top if we didn't do something about it on breaks.

[deleted image]

If anyone likes this pic and it's still 2017, feel free to vote for it for pic of the month. Here's a link to the page with all the female entries... /pic_of_month.php?f=1

By RealTitsLover 30,Dec,17 01:13
Thanks... I liked what you said to me privately about it much more, though. Sounded like a professional artist.

You don't wanna show your drawing of the pic?

By RealTitsLover 21,Dec,17 04:46
Always seems like a good thing to me, being dripping wet. I'm thick though, and I'm told some guys that like anal with girls prefer the tightness? I don't need anything tighter, but for guys like that, or ones who are extra small, maybe a super wet pussy could be a bad thing... so little friction.

By RealTitsLover 20,Dec,17 03:28
Oh, girlfriend now? Congrats!

For me, it depends just how big they are and where...
I definitely like a nicely-shaped round belly when the tits are huge.

By RealTitsLover 11,Dec,17 23:51

By RealTitsLover 11,Dec,17 23:33
I think it's because it's so close to New Year's Eve, that we're always saying Merry Christmas and happy New Year together...

"We wish you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year" just doesn't sound as nice.

So far this year I've heard it once each way, "happy" from you, and "merry" from a Dutch person... Oh, and what the hell's Sweetest Day?

By RealTitsLover 10,Dec,17 20:47
[deleted image]

By RealTitsLover 03,Dec,17 18:59
Well, it's not like you're required to use the forum just because you found it...
...if it bothers you, ignore it.

By RealTitsLover 30,Nov,17 21:16
"that and weed"?

By RealTitsLover 30,Nov,17 11:11